Top 10 tips to keep coloured hair healthy

You have finally decided to take that massive step and get your hair dyed or highlighted. But now comes the most important part, that is taking care of it and keeping your dyed hair healthy. Coloured hair, of course, looks fantastic when you have chosen the right shade and style for your hair. If you have gone through the dyeing process, you would know that the salon artists themselves recommend the shades and styles that suit you.

They would have also told you about some products and tips about making the dye last longer in your hair. Yet you might have confusion regarding what to do, and that is why we have prepared this article to help you keep your dyed hair healthy. Following these tips would help you keep your coloured or highlighted hair healthy, shiny, and fresh.

Tips to take care and keep your coloured hair healthy

1. Wash or shampoo your colour-treated hair less frequently

 You must know this already if you have dyed your hair before, but this is very important for those who have got colored hair the first time. You must shampoo your hair less frequently as shampooing too often can make the color fade. It would be best if you washed your hair not more than twice every week. If you simply get greasy roots, it’s time to invest in some good-quality dry shampoo.

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coloured hair,

2. Skip to the conditioner:

Long-lasting hair color depends on well-conditioned hair, and we can’t stress this enough. At times you can skip on the shampoo and jump straight to the conditioning. This will add shine and soften your hair as well as keep your coloured hair healthy.

3. Pick the shampoo that will suit dyed hair best:

There are various types of shampoo available in every grocery store, and each one has very different functions. While some help against hair fall, some are protective shampoos; that is, they help keep dyed hair healthy and keep the color from fading soon. You must pick the right shampoo that will keep the excellent hair color from fading besides adding shine, smoothness, and softness to your hair. It would be best to choose an SLS-free shampoo.

dyed hair
Coloured hair

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4. Long-lasting hair colour depends on well-conditioned hair:

 We have already stressed the importance of hair conditioning often. The reason is, that your hair dye weakens your hair, and this makes the color fade. You must thus use conditioners containing healthy oils, conditioning polymers and butter, and other moisturizing agents to help form a protective layer over your dyed hair and keep it from fading.

5. Heat protection is a must:

Heating tools, if used frequently, damage hair even if it is not dyed or highlighted. If used often on coloured hair, it would be hard to keep your colored hair healthy. So, whenever you use heating tools on your hair, you must apply heat protectant spray so that your dye doesn’t fade and your hair also remains protected.

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6. Apply hair masks:

Have we mentioned conditioning your hair is most important to keep your dyed hair healthy? Well, hair masks have immense benefits and are yet another way to achieve that. You should apply a good hair mask twice a week, at least for 10 minutes. That would help to add hydration and nourishment to your dyed hair besides shine and softness. Read to know how to rejuvenate your hair today with a nourishing hair mask.

7. It would be best to air dry your hair:

As we mentioned before and as you would already know, heat damages your hair. Thus, you must avoid using your blow dryer unless you have an express need for it. Instead, let your hair air dry after you are fresh out of a shower, and you will see your color lasting longer.

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8. Use filters against sun damage:

Besides heat, another major enemy against colored or highlighted hair is sun damage. UV rays of the sun can make even the blondest of hair colors fade out. To prevent this from happening, you must use filters, i.e., UV light protectant spray, before you step out of your home, especially in summer.

9. Be careful while swimming:

Now that we have talked about heat and sun damage, did you know the chlorine in swimming pools can make your hair dye fade too? No, chlorine doesn’t turn your hair green, as rumors say, but pool water is bad for dyed hair. To prevent your hair dye from getting damaged while swimming, you could apply a liberal amount of conditioner, wrap up your hair into a bun and also wear a swimming cap.

10. Your diet is crucial:

diet for healthy hair

True beauty starts from within, and if you really want to keep your dyed hair healthy, you must pay close attention to what you are eating. Some foods that would help nourish your hair and add shine to it are oil fish like mackerel and salmon due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids.


Now that we have come to an end, here are some tips on what NOT to do with color-treated hair. Firstly, after you have come from the salon with your dyed hair, abstain from shampooing for 2 days after the salon visit. This will allow the color to set in and help in prolonging the lifespan of the dye. Secondly, before you get your hair colored, you must ask the salon professional to use only quality, conditioning hair color that has been formulated with pre-softening technology.

This would also help in the longevity of the dye. One at-home best treatment for colored hair is to take supplements of vitamins B and C and to improve your diet, as we have already mentioned earlier. Lastly, you must be careful not to color your hair too frequently to prevent it from lifelong damage.


How to make dyed hair healthy?

By regularly trimming and applying a protein hair mask you can essentially make your dyed hair healthy.

How to take care of coloured hair?

Use a colour protectant shampoo.
Use dry shampoo.
Shampoo less frequently.
Limit exposure to damp air.
Avoid heat styling

Can I oil my hair after colouring?

Yes, you can apply oil to your dyed hair. Coconut oil is beneficial to all hair types, including dyed and colour treated hair.

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