15 Tips For Bride Grooming For This Wedding Season

Congratulation! You have finally met your dream guy who will sweep you off your feet. Well, that is easy. The real challenge is your wedding day when you will be photographed non-stop, and you would have sole responsibility to look good. No matter how heavy your bridal lehenga is or how much your bridal heels pinch you, you have no other choice than to smile. Well, girls, we understand your pain. So, to help you look your best on your big day, here we have listed down the 15 best bride grooming tips.

This wedding blog on bride grooming before the wedding will help accentuate all your marriage ensembles including bridal makeup and wedding hair up.

Bride Grooming Tips For Wedding

1. Mani-pedi session

Nail your look with well-groomed hands and feet. Right after the wedding reception, your hands will get all the attention. So, keeping your hands and feet primed with frequent mani-pedi sessions is highly advisable. You can book these bridal grooming services at home from Yes Madam.

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2. Watch what you eat

You need to fit perfectly into your bridal lehenga or wedding dress. Don’t let a little flab around your belly or thigh area ruin your look. No, we don’t suggest you go for a crash diet. Just consult a nutritionist to plan your diet so that you can cut on those extra inches and get the hourglass figure of your dreams.

3. Exercise regularly

It is one of the best wedding grooming tips for every bride and groom. Exercise regularly to flush the toxins out of your body and bring a healthy radiance to the skin! Gymming daily not only helps you achieve your weight loss goal but also promotes an overall wellness plan to enhance your bridal glow.

4. Book facial sessions

A facial is a basic beauty need that every Indian bride and groom should go for before the wedding. Regular facials help enhance the natural glow of the skin, extract blackheads and cleanse all the pores. You can go for berry bomb facials, ice cream facials or LED photo facials to get the bridal glow on your special day.

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5. Pre-bridal makeup with Yes Madam

No Indian bride would ever like to look ghastly on her wedding day. So, to avoid experimenting with your bridal makeup look and ending up with something ghastly, make sure to book Yes Madam’s pre bridal packages or trials of wedding make up at home for the bride. Our professional bridal makeup artist will help you experience your wedding makeup look in advance so that you may not suffer from a bad surprise on your actual day of marriage.

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6. Bride grooming products

Choosing the right cosmetics and skin care products plays a pivotal role in making your look. Using the wrong products full of toxic chemicals may result in skin burns, rashes, itching and other skin issues. Don’t experiment with new products for your wedding makeup. Always rely on your trusted brands only. Find out what is included in your pre-bridal makeup kit and inform your makeup artist about any ingredient you are allergic to.

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7. Massage for brides

A good massage session relaxes your body and makes you ready to put up with back-to-back wedding functions. With so much planning and preparation for your marriage functions, both the bride and groom get stressed and need a relaxing session to rejuvenate. In such a scenario, a hot stone massage, Potli massage or Thai massage can be your rescue. Massage therapy not just unwinds your exhaustion but also improves the skin texture.

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8. Take your beauty sleep

In all the hustle-bustle of wedding preparation, don’t miss to take your 8 hours of beauty sleep every night. Taking sound sleep is an essential bride grooming step for brighter eyes, healthier skin, and a relaxed mind.

9. Skincare routine

Your makeup is something that your guest will be talking about long after your marriage is over. So, you should give them something good to remember. Take pains to plan your skincare routine and stick to it to bring out a healthy glow on your wedding day. While CTM is the mantra of good skin, don’t miss adding an exfoliator and face mask to your weekly skincare routine.

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10. Bridal hairstyles with hair extensions

Hair is the crowning glory of your overall wedding look. You will never bear to end up with the wrong hairstyle on the most special day of your life. Don’t take hasty decisions when it comes to bridal hairstyles. Try different bridal buns, braids and other hairstyles you like to finalize your actual hairstyle for the wedding day. If your hair is short or thin and you are unable to make a choice, rather than compromising with a makeshift hairdo, opt for natural human hair extensions. Nah! It will not damage your natural hair.

