Simple Home treatments for all types of acne

Acne is a skin condition that affects almost all genders and ages. In many types of acne, the condition worsens and causes irreversible scarring. Before the situation slips out of your hands, it is better to take necessary action against them.

If you are wondering how to fight acne, then do not worry about it. We have come here with the best home remedies for acne that will help you fade scars and prevent the acne from coming back. Let’s talk about it.

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Home Remedies for Acne – The Ultimate Weapons for Acne

Acne can hurt more than just your appearance. Sometimes, it can be the reason for mental stress and low self-esteem. This problem begins in and after the phase of puberty. It can be a big issue for teenagers and collegegoers. They should read this blog carefully because these home remedies will do wonders not for teenagers but for all genders and ages.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

When you are asking for the best home remedies for acne, apple cider vinegar will not disappoint you with its results. The presence of lactic and its potential to fight many types of bacteria and fungi will help prevent the skin from acne and fade scars with time.

Some elements in the vinegar can also irritate your skin. It is better to use a small amount of vinegar while preparing the remedy. Here’s how to use it safely.

Preparation and Instructions.

  • Mix 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with 3 tbsp of water (add more water if you have sensitive skin)
  • Cleanse the skin, then apply this mixture using a cotton ball
  • Let it sit there for 20 seconds, and then rinse it off
  • Rinse it off with normal water
  • Repeat the process maximum 2 times a day
Types of Acne - Vinegar

Turmeric Facial Mask

Turmeric is a versatile element and an effective skincare hack helping with many skin problems, even acne. It offers surprising benefits due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial effects.

It is an element that works for the whole skin, not for scars just. It helps with redness and wounds and further helps even out your skin tone. Here’s how you can prepare the turmeric facial mask.

Preparation and Instructions

  • Take a bowl, now add 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder and a half cup of chickpea flour to it
  • Now add 2 teaspoons of sandalwood powder, ghee or almond oil
  • Now add enough water to make a thick paste
  • Do the cleansing and apply this face pack on the skin
  • Let it sit there for 10 minutes
  • Then rinse it off with normal water
  • Now moisturize the skin
Acne Scars - Turmeric

Tea Tree Oil

While talking about how to reduce acne breakouts and fade scars, the tea tree oil will serve you more than your expectations. Its potential antimicrobial and antibacterial properties will help fight the bacteria that cause acne.

The anti-inflammatory properties will further help you calm the skin irritation, and other soothing effects will help fade the scars with time. Here’s how to get the best results from Tea Tree Oil.

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Preparation and Instructions

Add 2 drops of tea tree oil in 12 drops of jojoba or almond oil (choose the oil according to your skin type)

  • Do a patch test before putting it on your face
  • Wash the face with a gentle cleanser before applying this oil
  • Now apply it to your face using a cotton ball before the bed
  • Let it sit overnight, then rinse it off in the morning
  • Repeat this process three times a week
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Yeast and Yogurt Paste

Yeast and yoghurt both are powerful skincare agents, they both come with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. They boost nourishment and glow on the skin. Also, they aid in rebalancing the skin, which further helps reduce the severity of acne and breakouts. Rubbing the paste of yeast and yoghurt will help turn your skin acne-free. Here’s how to use it safely.

Preparation and Instructions

  • Combine 1 teaspoon of yeast with 2 tbsp of plain yoghurt
  • After mixing them well, put them on your face
  • Apply it to your face and let it sit for the next 15 minutes
  • Now rinse it off with normal water
  • Repeat this process two to three times a week
Acne Types - Yoghurt

Cucumber and Oatmeal Face Mask

Before the formation of acne on the face, a cyst develops and gets filled with oil. It results in acne. The blended cucumber mixed with oatmeal will help with those red, angry bumps on the skin efficiently.

The hydrating and soothing effects calm your skin and deal with inflammation well. Moreover, it is easy to prepare this hydrating remedy for acne.

Preparation and Instructions

  • Blend the cucumber to make the paste and add to the 1 cup of oatmeal
  • Now take 1 teaspoon of this paste and add it with 1 teaspoon of yoghurt before applying it to your face
  • Start applying it to your face and keep massaging with it
  • Let it stay there for the next 20 minutes
  • Now rinse it off with water and moisturize your face

All these are the best and most effective home remedies for acne. Furthermore, they work for all types of acne the skin suffers. So, you must try these home remedies but pick one of them and start the treatment. Guys, do not use all of them at once. Now let’s talk about the types of acne and what causes it to develop.

