Do’s & Don’ts Of Skincare After Getting A Facial

We’ll love taking pampering sessions and when it comes to facials they are not just refreshing or hydrating but also relaxing. To maintain smooth skin after the facial it is important to take some safety measures with some after facial care dos and don’ts. As your skin might look all good after a facial but wrongdoing can wreck it all.

It is important for your skin to maintain the required Ph balance and not to be very harsh on your skin. Try to keep your skincare routine lowkey so that you don’t harm your face. There are a few after-facial care advice that you need to follow.

after-facial care
After-facial care

Aftermath Of A Facial

1. Becomes Sensitive

After a facial, your skin becomes very sensitive as you got blackheads removed, steaming on your face, and scrubbing which is a whole process that makes your skin sensitive. Do not apply any harsh product on your skin as it can hurt or burn the skin as it needs some time to get mature. This is the most important after-facial care to follow after the procedure.

2. Open Pores

Do not touch your skin after facials as that can be an invitation to the dust and bacteria. Your pores are opened due to the exfoliating and a lot of dirt can enter them and your skin can react badly or it can experience breakouts.

3. Skin Is Well-Hydrated

Your skin is nicely and deeply moisturized but that does not mean you are not keeping yourself hydrated. Drink a good amount of water and keep your face clean as you don’t want to get pimples all over your skin. Drink juices or some coolers to keep your body away from reacting. These after-facial steps are important to follow in order to keep your skin healthy.

Dos Post A Facial

1. Use A Gentle Cleanser

Use a very gentle cleanser to wash off the dust from the face and always remember to be extra nice to your skin post-facial. As your skin becomes a little too sensitive than before as it has gone through a whole procedure. Do not use any new or harsh products that include more chemicals.

2. Facial Hair Removal

Always get your face waxed before the facial as after the facial your skin becomes sensitive and it is harmful to get any other treatment on your face. Always ask your professional to thread or wax before you undergo the process of facial. Such after-facial care advice keeps your skin glowing.

Woman drinking water

3. Drink Enough Water

Moisturizing your skin is not enough as you need to hydrate your body too. Drink loads of water and juices to keep yourself hydrated. Make sure you don’t skip on this as it can bring some pimples to your face because your pores are open and it can attract the dust so you have to be very vigilant about the situation.

4. Use Fresh Towels And Change Your Pillow Cover

Always remember to change your pillowcases on time even if you haven’t got any facial. Changing your pillowcases is important as you wake up your case has a lot of bacteria that are flown from the window or from the cleaning.

Don’ts Post A Facial

1. Don’t Scrub Yor Face For A Week

Exfoliating again can make your skin sensitive as you have had exfoliation for a week and the repetition of the step is not required. As all your dead skin has been removed in the process of facial so you don’t need to do any exfoliation.

2. No Exposure Of The Sun

Always apply sunscreen before stepping out of your home just to save your skin from harsh rays. After the facial, your skin becomes sensitive and can be prone to damage that can be caused by the UV rays. To avoid that skip the sun for a few days and try to stay hydrated.

3. Don’t Wear Makeup Immediately

Your pores are still open with all the steaming and deep-cleansing. The pores are still open and they need to breathe if you will apply the makeup it may react and you get a lot of pimples as that can also lead to breakouts. Avoid using makeup for a week or two and let your pores breathe and do not do anything that can clog your pores.


How long after a facial can I put on makeup?

No, pores are still open and they need to breathe if you will apply the makeup it may react and you get a lot of pimples.

Can we apply a face pack after the facial?

Do not apply anything on your face at least for 8 hours as your skin is very sensitive and over usage of products can harm your skin.

How do maintain skin glow after a facial?

1. Don’t touch your face
2. Don’t pop pimples
3. Avoid makeup for a few days
4. Stay hydrated

Should I do my skincare after facial?

Don’t use anything for 3-4 days post your facial.

Can you wash your face post-facial?

Don’t wash your face after a facial gives your skin rest of 24 hours.

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