Rica Wax v/s Normal Wax: Which is Better?

Are you also confused thinking a lot about which wax to choose – Rica Wax or Normal Wax? Don’t worry, here is a detailed description of which one you should go with.

Why Waxing?

Waxing is a method of removing unwanted hair from the body. While there are several hair removal methods available, waxing is the most opted form of hair removal in India and is claimed to be better than other methods like epilators, shaving, threading, or hair removal creams.

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When it comes to waxing, there are three major categories of waxes for hair removal available: flavoured, Rica, and normal wax. The former two are slightly on the higher side of price as they claim to do more than just hair removal. At the same time, normal wax is quite affordable and does the basic job of removing hair.

Let’s find out if Rica Wax is better than Normal Wax and how.

Rica Wax – A Detailed Overview:

Rica Wax

Rica is an Italian brand that is in operation since 1994 in the body care and haircare industry. Now, this is functional in more than 60 countries globally. Undoubtedly, this is an expensive option to wax your hair with, but one can’t also deny the fact that it is the mere smoothest option to get glossy skin. Also, you can book affordable Rica Wax from Yes Madam.

It is shocking, but it’s true. Rica is enriched with skin benefits and is a pain-free option for waxing. Generally, professionals and experts always suggest to their clients the Rica wax because it is an appropriate option for all skin types.

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Normal Wax – A Simple Introduction:

Normal wax

The first waxing in the beauty industry was Normal wax. We get it from the combination of lemon and sugar or sometimes honey. Chemical substances are also added to this waxing to make it ready for application. Thus, it is not advisable for sensitive skin. The reason behind this is the preparation that involves chemical substances. It contains natural elements too named sugar and lemon, or honey sometimes.

Still, it is not justified that we can use this wax for all skin types. The most exciting thing here is the pricing of Normal Wax. The price is extremely reasonable and fits in your pocket with zero stress on your shoulders.

Let us look into some of the benefits of Rica wax over Normal wax to determine which one’s better for you. Must read: Roll-on wax vs Hair Wax Strips

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Benefits of Rica wax

  • Works for usually all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin
  • No irritation or redness post-Rica waxing as it is colophony free
  • One application hair removal and no need for re-application
  • It slows down hair growth as it pulls out hair from the roots
  • Removes superficial tan and soft dead skin on the body
  • Less painful than waxing done using normal wax
  • Pre and post-wax oils in the waxing kit make the process simple and non-sticky

While normal wax also does the job pretty well, Rica does it better. Especially for those with sensitive skin types. Rica causes no irritation or stickiness post-wax and doesn’t dry out the skin. However, to make up your own mind on which wax to prefer, you need to look into your skin type, hair texture, and allergies (if any). And also, always do a patch test before trying out something new on your skin.

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Difference Between Rica wax and Normal wax.

ParametersRica WaxNormal Wax
EffectivenessRemoves hair from the roots painlesslyFull of pain, multiple applications are required, and still some hair left behind
SafetyBecause of no prior heating, it is 100% safeUsed after heating, chances of leaving burning patches on the skin
Type of skinIdeal for all skin types, dry or even sensitiveMerely for dry and normal skin
Side effectsNo side effects, unless used on the faceMany times, it results in side effects
PriceRica wax price is generally expensiveNormal wax price is inexpensive, a pocket-friendly option

Waxing is an ancient method of hair removal and thus, is very popular. But it also can be quite expensive in salons, especially Rica waxing. But why pay a fortune when you can get equally good services, or if I may say, even better for far less amount? And that too at the convenience of your own home! Yes Madam provides expert waxing services at home for as low as 50% of the market price.

All you need to do is download the Yes Madam App and select your location. Choose the services you want, add them to your cart, and then select your preferred slot according to the date and time. And voila! A service provider will be assigned to you in just a few minutes. Get Rica waxing at home with India’s safest and most affordable at-home service provider Yes Madam.

The Final Verdict

Pain in the waxing is a sure thing as the Sun in the sky. But good air conditioning and quality sunscreen prevent you from Sun’s harmful rays and damage.

In the same way, Rica wax is the ultimate choice in waxing that people enjoy in a less painful way, plus it is fruitful for the skin. It is a gentle waxing which leaves no side effects on your skin. Even it is more beneficial to reduce tanning and extract dead skin cells.

The verdict has made it clear which option is the best.  No matter which waxing you choose, don’t forget to consult your dermatologist before getting waxed and get the process done by an expert only.

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1. How good is Rica wax for sensitive skin?

Rica wax is chemical-free as it comes from glyceryl rosinate and vegetable oil. This quality makes rica wax ideal for sensitive skin. It is fruitful for all skin types.

2. What are the side effects of chocolate wax?

There are no side effects of chocolate wax unless you are using it for facial waxing. Even that is not a good idea because the skin on our complexion is too fragile. It needs gentle care, not waxing.

3. How to use Rica Wax?

1. Simply apply the pre-wax gel on your body to sway away the greasiness or sweat perfectly,
2. Then use rica wax after wiping the gel from your body
3. When you have wiped the wax, you should apply some oil to your skin to calm irritation.
These are simple steps you can apply to use rica wax for waxing. No rocket science one needs to apply, just read them and go with the flow. But calling a professional can make this experience worthwhile.

4. Is Rica wax for face a good idea?

Generally, it is your call to choose a waxing option for your facial hair. But if you go with experts’ suggestions, then rica wax for face is the appropriate choice. The reason is crystal clear as it is totally safe compared with any other waxing. Rica wax is also good for the face as it delivers a fairer and spotless glow.

5. How to remove rica wax?

Instructions to remove rica wax smoothly.
1. Get a cotton pad and dip that in heated olive or mineral oil
2. Place that pad on the wax for 2 minutes, and then it will start melting
3. Then you can wipe the residue with a clean cloth or clean cotton pad

6. Does waxing remove tan?

Waxing is impressive in reducing tan as it works wonderfully in eliminating dead skin cells. Consequently, a new layer is released that matches your skin tone perfectly. But not all waxing works the same.

7. What is the Rica waxing price in the parlour?

The rica wax price can be a bit expensive, but it is such a wax that is gentle for all skin types, dry or even sensitive. There is no need to visit a parlour, Yes Madam’s rica waxing at home services just cost Rs. 396/- for full arms + underarms. You can also explore full-body waxing services on our website/app.

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