How To Choose Hair Colour For Indian Skin Tone

Colours are one happy thing that changes your mood every time. Be it a colourful sky, clothes, or even your hair. It changes the vibe and helps you to relive life in a better way. The purpose of colour is to add charm and fun to any dull or boring thing.

People these days love to have coloured hair. Colouring your hair can change your whole personality and can bring some grace to your face.

Choosing the right hair colour shade according to Indian skin tone is not rocket science. You can choose the right shade for your hair easily with a few tips and tricks that can make you feel super confident and a different personality person.

Steps To Know The Skin Tone

1. Check Your Undertone

Your undertone really matters on what colour will suit your complexion.

There are three undertones:-

  1. Warm Undertone- if you see your veins are green that means you are dusky and you have a warm skin tone.
  2. Cool Undertone- If you find your veins blueish or purple then you are fair and have a cool undertone
  3. Neutral Undertone- In the last category, it contains the characteristics of both.

2. Sun Test

You can also check your undertone with the sun. If your skin turns red that means you have a cool undertone and if your skin turns brown that means you have a warm undertone. With this process, you can determine your undertone.

3. Jewellery Test

Take two types of jewellery one is gold and the other one silver.

wear them on your wrist and observe which n looks better on your hand. If it is gold jewellery then your undertone is warm and if it’s silver then your undertone is cool.

These will help you to choose the right hair colour shade for your face.

Colour For Indian Skin Tone

Shades For Fair Skin Tone

1. Golden Ombre

If you want a touch of gold in your hair then this colour is a goal. This hair colour will not turn every strand into golden but a few of them, which will give your hair a new and transformed image. Golden ombre will look great on a white complexion and will even make it look better as it will complement the person who is fair.

2. Auburn

Get red-headed as you can rock this colour because it is different but not altogether. This will bring confidence to you as you got a change but not a noticeable one that ill take to adapt to the shade. It will trick people as it will look so natural and your skin tone would rock the loo. People with pale skin or redness can carry this shade with confidence as it will complement their skin tone.

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Shades For Dusky Skin Tone

1. Chestnut Brown

A shade that will bring the glow to your face a bit of red and brown feels like magic. The combination of this colour is loved by everyone as it looks so natural yet funky on hair. Also, it sits amazingly with the skin tone. So you have to make this colour your go-to. The best hair colour for the dusky skin tone.

2. Midnight Blue

Girls with dusky skin tones are not very sure about colours but mates trust us this blue will be your soul mate for life. The blue will be so pleasing to your hair and to your complexion that you would wanna keep it for decades. The colour is going to be booked after your name and will be like cinderella’s heels fit.


Which hair colour brand is best for Indian hair?

Brunette, Ash-blonde, Ash brown, Dirty blonde hair, Strawberry blonde hair, Godrej hair colour shades, Garnier hair colour shades

What hair colours suit Indian skin tone?

 Colours like navy blue, plum, and olive green will go amazing with the Indian skin tone.

What is Priyanka Chopra’s hair colour?

Her hair colour is naturally espresso brown. The whole procedure took four hours f seating to achieve this shade.

Does black hair colour look good on Indian skin?

Most Indian people have brown and black shades and it looks great on them.

What is wheatish skin tone?

It is a little dark than white like the colour of the wheat.

Which hair colour is most attractive?

According to the survey, the brunette is mostly liked by people.

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