Do’s And Dont’s After Body Waxing

Introduction – Hair Free Is Carefree

With the new year around the corner, you must be looking forward to meeting all your near and dear ones and sharing happiness and joy with them. In the season of parties, everyone wants to look their finest despite the uncomfortable, freezing weather situations endured by our skin. Winter calls for protected and covered bodies. We do not show or expose many parts of the skin, so we tend to sideline waxing and shaving. It does not have to be this way at all! Winter is as good a time as any to have a waxing procedure done. With high-quality products like Yes Madam range of body waxes, you can attain flawless, smooth, and shiny skin with the least pain.

As waxing can have adverse effects on people if it is not done in the proper manner. Hence, it becomes very crucial to hire experienced professionals to wax your hair since it can leave a negative impact on your skin. Waxing can have different effects on different types of skin. The professionals are well thorough with the medications, tips, and tricks to pacify the side effects like redness, bumps, itching, and many more. You may feel that Ingrown hair is only linked to shaving but you will be surprised to know that this is just a myth. If you do not pull the wax strips in the opposite direction of hair growth then you may notice undesired ingrown hair. It is possible to have an allergic reaction to some waxing products. Performing a patch test or taking oral medications like cetirizine can reduce these unwanted reactions. If you try to do waxing at your home, you may expose your skin to bleeding or infections too. Using the facial wax over cuts or over-sensitive areas can lead to scars which can further lead to an infection. Waxing is one DIY beauty therapy that is better left to the professionals. You can explore the YesMadam website for brilliant, affordable, and hassle-free beauty care services as well as waxing services at home.

Now, you must have got a fair idea of why is it important to hire professionals to wax your hair. Let us have a look at Dos and Donts after body waxing to eliminate the side effects of waxing.



Do's And Dont's After Body Waxing
Exfoliation is important

Post waxing, dirt, and dust settle in the open pores clogging them. To avoid this, you must exfoliate the niche which has been waxed with the help of a scrub. The scrub will help you in brushing through the pores and opening them for the hairs to be pulled. This will also assist you in keeping your skin free of harshness.


If you have hypersensitive skin which is prone to developing redness and bumps post-waxing then you must resort to oral medications before waxing. Remember, skin can become more sensitive during periods. Hydrate your skin and apply astringent or aloe vera to cool down the allergic reactions on the waxed site.


Do's And Dont's After Body Waxing
Apply skin Moisturizer

Before hitting your next appointment, make sure that your hair has grown out to the correct length is about ¼ to ¾ inch long.


Wear cotton panties on the day you get bikini wax that will allow air to circulate. They are more comfortable and allow your skin to breathe properly.


Although waxing may seem to be an easy to perform beauty treatment, it is not worth taking a risk. You should head to professionals to avoid ingrown hair or any other post-waxing allergies.



no shaving
Say no to shaving

shaving can interrupt your hair growth cycle and make your next waxing appointment a hell of a ride. Avoid shaving in between your waxing appointments.


Do's And Dont's After Body Waxing
Waxing service at home

Scratching the area that has been waxed can irritate the new skin and increase the chances of infection and redness. To minimize itching, use moisturizers after waxing to hydrate your dry skin.


body waxing
Avoid swimming after waxing

Post waxing, you may want to flaunt your skin in the swimming pool or hit a spa for rejuvenation. But, you should step back from using sauna, hot baths, or swimming to avoid aggravating your sensitive skin. The less you sweat, the less your pores will open up, and you will be less likely to experience rashes.


Post-wax tanning may cause sunburn. Waxing removes the top layer of dead skin cells making your skin more exposed to the harsh conditions of the environment. Hence, refrain from using any oil-based or tanning products after waxing.


Do's And Dont's After Body Waxing
Don’t use perfume right after waxing

Yes, asking you to stay away from perfumes may sound absurd, but, keep in mind, that it is for your own benefit. As the skin is already highly sensitive post-waxing treatment, using perfumes can irritate it further.

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Post wax care is very crucial as any negligence during that phase can lead to serious implications like swelling, redness, and bumps. Waxing is a financial investment. You would not eat in a fancy and expensive restaurant just to have acidity when you come back home. In a similar way, why expose yourself to pain after spending money and time on a waxing session. You need to follow the aftercare advice so that you get the best possible experience. The skin should be taken care of for around 24-36 hours following the waxing appointment to ensure the best and irritation-free results. It is all about prevention and maintenance helping your skin recover and rejuvenate. Explore the services at YesMadam to treat your skin with a hassle-free and refreshing waxing schedule. Ranging from chocolate wax to Rica wax, you can choose from combo packs too that contain waxing, bleaching, threading, and Brazilian wax. By taking care of your skin post-wax appointment, you will be overwhelmed by the amazing results.

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