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difference between acne and pimples - Cucumber

Types of Acne – Know the Culprit

The acne types are categorized into two – inflamed and non-inflamed. A person can have many types of acne at once. Let’s find out which acne you are suffering from.

Non-Inflammatory Acne

They generally do not cause swelling and can be easily relieved with mild OTC treatments. Additionally, taking gentle care of your skin will help combat non-inflammatory acne. Let’s know what they are.


The blackheads are also known as open comedones, which causes when the skin pore is clogged by sebum and dead skin cells. One of the common issues people suffer with.


The whiteheads are also caused due to the same reason. Where blackheads are easy to deal with, whiteheads have more complications.

Inflammatory Acne

Red and swollen bumps are titled inflammatory acne. They are caused due to sebum and dead skin cells, but these types of acne are more complicated due to bacteria that play an incredible role in spreading them all over your face, chest, back, and shoulders.

Papules – The skin around this acne is usually pink.

  • Pustules – They generally have a yellowish appearance or white heads on top.
  • Nodules – They are deeper underneath the skin. Thus, you can’t treat it with medications.
  • Cysts – The severe and the largest form of acne. Moreover, you can’t prevent this acne from causing a scar.

Luckily, here you can find home remedies and facials for acne that help calm them and reduce scarring of all acne types. In the blog, we discussed recipes that can help you efficiently. If the acne is severe, it is better to consult a dermatologist. Start the treatment soon.

Facials for Acne – The Easy Hacks

If you want the best results but don’t have the time, facials are the best way to reduce acne and fade scars. Here’s a list of facials that are effective for acne.

LED Facial

The ultramodern technology where light therapy heals the skin from the deepest layer. The penetration level is so deep, which solves the variety of skin issues involving redness. Other than fighting acne and fading scars, it also improves the appearance of the skin. LED Light Therapy damages acne-causing bacteria. Thus, it helps you get acne-free skin after 4 to 5 sessions.

Classic Facial

The deep cleansing, extraction of whiteheads and blackheads, neck and head massage, and relaxation, all furnish relaxation to your skin. Even in acne, it will serve you the tremendous results you are expecting. Having a classic facial timely will help keep your skin acne-free.

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Difference Between Pimples and Acne

People many times get confused between pimples and acne. They are not the same. There is a difference between a pimple and acne. The biggest difference is that acne is a disease where a pimple is one of its symptoms.

Acne affects your skin hair follicles and the oil glands. When the pores get clogged with sebum and dead skin cells, this result in red bumps known as pimples.

What causes acne?

The exact causes are still unknown, but some are the factual points that are known to trigger acne. Here are they:

  • Hormonal changes, mainly in puberty, pregnancy, and the menstrual cycle
  • Touching your face more often
  • Cleaning or scrubbing your face too vigorously
  • High humidity
  • Wearing cosmetics or makeup
  • Asteroids

How to prevent yourself from Acne?

You can do many things to prevent your skin from falling prey to acne. Add these easy hacks to your lifestyle, and it will be easy to deal with acne.

  1. Never miss cleansing, do it day and night.
  2. Follow the best skincare routine or use home remedies
  3. Shampoo regularly as the scalp also releases oil that comes to your face
  4. Keep your hands off your face
  5. Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30+

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Home remedies for acne, facials, and everything will work for all types of acne, but the important thing is to stay calm and patient. These things take time but provide long-term benefits if you do them righteously. Remember, you can’t eliminate acne from the root cause, but taking care of your skin will help you keep your skin acne-free.

Additionally, you do not need to go to a salon nearby to get those facials for acne-prone skin. Get your phone, search Yes Madam to it, and here you go. They provide at-home facial and beauty services by experienced professionals at the best prices.

Pro Tip: Keep your hands off your face and start acne treatments with home remedies. They are more effective.


What are the causes of acne?

1. Hormonal changes
2. Touching your face more often
3. High humidity
There can be many causes, but the exact cause is unidentified.

Does pollution cause acne?

The pollution involves dirt and dust that are the enemy of clear complexions. When it sits on your face, it has the potential to clog your pores, which results in acne. Before going to sleep, it is recommended that you wash your face.

Can I get rid of acne naturally at home?

These home remedies for acne will help you fight acne naturally at your home. These DIY Recipes will also take good care of your skin and its appearance.

What is the skincare routine for acne-prone skin?

1. Cleansing
2. Toning
3. Exfoliation
4. Serum
5. Moisturizer
These five steps are necessary for the skincare routine for acne-prone skin.

Which facial is best for acne-prone skin?

LED Facial is one of the best facials for acne-prone skin.

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