7 Benefits of Olive Oil Massage Everyone Should Know

 Olive oil is one of the most common ingredients found in kitchens worldwide. It is not only oil used in a wide number of cuisines but also full of healthful properties. Therefore, many people think about is olive oil good for massage. 

 Nani Maa, Dadi Maa, and many health enthusiasts have praised the strength of olive oil to cure many skin and health issues. Knowing all this, I started my research online on the benefits of olive oil massage and penned down all of them in this blog.

History Of Olive Oil Used As A Massage Oil

For centuries, olive oil has been cherished not just for cooking but also for its soothing properties on the skin. Ancient civilizations like the Greeks and Romans used olive oil for massage, believing it could soften the skin, relax muscles, and even promote healing. Over time, this practice spread across different cultures and regions, becoming a traditional method of massage therapy. Today, olive oil remains a popular choice for massages due to its natural moisturizing qualities and gentle texture. It offers a luxurious and rejuvenating experience for those seeking relaxation and skincare benefits.

7 Olive Oil Massage Benefits You Shouldn’t Ignore

As life is getting more stressful due to the hectic schedule, only a massage session can bring your body back to a good state. Adding olive oil to the massage session will take the benefits of massage to the next level.

 Let’s get started to learn the 7 amazing benefits of olive oil massage that will change the way you live your life.

Benefits of olive oil massage
Olive oil

1. Reduces pain and swelling

Olive oil is the world’s number-one cure for pain and swelling. The slightly warm olive oil gives your joints and muscles a soothing effect when it is massaged over them.

Olive oil massage can also help you with the pain caused by arthritis or gout. Combining the massage session with daily yoga and exercises will help you reap maximum benefits. But you need to focus more on the affected areas.

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2. Manage stress levels

Ahh, the stress. Meeting family commitments, project deadlines, and paying bills take a big toll on our stress levels. Do you know stress is the key cause of heart attacks, hypertension, aches, stomach issues, and many other health hazards? Therefore, it is necessary to manage stress.

You have this amazing oil and the olive oil massage benefits help relieve stress. Additionally, you will find it more effective in managing or melting stress cells, as it helps improve blood circulation, calms nerves, and replenishes energy levels. It is one of the distinctive and remarkable benefits of olive oil massage on the body.

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3. Delays the appearance of ageing signs

Almost everyone is looking for a natural cure to slow down skin ageing. Now you have it. The olive oil massage on the body will help the skin stay young, fresh, and hydrated. Therefore, it is the most loved benefit of olive oil so far.

 It is scientifically proven that virgin olive oil body massage benefits in improving collagen productivity in the skin. Collagen is the element that maintains skin elasticity and firmness. Therefore, it prevents premature ageing and sagging of the skin. Look youthful, fresh, and super gorgeous with an olive oil massage.

Benefits of Olive oil massage
Delays Ageing Signs

4. Improves sleep quality

People these days are complaining about a lack of sleep. The reasons are obvious: excessive use of mobile phones, workload, stress, and lack of exercise. All these cause the body to produce insufficient melatonin, which results in sleeping disorders. 

But the benefits of massages with olive oil help you relax and get over your tiredness. It helps relax sore muscles, release tension, and calm nerves. All these help you improve the quality of your sleep.

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5. Reduces cellulite

Girls love to wear skirts, western dresses, and other fashionable outfits. But that uneven or bumpy surface on the upper thighs ruins all the happy mood. Therefore, it can be uncomfortable for women to wear the dresses they have in their wardrobes.

 But there is one thing that can help you, olive oil. Getting a regular massage with olive oil helps you reduce cellulite. You can get good results by massaging the problem areas more.

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6. Controls dandruff

People often ask and search about the benefits of olive oil massage for hair. So, you would be happy knowing that olive oil massage not only helps level up your skincare game but also controls dandruff. In addition to controlling dandruff, olive oil massage nourishes the scalp, removes itchiness, relieves dryness, and restores moisture to your hair. 

 Remember, there is no permanent cure for dandruff. But olive oil can help you control it to some extent due to its high nourishing properties. 

Remember, there is no permanent cure for dandruff. But olive oil can help you control it to some extent due to its high nourishing properties.  

Olive oil massage Benefits
Control dandruff

7. Reduces stretch marks

When we hear the term stretch marks, the first thing that hits our mind is ‘women’. Even if women are at higher risk of getting stretch marks, they are not the only ones who struggle with these skin scars. Bodybuilders, athletes, teenagers, and gym goers are all at equal risk of getting stretch marks.

 So, using olive oil for massage can be the ultimate rescue for all those people who are looking for ways to get rid of stretch marks. This magical oil helps reduce stretch marks to a great extent. They need to massage the problem areas regularly with slightly warm olive oil to get good results. 

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How To Get An Olive Oil Massage At Home

Follow the below tips to enjoy the soothing experience of the olive oil massage in the comfort of your own home. 

  1. Start by selecting a high-quality extra virgin olive oil. 
  1. Warm a small amount of oil in your hands by rubbing them together gently. 
  1. Apply the warm oil to the skin in smooth, circular motions, focusing on areas of tension or dryness. 
  1. Take your time and let the oil absorb into your skin for maximum benefits. 
  1. After the massage, you can either leave the oil on your skin or rinse it off with warm water and pat it dry.

Things To Keep In Mind While Using Olive Oil For Massage

When using olive oil for massage, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. 

  1. Make sure to choose a high-quality extra virgin olive oil for the best results.
  1. Always perform a patch test on a small area of skin to check for any allergic reactions or sensitivities.
  1. Remember to warm the oil slightly before applying it to the skin for a more comfortable massage experience. 
  1. Use gentle, circular motions while massaging, focusing more on areas of tension or dryness.

Get Professional Olive Oil Massage At Home With YesMadam

The benefits of olive oil massage are numerous and can significantly improve both physical and mental well-being. From reducing pain and swelling to delaying the signs of ageing, olive oil massage offers a holistic approach to self-care. However, it’s essential to keep certain things in mind while using olive oil for massage, such as choosing high-quality oil, performing a patch test, and using gentle motions during massage. 

 For those seeking professional massage treatments at home, YesMadam offers a range of services, from body polishing to massage therapy, providing a convenient and rejuvenating experience in the comfort of your own space. So why not indulge in the nourishing and relaxing benefits of olive oil massage with YesMadam today?

FAQs About Olive Oil Massage Benefits

Can I massage my skin just with olive oil?

Yes, you can massage the skin with olive oil. But use lukewarm olive oil during the massage session.

What are the health benefits of massaging with olive oil?

  • Effective for weight loss
  • Healthy for the heart
  • Reduces the risk of chronic diseases
  • More powerful and healthy than any other vegetable oil
  • It contains vitamin E, which is beneficial for maintaining metabolism.
  • Due to its richness in monosaturated fats, it has the potential to lower your cholesterol levels.

Is virgin olive oil good for massage?

Virgin olive oil is a world-class oil for massage. It benefits your body from head to toe.

How to use olive oil for body massage?

Using olive oil for body massage is too convenient. You need lukewarm olive oil for a body massage and a few drops of water. Mix them well, and they are now ready to use.

Is olive oil suitable for a head massage?

Olive oil is an outclass element for head massage. The benefits of olive oil massage for hair are countless. It stops damage and breakage, provides more moisture to the scalp, enhances hair growth, prevents dandruff, and helps with many hair concerns.

Which oil is best for skin and hair?

Natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, and shea butter oil are the best for skin and hair. But the olive oil benefits for skin and hair are unmatched.

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