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11. Female spa

While a spa is not indispensable for bride grooming, it is a good salon service you must get before your wedding. You can book a body and hair spa at home from Yes Madam to feel lighter and brighter.

12. Hair removal treatment

Who doesn’t want soft, smooth skin, particularly during the wedding ceremony and honeymoon period? So, to get rid of all your unwanted hair, book a full body wax and Brazilian wax at home with Yes Madam. You can book chocolate wax, less painful Rica wax or honey wax for hair removal.

13. Shape your brows

Why just shape your body? Shape your brows too. Your eyebrows are the focal point of your face. Arch them nicely to get a fuller and more dramatic eye look. So, tweeze and thread the extra hair to get your desired brow shape.

14. Bridal look trial

It is your day. You are the focal point of the wedding celebration. So, be sure to get the pro look from head to toe. Also, don’t overlook your comfort level. The look is important, but comfort comes first. So, have a bridal look trial for every tiny detail. Be it your bridal lehenga, wedding jewellery, bridal heels, or the hairstyle you will be wearing.

Wear your wedding dress and make sure it doesn’t itch and fits nicely to you. wear all your jewellery to check if it hurts somewhere. Try your heels over and above again and practice your walk until you get comfortable and confident in those heels. Remember, the wrong pair of heels is the worst thing that can ruin your day.

15. Bridal emergency kit

Last but not least once you are done with your wedding look, make sure to keep a wedding emergency kit handy with you for the needed touchups. It is indeed one of the most important brides grooming tips you must follow. These kits save your day from any sudden disaster like smudged mascara, blotted lipsticks, unruly hair, bad smell, unmanageable dupatta etc. You can keep anything in the kit you may need during the day but don’t miss to add safety pins, hair pins, perfume and cotton balls to it.

These are some of the best bride grooming tips for every bride-to-be.

Services included in a pre-bridal package and when to take bride grooming services?

Bridal ServicesWhen To Take
Threading4 to 6 days before the marriage
Body Polishing2 days before the marriage
Hair Spa7 days before the marriage
Bleach2 days before the marriage
Facial2 days before the marriage
Mani-pedi3-4 days before the marriage
Waxing7 days before the marriage
Hair extensionsDepends on the hair extensions choice

Where to get bride grooming services from?

We suggest you keep a few important points in mind before calling a bridal makeup artist or booking any bride grooming service for your big day.

  • Always go for a salon that a friend or a family member recommends.
  • A salon that has well-trained professionals with good reviews and ratings.
  • Of course, affordability is a prime point to consider. Don’t overlook it.
  • Look for home salon sessions. After all, why give yourself the extra stress of visiting a traditional salon when you can call a salon at home?
  • An at-home salon that liberates you to use your own beauty products and just pay for the services you take.

Your wedding day is at hand, and you don’t have time to research a good home salon? No worries! Call Yes Madam at home for all your bride grooming needs and just see yourself getting rejuvenated for your big day.

FAQs on Bride Grooming

How much does a pre-bridal package cost?

The cost of pre bridal package depends on the types of bridal makeup you choose for your wedding.

What are the different services included in a pre-wedding grooming package?

Pre-wedding grooming package includes several services. Also, you can get the add-ons as per your needs. The most common services are:
Body polishing

Is it necessary to get a facial or cleanup before the wedding?

Yes, to bring a healthy glow to your face on the wedding day and even after that, getting cleanup and facial services are a must for every bride and groom.

How many days before Should I take a pre-bridal package?

Consider getting pre bridal package at least a week before your wedding.

What is the correct order of makeup?


What should be a homemade skincare routine for a bride?

You can add an ubtan face pack made of turmeric, gram flour, curd, rose water and lime juice to your daily homemade skincare routine. This homemade face pack helps get rid of dead skin cells, remove tan and bring a natural bridal glow to your skin.

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