15 Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas For All Types Of Hair

Bridesmaids love giving a head-turning look on their BFF’s Big Day. The outfit, the makeup, the footwear, and most importantly the bridesmaid hairstyle, they pay close attention to every detail. After all, they are the next centre of attraction after the bride. Hence, they dream to look gorgeous during the wedding to rock the event. Right? We can feel your struggle for finding the best hairstyles for bridesmaids.

Keeping this in mind, here we have listed down the 15 best bridesmaid hairstyle ideas for all types of hair.

15 Amazing Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

Yes Madam has a graceful and spellbinding surprise for all the bridesmaids. Due to this, you need not run here and there. Get cool and trendsetting bridesmaid hairstyle ideas here.

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1. Messy Waterfall Braid – The Spotlight-ready hairstyle for Bridesmaids

The bride will get snapped every second, so the bridesmaids. And this spotlight-ready hairstyle will give you the magnificent look you have dreamt of.

You can turn this messy waterfall braid more elegant by adding a hair accessory just like this but do not overdo it.

Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas
Messy Waterfall Braid

2. Puffy Waterfall Braid – The Picture-perfect Hairstyle

It is the perfect bridesmaid hairstyle for long hair with soft curls and beads. The sleek braid in between and the puff over your forehead will make it look more glamorous.

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As you will sit on the stage with the bride or stand in the portraits, the bridesmaid hairstyle must be picture-perfect.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles
Puffy Waterfall Braid

3. Waterfall Braid – A Jaw-dropping Bridesmaid Hairstyle

This elegant hairstyle for bridesmaids is a table-turning option. The best thing is it is the best fit for different occasions like Mehendi, Haldi, or Sangeet.

A hairstyle is known to add charm to your face and to the whole look. So, it must be lovely, and this one is a charismatic wedding hairstyle for the bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas for all types of Hair
jaw-dropping bridesmaid hairstyle with Waterfall Braid

4. Ponytail with Beads – The Show Stealer

When you want to keep it simple, this ponytail idea with beads will give you a heart-stealing appearance. Therefore, it is named the show stealer. But this is a modern ponytail idea with soft curls that enhances its glam.

Hairstyle Ideas for all types of Hair
Ponytail with Beads

5. Mermaid Waves – The Best Winter Look

Weddings in winter or in any season, the mermaid waves are the best option for bridesmaids. The reason is that when you are struggling too much, this idea will save you in all cases. So, looking graceful is now easy with this hairstyle as you do not need straining effort to get it. Just get your hair curler, set the waves, and you are ready.

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Mermaid Waves Bridesmaid Hairstyle
Mermaid Waves

6. Medium Length Hair – A Breathtaking Hairstyle Idea for Bridesmaids

Are you a bridesmaid with medium-length hair? Worry not! This spellbinding hairstyle idea will take your looks to a whole new level.

And pinning flowers like this in your hair will make you capture the hearts of others. Don’t be surprised if the cameraman is focusing on you.

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Medium Length Hair Bridesmaid Hairstyle
Medium Length Hair

7. Messy Braid – A Unique Ponytail Idea for Bridesmaids

It is among the trendsetting bridesmaid ponytail hairstyles. Nothing looks better than a woman in a sublime ponytail. As the accessories are added here, it can look more charismatic.

Messy Braid Bridesmaid Hairstyle
Messy Braid
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8. Curls with Half Updo – An Enchanting Hairstyle

Get an awe-inspiring look with this half updo and soft curls hairstyle. Despite adding simple accessories to the hair, this bridesmaid hairstyle is mesmerizing. Just match the accessories with your outfit and you are ready to rock the floor.

Curls with Half Updo Bridesmaid Hairstyle
Curls with Half Updo

9. Messy Ponytail for Bridesmaid – The Heart-stealing Option

This messy ponytail will rock the floor for bridesmaids. The reason is bridesmaids are not less than brides, they must have gorgeous attire and fabulous hairstyle. And this one will suit them best.

Messy Ponytail Bridesmaid Hairstyle
Messy Ponytail

10. Half Updo with Curls – Simple and Pretty

It is super pretty because it is simple. There is no overdose of hair accessories and curls. Also, it is one of the top-rated bridesmaid hairstyle ideas. If you are worried you have no such volume and length in the hair, you can try Hair Extensions from Hair Gennie by Yes Madam.

They can help you add length and volume. So, the styling will no more be stressful. Enjoy the day and flaunt your tresses with no more worries.

Half Updo with Curls Bridesmaid Hairstyle
Half Updo with Curls

11. Floral Bridesmaid Hairstyle – Maybe a Little More Drama

Yes, this one is more magnetizing, where the hair accessories are glorifying the charm of the bridesmaid hairstyle more. Shop the accessories, curl your hair, and rock the floor.

Floral Bridesmaid Hairstyle
Floral Bridesmaid Hairstyle

12.   Curls with Braided Crown – Simple yet The Game-changer

Many times, we want to keep it simple but stunning, and here is your answer. Steal the show with this game-changing hairstyle. Also, know that if you have medium length this is the best bridesmaid hairstyle you can pick for your BFF’s Big Day.

Curls with Braided Crow Bridesmaid Hairstyle
Curls with Braided Crow

13.   Accessorized Floral Bun – Easy and Super Gorgeous

Some people look super gorgeous in open hair, some look spellbinding when in a bun hairstyle. This accessorized floral bun is super pretty that can up your beauty or social game. This bridesmaid bun hairstyle will look ever gorgeous in a gown, saree or in any dress.

Accessorized Floral Bun Bridesmaid Hairstyle
Accessorized Floral Bun

14. A Classic Bun Idea with Curls and Braid

A simple and sleek bun that asks for no accessories, no professional styling, and will be ready in a few minutes. Remember, a girl can spread the magic with her hairstyle. You have supernatural power. So, explore it. Try this hairstyle and spread the charm.

Classic Bun Idea with Curls and Braid

15. Simple and Unique Bridesmaid Bun Hairstyle

Celebs-inspired hairstyle. Nowadays, celebs prefer classic or floral buns more. Instead of this accessory, you can add the Gajra to your hair and make it look traditional.

Simple and Unique Bridesmaid Bun Hairstyle
Simple and Unique Bridesmaid Bun Hairstyle


Ladies, here we have discussed all the spellbinding bridesmaid hairstyle ideas that will help you rock the event. 

If you are struggling to wear these wedding hairstyles, do not worry, Yes Madam has professional hairstylists to help you wear these hairstyles smoothly at your home. 

People with short or medium hair length need not worry about their hairstyles. These days you can also add volume to your hair and increase the length with Hair Extensions Services from Hair Gennie. So, that’s it.


What is a bridesmaid’s role during the wedding?

A bridesmaid role starts months before the wedding and hardly ends on the wedding day. During the planning for the wedding ceremony and all the events, they provide emotional and physical support. The bridesmaid helps the bride shop the dresses, jewellery, and other essentials. Most importantly, they stay with the bride and look after her on the wedding day.

What is the best hairstyle for wedding guests?

The mermaid waves, milkmaid braid, waterfall braid, and tousled waves are the best hairstyle for wedding guests. You can also pick from these wedding hairstyles. Here are some that are the best fit for wedding guests.

Can a bridesmaid have a different hairstyle from the bride?

Yes, a bridesmaid can have a different hairstyle from the bride. But if you want to keep the look the same, you can wear the same hair accessories as the headband or roped braid.

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