5 Must Get Pre-Wedding Beauty Services for a Bride

Ever since we start growing up and hit a certain age, we begin to imagine what our wedding day would be like. Irrespective of knowing who we’d be marrying, we plan everything like bridal lehenga, ornaments, bridal makeup, hairstyles, and other essential pre wedding beauty services. Not only this we also make a list of songs our friends and cousins would like to dance on. This shows how important a wedding is for all of us. A day that will be etched in our hearts, minds, and of course, photographs for the rest of our lives.

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So clearly, this special day demands a lot of beforehand planning for pre bride and amidst all this chaos you might happen to stress a lot and overlook your health which is one thing you absolutely cannot afford to do. Thus, to save you from that we have a pre-bridal list of all the pre-wedding beauty services that you must take months in advance to keep the skin glowing and relax yourself from all the stress.


1. Pre-Bridal Facial

Pre-bridal Facial
Pre-bridal Facial

Being the bride, you are going to be the centre of attention. All cameras and eyes are going to be on you, Yes! Not even your fiancé, it would be majorly on you. And we know you want your pre bride skin to be at its best. So, we have some pre bride tips for you. Pre-wedding facial can be the safest option here. Salons offer a number of facials depending on each skin type. You can pick the one that suits your skin the best at least 3 to 4 months in advance so that even if your skin reacts to it, it will have an ample amount of time to heal.

Yes Madam suggests you get LED facial to get that brightening glow you dream of. There are plenty of pre bridal facial kits to choose from like Diamond, Gold, Anti-Tan, or O3+ Signature Glow Facials. These wedding bridal packages can leave your skin with a radiating glow. So, start the pre-bridal face care, well in advance.

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2. Pre-bridal Waxing

Pre-bridal Waxing
Pre-bridal Waxing

Waxing is a necessity right before all the wedding ceremonies begin. The best option would be to go for RICA waxing, not only will it help in getting rid of body hair, but it will also pull out all the summer tan, and will leave the skin soft and supple.

There may be chances of you being caught up with all the never-ending occasions, thus the best time would be to get it done 3-4 days before the wedding day. Ditch shaving and only go for waxing as waxing has a longer effect than shaving.

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3. Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure and Pedicure

With Mehendi applied to your hands and legs, the focus unintentionally goes onto the hands and feet, and with everything else being top-notch how can we miss out on them? Your hands and feet must be well-groomed at all times and the ideal deal would be to take one Manicure and Pedicure session, once every 15-20 days.

Not only will it keep your hands and feet well maintained but it’ll also work as a great way to unwind amidst all the wedding hustle.

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4. Hair Treatments

Hair Spa

Ladies usually like to change their complete look by either going for highlights or trying a new Ombre shade right before their wedding day. If you are very sceptical about whether you’ll like the new shade or not, we’d recommend a Keratin Hair Spa to you. It won’t change the colour or the complete look of your hair but will instead give a new natural shine to them and will make them healthy and frizz-free. Pre bridal packages include a complete keratin spa treatment, so with just one click, you can easily have a hassle-free Spa like treatment right at your home.

5. Body Polishing

Body Polishing at home
Body Polishing

A tranquillizing spa-like experience with an added benefit of a reviving body scrub is all you’ll need right before the ceremonies kick start. Make sure you take a body polishing service, as it helps in removing dead skin cells, and dirt from the pores and also removes tanning. For fresh and soft skin, this is a must, especially for places where you can’t usually reach, like your back. And along with body scrubbing, the expert will also give you a calm and relaxing massage which will drive away all the stress and fatigue. So does this not sound like the ideal package?

And once all the preparations and relaxing are done, sit back and take a breather, cause it’s all going to be rocking and totally worth it. And to save you from any extra work like stepping out, waiting in queues, and then spending long hours in the parlours, Yes Madam will be at your rescue for all your pre wedding beauty services. The professionals will give you the best pre wedding beauty services right at your home, with utmost safety and hygiene. So now you can be stress-free and book your pre bridal package at the convenience of your home.

Pre Bridal Package at Yes Madam

Yes Madam pre wedding beauty services include threading, facials, cleanup, body polishing, waxing, pre bridal makeup and many other beauty services. so, what are you waiting for? This wedding season, get your best pre wedding beauty services at home from Yes Madam’s top-notch professionals.


What things a pre bridal package must include?

A pre bride must check that her pre bridal package includes these things
Threading – 4 to 6 days prior to the wedding
Bleaching – Get it 7 days before the wedding
Hair Extensions – To add more length, volume, and enthralling style
Hair Spa – This stress-relieving session will help your hair look shinier and healthier
Facial – 4 days before your wedding
Mani-pedi – Get it 7 days before your D-Day
Body Massage – Take 2 sessions at least and start the session 2 months before your D-day
Body Wax – Get it 7 days before your D-day

How crucial are pre wedding beauty services for a bride?

A pre-bridal is crucial for a bride like the wedding attire is vital on her D-day. A bride is incomplete without a pre-bridal package. Her skin must glow and beauty speak. A pre-bridal package helps the bride discover beauty by correcting dull skin by encouraging new skin cells to grow. Overall, it will furnish more than your expectations.

When should I start my pre-bridal package?

A pre bride must start the getting the wedding bridal package 2 months before her Big Day. Then your beautician or the professionals will advise you further.

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