6 Simple Hand Care Tips for Soft & Healthy Hands

With a handshake or a friendly wave, our hands make the first impression, right? Therefore, we need a proper hand skin care routine to make the hands look impressive and feel soft.

Caring for your hands is not a difficult thing. You just need to know the best way of doing it. Therefore, we have sorted things out and got the best hand-care tips to help you level up the beauty game for your hands.

Hand Care Tips To Follow

With our below best hand care tips at home, you can give your hands the best care they need.

1. Moisturize Your Hands Timely

Every time you wash your hands or sanitize them, they take away the moisture in the skin. That does not mean you should not wash or sanitise your hands, but you must follow a proper daily hand care routine to control moisture loss.

The moisturiser will help you lock the moisture in and hydrate your skin deeply. The whiteness after the scratch on the back of your hands will no longer be a problem after applying the moisturizer.

Always carry a small bottle of moisturizer, so whenever you feel the need of applying it you can put it. Also, you need to apply it more frequently in cold weather. When you are buying the moisturizer, look for one with SPF 30+.

hand care routine
Moisturizing Hands

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2. Lighten Your Dark Knuckles Using a Hand Mask

Ahh, the dark knuckles. They are too frustrating. But using a hand mask can help you lighten your dark knuckles. You can prepare a hand mask at your home or buy a dark knuckle lighting cream.

For that, you need baking soda and a half lemon. Get the lemon and put the baking soda on it. Now rub it on the knuckle area for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, wipe it off with a clean cotton cloth.

You can also take 2 tablespoons of honey and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice. After mixing it well, you can apply it to the knuckle. It will also work like a wonder on the skin. 

You can make all these DIYs an essential part of your daily hand care routines at home to have soft and beautiful hands.

3. Wear Protective Hand Care Gloves While Doing Chores

House chores are countless and never end. So, the hand tip that works here is to always wear hand-care gloves while washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or anything else. These gloves will help prevent your skin from getting dry, callused, and cracked.

Wear rubber gloves while submerging your hands in water. Cloth gloves are the best option for light yard and gardening work. Also, try leather gloves for any kind of chore because they provide the best protection for your hands.

Hand Care Routine
Hand Care Gloves

4. Apply Vitamin E Oil To Moisturize Your Nails

While following a proper rough hand care routine at home, the nails also ask for intense care. Therefore, it is essential to moisturize the nails and the skin around them which is called cuticles. It is necessary to take care of your cuticles if you want pretty nails and healthy skin on the hands. So, each night, apply vitamin E oil to the skin around your nails.

You can also buy a specific cream to moisturize the cuticles properly. The reason is that skipping the cuticles can result in painful hangnails. A hangnail is a torn piece of skin next to a finger or toenail. 

hand and nail care
Oiling the Nails

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5. Do The Manicure Every Month

The manicure session will add more charm to your rough hand care routine at home. It will help you cleanse, exfoliate, and massage your hands, which results in gorgeous and soft hands. Doing a manicure yourself is not a big task. You need to follow all the instructions carefully to get the best results. 

But it can feel hectic doing a manicure yourself at home. Worry not! Here’s Yes Madam to help you provide best-in-class manicure sessions at your home by top-end professionals at the best prices.  

hand care tips

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6. Use A Dye-Free Ointment To Heal Cracked Skin

Because hands are often overlooked in the skincare routine, they are the most affected by skin dryness. It causes cracked skin, and you need an effective daily hand care routine

including ointment or a hand cream to fight this type of painful dryness.

The ointment will heal the cracked skin and keep it moisturized. Once you have applied the ointment, you no longer need to put on moisturizer. If you stop using ointment, you should get back to your moisturizer because it is essential in cold weather to apply it more frequently.

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Dos And Don’ts Of Hand Care

Use normal water to wash your handsDo not use hot water to wash your hands.
Use mild soap on your hands and work into a lather.Avoid running the water over your hands while lathering.
Dry your hands with a paper towel Don’t rush while washing your hands
Use hand moisturizer timelyAvoid leaving your hands dry


Here we have concluded that caring for your hands is equally important as our faces. For that, you need to add a proper hand care routine to your daily life. As you can see these hand care tips do not require major lifestyle changes. Therefore, you can start anytime.

To help you level up the beauty game for your hands, these hand care tips will guide you the best. Also, Yes Madam is here to help you in the hand care game with its manicure session at your home

Pro Tip: People who spend most of their time outdoors should apply sunscreen on their hands too. Also, apply the moisturizer on your hands before bed to keep them moisturized overnight.


How to get pretty hands?

You may get beautiful hands by following some efficient hand care tips and maintaining a healthy hand care routine at home. You may have attractive hands by using an excellent moisturizer, a hand mask, or even getting manicures regularly. With Yes Mam you can have a manicure just sitting at your home. 

How to soften hands overnight?

Softening your hand is not a magical process that happens overnight. It is a lengthy procedure that you may complete by following some efficient hand beauty tips. 

My hands are darker than my face – what to do?

Incorporate hand beauty tips such as SPF moisturizing, hand masks or hand cream into your daily hand care routine. You may also see a dermatologist for certain health issues, or you can start with a manicure with Yes Madam while sitting at home. 

How to take care of hands?

To care for your hands, wash them regularly with mild soap, moisturize daily to prevent dryness, and wear gloves when doing household tasks. Keep your nails trimmed and hydrated, apply sunscreen for sun protection, and stay hydrated by drinking enough water. You can also include a homemade DIY mask in your daily hand care routine. 

How to have healthy hands?

Following hand beauty tips, having a healthy diet, and constantly using sunscreen in your hand care routine can lead you to healthy hands. 

What does hand care mean?

Hand care means caring for your hands with all your attention and love like you do for your face. Also, keeping your hands hygienic and germs-free will fall into your hand-care routine.

Why is it important to take care of your hands?

The skin on the hands is more sensitive and relatively thin. Therefore, it is more prone to ageing than any other part of the body. Furthermore, this skin is more exposed to germs and other polluted items as they are used to doing all the chores throughout the day. The only way to protect your hands is to take care of them. Therefore, hand care is essential. Additionally, it contributes to the health and softness of your hands.

What does hand care include?

The most important thing in hand care is hygiene. The more you take care of hygiene, the more your hands will stay germ-free. But hygiene alone does not complete the hand care procedure. Wearing gloves while doing chores, keeping the hands moisturized, applying cuticle oil to the skin around the nails, and a manicure completes the hand care routine. 

How to take care of your hands naturally?

  •         Wash and cleanse your hands properly
  •         Wear hand-care gloves while doing your chores
  •         Moisturize your hands day and night
  •         Apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn or tanning
  •         Exfoliate your hands weekly

How can I moisturize my hands?

Before applying the moisturizer, wash your hands first. Now, let them dry and put on the moisturizer. Using your fingers, apply the moisturizer all over the back of your hands. Do not forget to apply cuticle oil around the skin of your nails.

What are the benefits of a hand care routine?

There are many benefits to a hand care routine. Some key points are here.

  •         It helps you get soft and healthy hands
  •         Prevents damage to your hands caused by daily chores
  •         It helps prevent the skin from getting dry, callused, and cracked

How to take care of our fingers?

Fingers are a part of our hands. We need to focus on caring for our hands efficiently, and all these hand care tips will help you take good care.

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