Winter Skincare Routine For All Skin Types

Winter days are tough for the skin. Only the best winter skincare routine can prep your skin to fight winter dryness. The harsh winds, brutally cold temperature outside, and the heat inside, all dry out the moisture from your skin, causing white scratches and making it more prone to damage. Amid all this, the skin must stay healthy and nourished.

Here in this blog, we are writing about the best winter care plan for the skin to help you keep it well-nourished, healthy, and away from damage.

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Winter Skincare Routine Step-by-Step

Winter is a season when your skin asks for intense care – the winter season. Here the cold air steals the moisture from deep inside your skin, leaving it excessively dry, itchy, and irritable. Let’s know the solution here.

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Double Cleansing

Winter or any other season you can’t lock yourself in your home. You will travel outside to reach your office and for any household work. So, cleansing is a must. It is better to follow these steps to enjoy the best results:

  • Find an oil that suits your skin type and is non-comedogenic
  • Now apply it to your skin and let it sit overnight
  • Wash it off using a mild cleanser
  • You can try Jojoba, Sunflower, and Almond Oil
  • Use the oil on an alternate night on the skin and get pleasing results


Exfoliation is necessary, whether it is a winter season or any. The exfoliation helps your skin absorb nourishment deep inside and work better. So, you must scrub or exfoliate your face twice a week. Buy an exfoliator or the best scrub according to your skin type to get wonderful results.

It will make your skin look bright and feel smooth by removing dead cells and all the other impurities that are deep inside your pores. 

Winter Skincare Routine step - Exfoliation
Winter Skincare Routine step – Exfoliation


Toner is an essential skincare hack, irrespective of the season. You can also say it is an upgraded step of cleansing as it helps clean the dirt and residues from your pores deep inside. Furthermore, it helps shrink those pores that are opened during exfoliation.

Many people skip this step in their winter skincare routine, but you should find the best toner according to your skin. It will do the wonder that you are expecting. Also remember, the skincare routine is incomplete without the toner. 

Winter Skincare Routine step - Toner
Winter Skincare Routine step – Toner


A hydrating serum will do all the magic you are expecting on your skin. The serum will hydrate and nourish the skin after going deep inside.

Find a serum with hyaluronic acid in it for the best results. It is more nourishing and beneficial for the skin, which helps retain moisture and keep the skin hydrated. Use the serum all over the skin for intense nourishment.

Winter Skincare Routine step - Serum
Winter Skincare Routine step – Serum

Face Mask

The winds in winter are harsher on the skin. They cause more damage to moisture. Now it’s time to do something better for the skin. The face mask is another step after a serum that you should use twice a week.

Use a clean, non-drying face mask on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Do it twice a week to hydrate even the deepest layer of the skin and make it more protective against the cold temperature.

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Moisturizing Timely

Moisturizer is the utmost need in winter. If you can’t do anything discussed above, then do only one thing – moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize. The moisturizer will put a barrier on the skin where it defends the harsh winds from stealing moisture.

Level up the moisturizing game by finding a moisturizer with an SPF of 30+, it will also act as a sunscreen agent preventing UV rays or sunburn. Also, you can find a thin-tinted moisturiser to cover your blemishes. You have many options, but do not forget to wear moisturizer. Always carry a small bottle of moisturizer as you will need to apply it more frequently in winter.

Winter Skincare Routine step - Moisturizer
Winter Skincare Routine step – Moisturizer

3 Reasons Why You Must Follow a Skincare Routine in Winter

After knowing the best winter skincare guide, also know the reasons behind it.

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Nourished and Healthy Skin

The more you take good care of your skin, the more it will stay nourished and healthy. Cleansing, moisturizing, and hydrating the skin from deep inside will give your skin the nutrients it needs to maintain firmness and health.

They will help produce collagen, which reduces the visibility of ageing signs and prevents the skin from sagging. The winter skincare routine can help you level up the beauty game if you do it carefully.

