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Why Choose Yes Madam’s Pre Bridal Services at Home?

Ever heard of a pre-bridal package at home? That’s the package a bride must get before her big day. So, for all women who are looking for makeup and pre-bridal service at home, we have got you covered under our Premium Package and Luxury package.

Both our Premium and Luxury Packages include 3 types of pre-bridal packages along with Add-On fun. The only difference between both the packages is the price and types of products used.

Blush Bridal – Done in only 1 sitting just one day before marriage

Beloved Bridal – Done in 2 Sittings; the first 15 days before marriage and the next one day before the big day.

Forever Bridal – Done in 4 Sittings, one month, 15 days, 2 days and then 1 day before the wedding.

Being a bride, if you want something specific that our Pre bridal home services don’t include, you can go for ‘Add On’ and book any beauty service you want.

To know in detail about our at-home pre-bridal packages list with price, click here.

Get all done in the comfort of your home!

We have highly experienced and dedicated service providers to make you feel special and pampered on your wedding journey. We have premium and luxury packages that will cover you from head to toe to help you get the glow you dream of.

Our pre-bridal packages include everything a bride needs, ranging from Waxing, De-Tan, Bleach, Anti-Tan Facial, Brightening Facial, Keratin Hair Spa Treatment, Manicure, pedicure, Brazilian Waxing, and so on.

From the minute you book your bridal service from Yes Madam to your D-Day, our service professionals will coddle you with a series of body, hair, face, hands, and feet therapies. With all such pampering, you will look good and feel good like the modern-day bridechilla!

Let’s get ready for your Special Day!
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