LED Face Treatment – Benefits & Side Effects

LED face treatment is a therapy that treats the skin from acne, sun damage, blemishes, pigmentations, wounds, and other skin problems, all naturally (without any introduction of chemical or instrument on the skin). LED refers to a light-emitting diode that has been in use for a very long time. However, they have come into highlight only after their unique benefits for better skin treatment during recent years.

Using LED on the skin at a limited level is known to heal the wounds and the growth of the human tissues, but according to the varying wavelengths. LED comes with different wavelengths of light which penetrates accordingly into the skin at their respective depths. This penetration triggers the skin’s biological process and heals the wounded parts from within, giving a rejuvenating look.

Four LED face treatment colors are used in the procedure: blue light, amber light, green light, and red light. However, only two are highly preferred. Let us understand them in brief.

Blue Light

Our skin comprises sebaceous glands, which leads to the production of oil in the skin. The blue light on this behalf works upon these glands and reduces the production of oil, which cures the acne and blemishes resulting from excessive oil production. It also kills a particular kind of bacteria that gives rise to acne by coming in contact with the heat and treats third-degree burns, as said by scientists.

LED Treatment
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Red Light

Human skin tends to age, some at a slower pace, some at higher, and so to avoid aging at an earlier stage, individuals go for the red LED face treatment. It is known to cure aging, removing scars and wrinkles. When red LED is treated upon the skin, it acts upon the skin cells responsible for the production of collagen, known as fibroblasts.

What are LED Face Treatment Advantages?

LED Face Treatment
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In case you’re wondering if LED face treatments are worth it, let us tell you that they are highly beneficial for facial skin as it treats numerous skin conditions. Let’s find out how.


Acne is one of the highly suffered skin conditions in people nowadays. To treat this issue, blue light is made use. The penetration of the blue light is in such a way in the skin that it kills the bacteria, which formulates acne production on our face. Further, it also acts positively on the sebaceous glands, leading to oil production on the skin. This phenomenon saves the hair follicle from getting clogged with the oil, so the acne production is restrained.

When mixed with red light, it becomes the best LED face treatment for acne and is highly effective as it eases inflammation and redness.

Healing of the Wound

Any internal wound present in the skin can be cured easily with the help of red LED as it stimulates collagen, which helps in healing. So, people who have undergone any kind of skin resurfacing are also advised to go through red light treatment to lower redness or swelling and speed up the healing process.


Red light comes with the energy which stimulates cells known as fibroblasts. These cells help in the recovery of the skin, which happens after the production of collagen. The red-light procedure has been found to tighten the skin, making the skin smoother and softer and reducing the wrinkles and fine lines.

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Skin Cancer

To treat skin cancer, photodynamic therapy is performed, which involves both red and green light. The red light treats basal cell carcinoma lesions, and the green light treats Bowen’s disease. However, red light is much preferred because its therapy does not damage the skin and its tissues.


Psoriasis is now one of the most common skin issues that lead to pimples, acne, scaly and itchy sores, and plague. This problem can be cured easily by red light therapy as it is beneficial in lowering the redness and inflammation caused regularly in the skin.

LED Face Treatment Side Effects

LED Face Treatment
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LED face treatment is one of the safety procedures to get rid of different skin conditions which are hard to find and remove. There is no requirement of any kind of chemical and instrument to continue with the procedure. However, there may be instances where you might experience some side effects in general for a short period. This is basically due to applying certain creams or other products that make the skin sensitive to the sun.

The side effects as witnessed are as follows

  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Tenderness
  • Hives
  • Rash

If you face such skin conditions, consult your dermatologist as soon as possible to avoid any other harm to your sensitive skin.

How to prepare for LED light therapy?

LED light therapy
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If you are taking the LED face treatment at home, make sure that you undergo the treatment with a clear face, without any makeup. Here you will be more comfortable as no appointment is required, but remember, these treatments at home are less effective as they will not involve any professional for the work. You have to use at-home devices, that too, as per the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any hindrance.

Usually, the LED light therapy sessions take 20 minutes to complete the procedure, and in this, it is required to wear protective goggles to protect the eyes from getting damaged from its shiny rays. However, it comes in the form of an LED face mask which needs to be applied to the face for a few minutes to wait for the magic to happen. Once done recording the LED face treatment before and after, you can examine the fantastic results and effectiveness.

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