10 Short Hairstyles For Girls With Curly Hair

Curly hair, with its dense and often thick locks, can pose a challenge when it comes to combing through. However, when styled and cared for properly, curly hair can showcase its stunning beauty. Short curly hair, in particular, boasts volume and elegance, offering numerous hairstyle options to completely transform your appearance. Whether you choose a stylish pixie cut or a messy bob, short curly hairstyles always draw attention and exude confidence. So it’s time to give your tresses a whirlwind change because curly hair is cool!

Let’s discover some of the most stylish short curly hairstyles in this blog! 

10 Curly Hairstyle Ideas For Short Hair 


To enhance the natural texture and bounce of your short hair, these 10 stylish hairstyle ideas will surely help you effortlessly highlight your hair’s unique beauty. 

1. Messy Bun


The messy bun hairstyle is a go-to for girls with short hair. This effortlessly chic look is stylish yet relaxed, perfect for every occasion. 

Tools Required For Messy Bun In Short Hair

The tools required to make a messy hair bun include bobby pins, hair ties and texturising hair spray.

How To Make A Messy Bun Easily?

  • Gather your hair into a high ponytail.
  • Twist gathered hair into a bun.
  • Secure the bun with pins.
  • Pull out some hair strands, and you will get a messy bun short hair look. 

2. Half Up-Half Down Hair


If you want to achieve a perfect balance between elegance and casualness with short hair, the half-up, half-down hairstyle is ideal. This hairstyle adds versatility and charm to any look.

Tools Required For A Half Up-Half Down Hair Look

You need three tools: hair elastics, a comb, and hairspray to create a half-up, half-down hair look.

How To Create A Half-Up-Half-Down Hair Look?

  • Part your hair horizontally.
  • Gather the top section of your hair.
  • Secure gathered hair with elastic bands.
  • Now, style your hair the way you want.

3. Finger Waves


This hairstyle infuses short, curly hair with a vintage-inspired look to create a timeless hairdo. Finger waves offer sophistication to your overall look and are easy to make.

Tools Required For Finger Waves Look

It would help if you had tools to make finger waves, such as hair clips, setting lotions, and a wide-tee

th comb.

How To Create A Finger Waves Hairstyle?

  • Divide hair into 2 sections.
  • Using your fingers, create S-shaped waves in your hair.
  • Secure these waves with clips and let them set by applying lotion.

4. Hair Pinned Up To The Side


This simple hairstyle is perfect to add a touch of versatility and romance to short, curly hair. Hair pinned to the side hairstyle effortlessly showcases your hair volume and texture.

Tools Required For A Hair Pinned Up To The Side Look

You need hair spray, bobby pins, and decorative hair accessories to create a hair pinned up to the side look. 

How To Create A Hair Pinned-Up To The Side Look?

  • Sweep hair to one particular side.
  • Twist hair and pin the sections.
  • Leave some loose curls or waves for a cute curly hairstyle look.

5. Half Lob


In this hairstyle, the top half of the short curly hair is styled into relaxed curls or waves. Half Lob effortlessly offers a modern twist to the classic Lob.

Tools Required For A Half-Lob Hair Look

A hair straightener and texturising hair spray are required to make a half-lob hairstyle.

How To Create A Hair Pinned-Up To The Side Look?

  • Create loose curls or waves using a hair straightener.
  • Focus more on mid-length to the ends to get a relaxed half-up look and create shoulder-length curly hairstyles.

6. Twisted Maiden Braids


The hairstyle combines traditional braids style with playful twists. Twisted maiden braids offer a boho-chic vibe to short, curly hair. 

Tools Required For A Twisted Maiden Braids Look

You would need a rat tail comb, bobby pins, textured spray and elastics.

How To Create A Hair Twisted Maiden Braids Look?

  • Divided hair into 2 sections.
  • Twist both sections separately. 
  • Braid each twist and secure with elastics.
  • Pin them to get a boho-chic, short, curly hair look.

7. Cuffed High Ponytail


A cuffed ponytail is a modern and chic hairstyle for girls with short curly hair. It involves gathering hair into a high ponytail with a puff accessory around the base. 

Tools Required For A Cuffed High Ponytail Look

Hair tie, cuff accesssory and hairspray are required to make this.

How To Create A Hair-Cuffed High Ponytail Look?

  • Gather hair into a ponytail.
  • Use a cuff around the base of the ponytail.
  • For a finished look, secure with hairspray.

8.Folded Voluminous Updo


To create short, curly hairstyles with elegance, go for a folded, voluminous updo. This hairstyle includes teased sections to add texture and volume to your hair.

Tools Required For A Cuffed High Ponytail Look

Tools required to make this hairstyle are a teasing comb, bobby pins and hair spray.

How To Create A Hair-Cuffed High Ponytail Look?

  • Take your hair at the crown for volume.
  • Fold them and pin sections into a textured updo.
  • Leave some loose waves for a soft look.

9.Braided Bangs For Stacked Bob Hairstyle


Braided bangs for stacked bob short curly hairstyle provide a uniquely creative twist to short curly hair. This hairstyle will make your overall look eye-catching.

Tools Required For A Braided Bangs Look

You would need tools to make braided bangs, such as small hair elastics, bobby pins and texturising spray.

How To Create A Braided Bangs Look?

  • Braid bangs into sections.
  • Secure sections with elastic bands.
  • Pin them back for a different twist.

10.Claw-Clip Updo


The claw-clip updo is a sophisticated yet simple hairstyle for short hair. It is ideal for both formal events and casual outings and provides a fashionable way to manage curls.

Tools Required For A Claw-Clip Updo Look

Bobby pins, hairspray, and a claw spray are required to make a claw-clip updo hairstyle.

How To Create A Claw-Clip Updo Look?

  • Gather your hair at the nape.
  • Twist hair into a bun.
  • Secure the bun with a claw clip.
  • Adjust it for the preferred shape and volume.


With alternatives for every occasion, these ten hairstyles for curly-haired girls embrace the natural texture while offering flair and variety. If you want to avoid the hassle of making a hairstyle for curly hair yourself, you can find these gorgeous hairstyles for short curly hair and more with YesMadam salon services, where skilled stylists will make your hair goals come true. So every time you feel like having a good hair day or having an event to attend, choose hair spa at home services by YesMadam and pick the closest one to you right now!


Which Haircut Is Best For Short, Curly Hair?

A pixie cut or a layered bob cut with short layers is an ideal choice for short, curly hair. These cuts will enhance the texture and volume of your hair while maintaining its shape and manageability. 

How Do I Style My Short, Curly Hair?

To style short, curly hair, you can apply curl product to wet hair, squeeze gently, and then use a diffuser or allow it to dry for some time. Finish styling them by shaping curls with your fingers.

Does A Hair Spa Help In Managing Short Curly Hair?

Yes, a hair spa can significantly help in managing short curly hair by reducing fizz, enhancing the definition of curl and providing hydration. For the best salon-like experience from the comfort of your home, you can book YesMadam at-home spa services provided by skilled professionals with high-quality products. 

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