Manicure and Pedicure: Everything You Need to Know

You are regularly visiting the salon for hair care, face care and body care. Your face is glowing, your hair is lustrous and your body is radiant. But are your hands and feet as glowy as other parts of your body? Do you also book regular manicure and pedicure sessions? If not, then you’re missing the amazing benefits of manicure and pedicure. As much as our bodies, our hands and feet also deserve the same level of care to be in their best shape. They come across germs, and pollution as compared to other body parts. So the nails often get brittle, the dirt accumulates under the nails and suffer from fungal infections or calluses. These self-care rituals make your nails look polished while also keeping various health concerns at bay. Want to know what are the advantages of mani-pedi? Just read on for a comprehensive guide: 

What is a Manicure and Pedicure?

A manicure is a cosmetic treatment for the hands wherein the nails are filed, shaped, and often painted. But that’s not it! The extensive version of hand care also includes exfoliation, moisturising, hand massage, cuticle care and nail art. A pedicure focuses on the toenails and feet. The expert pampers and cares for your toenails and the skin of your feet during pedicure by massaging the toes, filing, shaping and trimming the nails and removing rough patches and hard skin. So it’s safe to say the advantages of mani-pedi go beyond aesthetic enhancement and also promote good hygiene and better skin health.

Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure

The health benefits of pedicures and manicures extend beyond the visible beauty of well-kept hands and feet. Let’s find them out:

Healthy Hand and Feet

Regular manicures and pedicures are the best treatments to prevent nail diseases, keep nails healthy and minimise the risk of fungal infections as they help you keep the hands and feet clean and smooth. These sessions also include massage of the hands and feet, which enhance blood circulation, reduce tension, and keep joints active. It feels relaxing and also reduces pain if there’s any.

Keep You Groomed

We all should invest in being well groomed, and mani-pedi exactly does that. Wrinkly hands and toes, hard patches of skin, and skin issues never look good on anyone. Pedicures prevent various foot problems, such as calluses, that can lead to mobility issues if left untreated. The removal of dead skin and the deep cleaning of hands and toes during mani-pedi also prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.


Is there anything better than enjoying a relaxing mani-pedi session under the guidance of a professional after a long day or week? There’s nothing as cosy as an unwinding session receiving hand and foot massages or spa. It’s truly a blissful experience. 

Different Types of Mani-Pedi Treatments

Several types of mani-pedi benefit individuals in various ways. It’s time to explore them: 

Waterless Mani-Pedi

As the name suggests, you enjoy all the benefits of manicure treatment and pedicure without submerging your feet and hands in water. The best thing? It’s believed to last longer than the regular mani-pedi sessions. 

Suitable for skin type

Though anyone can benefit from a waterless mani-pedi, it’s the best for people with dry skin.

Skin concerns it targets

Cracked heels, corns, dead skin cells, calluses

Classic Mani-Pedi

You can get your nails soaked, cleaned, clipped, shaped, painted, and polished in a classic mani-pedi. It’s perfect for those looking for straightforward nail maintenance without too much fuss.

Suitable for skin type

Every skin type

Skin concerns it targets

Poor blood circulation, uneven nails, congested skin, fungal infection, dead skin cells

Sara Mani-Pedi

When you’re in the mood for a more luxurious mani-pedi, this is your solution! From soothing the skin to hydrating the skin of hands and feet and helping you feel refreshed, it offers a truly relaxing experience.

Suitable for skin type

Every skin type including sensitive skin

Skin concerns it targets

Dry skin, uneven nails, congested skin, fungal infection, dead skin cells, calluses

O3 Mani-Pedi

Get rid of dirt, toxins, calluses and corns all the while improving skin texture, smoothening it, hydrating the skin, making it firmer and keeping nails clean through O3 mani-pedi.

Suitable for skin type

Every skin type

Skin concerns it targets

Dry skin, uneven nails, congested skin, fungal infection, dead skin cells, calluses, corns, uneven skin tone, loose skin, wrinkles

Ice Cream Pedi

A delightful twist on the traditional manicure and pedicure, this treatment uses an ice cream ball soak to create a thick, creamy lather that smoothens the hands and feet.

Suitable for skin type

Every skin type, including sensitive skin

Skin concerns it targets

Dry skin, toxin accumulation, congested skin, cuticle infection, dead skin cells, calluses, corns, uneven skin tone, tanned skin

How to Prepare for Your Mani-Pedi?

While the manicure and pedicure sessions under expert guidance ask you for no preparation as the entire care solution is their responsibility, the only precaution you can take is skipping shaving or waxing your legs 24 hours before a mani-pedi consultation to prevent irritation. If you get any sudden cuts or sores before the session, it’s advised to reschedule the treatment. Also, think about the kind of service you want, and communicate any skin concerns to your technician for the best health benefits of manicure and pedicure. 

Aftercare of Manicure and Pedicure

We all want our mani-pedi to last as long as possible. To extend the life of your mani-pedi, avoid harsh chemical application on nails, hands and feet, use as little water as possible, and stay away from harsh activities that pose a threat to the nails. You can also apply cuticle oil daily to nourish and protect your nails while keeping them shiny.

How Long Does Your Manicure & Pedicure Last?

The longevity of your manicure and pedicure can be around two to four weeks.

Get Manicure Pedi Services at Home with YesMadam

While there’s no shortage of mani-pedi salons that ask you for physical visits, there’s nothing like the convenience of YesMadam’s mani-pedi service at home. YesMadam offers professional mani-pedi services that can be booked as per your schedule and comfort, ensuring a salon-quality experience in the privacy of your home. With us, you can skip the hassle of traffic, running around the city amidst heavy pollution, and the risk of damaging your nails while returning home from treatment. You just need to book our experts from our app or website and relax knowing the beauticians will be at your place at the recommended time with their mani-pedi kits where the client’s safety gets the most attention. So book your salon at home today! 


Are manicures and pedicures safe?

Yes. Manicures and pedicures are safe when performed by a professional using proper tools and techniques.

How can I make my manicure or pedicure last longer?

You can make your manicure or pedicure last longer by avoiding hot tubs or pools, wearing a top coat on nails, keeping hands and feet moisturised, and being away from the sun.

Is it safe to get a manicure/pedicure during pregnancy?

Yes, manicures and pedicures are safe during pregnancy and also great for keeping the mother relaxed and rejuvenated.

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