Benefits of Nourished and Hydrated Skin

Hydration is an essential part of our lives. Have you ever gone too long without drinking water and felt the dehydration causing you trouble? We require hydration to function in everyday human tasks and for survival. Without hydration, the human body cannot survive for more than a couple of days. It’s because the human body is composed of up to 60% water. Hydration in your body not only enables the proper functioning of organs but also keeps your skin healthy. Here we will shed light upon the benefits of nourished and hydrated skin.

Hydration doesn’t only highlight the importance of drinking water, but also other factors. Our skin can be hydrated with other chemicals as well, such as moisturizers, serum, oils, etc. Drinking adequate amounts of water can become a bit of a task, which is why these chemicals can be used to act as hydrating agents for the skin.

Benefits of nourished and hydrated skin

Let us look into some reasons why investing time and effort in hydration is a good thing for your skin.

Makes skin less prone to acne

treat acne

Keeping your body hydrated flushes out unrequired toxins from your body. Along with that, a hydrated epidermis protects the skin from causing acne. Dermatologists suggest that the prominent cause of acne can be dehydrated skin. As dehydrated skin causes excess sebum production, it leads to pimples and other skin issues.

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Helps combat dryness & itchiness

Plenty of hydration can cure dryness in the skin. If you have used all kinds of moisturizers and still feel the itchiness and dryness, then you must be running low on H2O. Make sure to drink at least 2-3 litres of water every day. Another tip for hydration, don’t apply moisturizer on dry skin. Always apply your moisturizer on damp skin, it helps lock the moisture into your skin.

Hydrated skin looks supple & even-toned

even skin tone
even skin tone

No amount of skincare can help you achieve your goal of supple and healthy-looking skin without hydration. But hydration does not only include drinking plenty of water. Your skin needs more than that, only water cannot fulfil the thirst. In addition to that, include ingredients in your skincare that are known for hydration. Such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, lactic acid, and so on. These ingredients help your skin achieve a glow from within

Protects skin from premature ageing

premature ageing
premature ageing

Hydrated skin acts as a barrier between skin and wrinkles. If you are investing time and energy into keeping your skin hydrated, you will not have to worry about signs of premature ageing. Wrinkles and fine lines can be postponed by the simple magic of hydration.

Here’s how you can give your skin a boost of hydration- by getting a body brightener service once a month. This 7-steps procedure gives your body the deep nourishment and hydration it requires.

Sheet mask
Sheet mask

Another good way of achieving a boost of hydration is by using sheet masks. Sheet masks are filled with nourishing ingredients that give ample hydration to your skin in just 10-minutes!

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