Keep These In Mind When Going For COVID Vaccination

Don’t worry, this is not going to be another post telling you the same things like wear a mask, carry a sanitiser, etc. But in this article, we thought we would bring forward some of the easily forgettable things when going for vaccination.

Firstly, good job on registering for the COVID vaccination! You are taking a responsible step towards your health and others’ safety as well. If you haven’t registered yet, then we would humbly request you to please go ahead and do it. It’s our safest bet and we must do everything that we can to win against the virus. So, let’s straight away jump onto the pointers.

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Things to keep in mind for COVID vaccination appointment

While of course you must wear double masks, carry a sanitiser, and maintain social distancing, take care of the below-mentioned points as well.

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Do not wear any kind of jewellery

We all are tired of sitting inside the house and watching our favourite clothes and jewellery pieces just lying there in the cupboards. So the urge to dress up this one time you’re stepping out of the house is real but don’t. In fact, we would suggest taking off any kind of jewellery that you’re wearing even if you wear it always. The reason behind that is jewellery can be a major carrier of viruses and bacteria. It is best to avoid accessorizing when going to get vaccinated.


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Carry exact amount of cash

Many private hospitals or vaccination hubs that are charging for the shot are not accepting online payments. So if you are thinking of paying by Google Pay, PayTM, or Debit/Credit cards, that might not work. Carry the exact amount of cash with change so that there is no exchange of money. This will diminish the risk of contamination and also save time.

Carry a pen for documentation

You might be required to fill out some forms related to the vaccination procedure. So carrying a pen will come in handy and would avoid the risk of using someone else’s touched pen.

Wear something that is loose or sleeveless

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Since you will be jabbed in the arm, your clothing needs to be facilitating the job. The best choice is to wear something sleeveless or short/loose sleeves so that it’s easier to poke a needle. Otherwise, wearing loose clothes will also help because they can be adjusted easily.

Carry a water bottle along for vaccination

This is important. It’s a warm and dehydrating season, so drinking water is essential. And while you’re out, it isn’t safe to drink water from public coolers or borrow it from someone else. Also, there can be a waiting line for the vaccination, so carrying a water bottle will be good.


Keep in mind that drinking water in public areas is not safe as it would require you to take off your masks and shield. In order to be safe, try to move away from the crowd for a moment and then take off your protective gear. But instantly wear it after drinking water.

Wear easily washable clothes

After you come back from getting vaccinated, dump your clothes straight into the wash. Wear something easily washable so that there would be no risk of clothes being a carrier of the infection.

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Take a shower after vaccination

You must take a shower after coming back. Avoid touching anything after reaching home and straight away go to take a bath. This way there is no chance of the virus being carried into the house and residing.

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Also, don’t forget to sanitise small items such as your car keys, mobile phones, and other items that you carried with you for the vaccination.

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