Sheet Mask 101: How To Use, Benefits, etc

We can all agree that seeing those satisfying sheet mask videos has made us buy one or at least think about it. Sheet masks have become so loved, all thanks to the increasing popularity of Korean skincare. But the question arises: do you really know how to use them to get the best results? Let’s find out!

What is a sheet mask and how does it work?

A sheet mask is made up of a very thin sheet that’s formed by cotton fabric. The sheet is soaked in nutrition-enriched liquid or hydrogel, which we also call a serum, and packed for a single-time use only. This potent sheet comes in various serum choices depending on the likeness of the users.

The main focus of the mask is to provide a boost of hydration to the skin and nourish it. Also, its easy application makes it more likable. All you have to do is tear the packet open and apply the sheet on a clean face. Ideally, you need to keep it on for about 10-15 minutes as that’s how long it takes for the serum to get soaked into the skin. After that, you can just dispose of it and massage the remaining serum on your skin.

Top 3 benefits of a sheet mask

Here are some benefits you get from using sheet masks-

Hydration boost

We don’t realize how dehydrated our skin gets due to external factors such as pollution, weather, UV rays, etc. A sheet mask provides a boost of nourishment as it’s enriched with potent serums. It hydrates the skin in just a few minutes!


When I say pocket-friendly, I don’t just mean that it in a monetary way but also in the packaging way. Sheet masks are literally pocket-friendly as you can just grab one for the road and keep it in your pocket.

Also, they are economical as they usually range from ₹100-200 in India. You can use a sheet mask every week and that’s going to cost you much less than getting a hydrating facial once a month.

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Easy to apply

Sheet masks are so convenient to use. They come in mono-doses and help maintain hygiene in their use. You can pretty much use a sheet mask any time of the day you feel like it. You could be doing house chores with a sheet mask on, you could be working on your laptop with the mask on. Easy!

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Is sheet masks good for oily skin?

Contradictory to the common belief, hydration is very important for oily skin as well. Oily skin means excess sebum production which can be triggered by dehydration. For oily skin, one can choose a sheet mask with natural ingredients such as neem, tulsi, aloe vera, tea tree, etc. These ingredients also help acne-prone skin as they are well-known to fight acne-causing bacteria.

Things to keep in mind while using a sheet mask

  • Always apply the mask on a clean face. Make sure to use a gentle cleanser for cleansing. Also, check the ingredients of the cleanser and the mask to make sure they don’t clash with each other. Ingredients that compliment each other would provide the best results.

  • Apply the mask on slightly damp skin. To achieve this, don’t pat dry your face with a towel after cleansing. Just remove the excess water with your hands and let it dry a bit, not fully. This way you will achieve damp skin that will soak in serum better.

  • Avoid leaving the sheet mask on for more than 20-minutes, unless it says so in the instructions. So you have only about 20 minutes to click cute, pouty selfies with the mask on!

  • Do not wash your face after removing the mask. Let the serum get totally absorbed into your skin by massaging it gently with clean hands.

  • To get the best results with glowing skin, choose a sheet mask that matches your skin requirements. If you have dry skin, choose a nourishing mask, if you have dull skin, choose a brightening mask, and so on.

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