Smooth and Glowing Skin

Following a skincare routine in the winter season has its perks – smooth and glowing skin is one of them. The reason is that we all know about the winds in the winter, they will steal your beauty by leaving dry patches or irritable skin behind.

The step-by-step winter skincare guide will help you enhance the beauty and glam on your face. They will not let anything steal nourishment and moisture, which is important to make your skin look naturally beautiful. Dedicate some of your efforts toward the skin as they need more care in winter.

Prevents Harm and Excessive Dryness

Dry patches, irritable skin, white lines, and all these factors make your skin more prone to damage and infections because winter causes excessive dryness. The winter skincare routine is designed to hydrate and moisturize the skin from deep inside. They will prevent your skin from any breakouts and infections.

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Instructions to Follow the Winter Skincare Routine – Get the Best Results

Cleanse your skin daily with a mild cleanser after applying the night oil on the skin. Let the oil sit overnight, then rinse it off in the morning using normal water.

  • Exfoliate twice a week, do not try to overdo it.
  • Use a hydrating serum every time you wash your face or hands
  • Apply face mask twice a week, but a day after exfoliation
  • Moisturize your skin more frequently in winter, it is the panacea that will save your skin, so use it more often.

The Best Winter Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin

Dryness is excessive in winter or cold weather seasons, but naturally, dry skin is more complicated to handle. The winter will wreak havoc on people with dry skin. Dry skin naturally produces less oil or keeps moisture.

Everything will remain the same, but people should know a few points about winter skincare routines for dry skin they need to put more focus toward. Here are they:

  • Avoid regular exfoliation or do it twice a month, it will irritate the skin
  • Cleanse your skin only with natural or gentle cleansers
  • Use intensely hydrating moisturizer and shower gel to lock the moisture inside

The Best Winter Skin Care Routine for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin asks for gentle love and care. You must be extra careful with such skin because a scratch can do more harm, instead of harsh winds or dryness in winter. The skincare routine for sensitive skin in the winter season will remain unchanged, also these three points. Take good care of your skin, it will help your skin stay healthy and away from harm.

The Best Winter Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

If your skin produces more oil, don’t think you need not take good care of your skin. People with oily skin also need to take good care of their skin in winter. Like these two, the winter skincare routine for oily skin will also remain unchanged. Yes, you need to focus more on these things.

  • Exfoliate three times a week but find an exfoliator that is better for oily skin
  • Use tap-running or normal water to rinse your face
  • Look for a moisturizer that is gel or water-based, it will be light for the skin

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Now, enjoy your winter without worrying about your skin because this winter skincare routine will not let any harm come to your skin if you follow it carefully. Furthermore, it will add more charm to your skin that will encourage its health and nourishment from deep inside. Hang out and explore gorgeous places with naturally beautiful skin, just take care of your skin well.

Additionally, you do not need to go outside for your beauty or makeup needs in the winter chills. Yes Madam has made it possible to bring the salon to your doorstep. Get served by our top-class professionals at affordable prices.

Pro Tip: Find all the products which suit your skin the best. Limit alcohol intake and try to quit smoking.

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How can I take care of my skin during the winter season?

It is no rocket science to take care of your skin in the winter season. Your skin will remain healthy and nourished when you follow the skincare routine discussed in this blog.

What is the difference between winter skincare and summer skincare routines?

In cold weather, the skin needs to get cleansed with creamier cleansers that also give you a burst of hydration. In the summer season, you do not need much hydration but a balancing effect for the skin. Also, you need to apply moisturizer more frequently in the winter season, but in the summer season, you can do it once only.

Should I use moisturizer for oily skin in winter?

People with oily skin must use moisturizers in the winter season. Otherwise, the dry air can cause the oil glands to go into overdrive. It will result in breakouts and blemishes. Using a moisturizer will balance sebum production, which will further help in preventing harm to the skin from dry air.

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