Eye Makeup Hacks To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

Makeup is something that fixes your features according to the trend or your preferences. Girls usually like to have big eyes as eye makeup holds all the spotlight in your whole look. Having big eyes is a boon to girls as you can create any look and anything that satisfies you.

But this field has achieved a good level that makeup for small eyes is not difficult as it seems. Using a few tricks and trips one can achieve a perfect look. Now worrying about “how to make eyes look bigger” is not on the list of “issues in life”. Without further a do let’s skip to the good part.

Tips And Tricks For Small Eyes

1. Give Spotlight To Your Eye

Highlighter has a major role that it carries so much of benefits and advantages that it does not only helps in highlighting g your nose or your cheeks but also helps your eyes to give a bigger look. Just brush a little at your brow bone, the inner corners of your eyes, and the center of your lids to give you big and dazzled eyes.

how to make eyes bigger
Makeup tricks for small eyes

2. Shape Your Brows

Eyebrows are one thing that can show a major change in your face and can make you look a different person. The shape and thickness of your brows can make your eyes look bigger and finely shaped. If you don’t have thick brows you can create an illusion of it by filling them and giving final touches with the comb or a spoolie to make them look fuller. These are a few makeup tricks for the small eye. Such an illusion can create a big (eye) difference.

3. Cover Up Dark Circles

Concealing your dark spots or under your eyes makes a difference as it hides the shape of your eyes and does not make them look big and round enough. Covering dark circles also gives a face an instant glow and space to your eyes to make them look bigger.

4. Just Winged It

Wing eyeliner is a famous way of making eyes look bigger as it was used back in the 90’s too in the American and British cultures. Women used to highlight their eyes with a winged liner. This one technique helps your eyes look bigger naturally as most of the concentration goes to your eyes when you do a bold look. A Winged liner is the safest option for small eyes.

makeup for small eye
Makeup for a small eye

5. Curl Up Your Eyes Lashes

Curling up your lashes is important as the mascara makes them look fuller and big it should be lifted nicely. The extra volume given by curler or mascara is great for the small eyes as it gives a good look. Makeup for small eyes is not that difficult it’s just by following some tips and you are good to go with some great eyes.

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6. No Liner On Your Lower Lash Line

Covering your l.owr lash line can be a bad idea as it reflects small eyes and no other tricks will help you if you have applied anything to your lower lash. Leaving it as it is, is the best option. You can add some glitter or highlighter to your inner corners. That will help you immensely with the hooded eyes.


How to make your eyes bigger?

Follow these tips while doing makeup to make your eyes look bigger:-
1. Cover your dark circles
2. Add volume to your lashes with mascara
3. Apply kohl
4. Highlight your inner corners
5. Create your own crease
6. A thin eyeliner instead of thick

How do you make small almond eyes look bigger?

Apply some nude liner on the bottom waterline. It will help your eyes to look bigger and round in shape.

What exercises make your eyes look bigger?

Eyes taping can be one option as it stretches your eyes outwards.

How do you get pretty eyes?

Do proper skin care for your eyes. take proper sleep and leave the stress on the office table.

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