Body Polishing: Ways To Have A Glowing Skin For A Bride To Be!

A wedding is the much-awaited and special moment of any girl’s life. This is one of those days of her life when she is the center of attraction. While ornaments and designer attires play a vital role in deciding the look for D-day these are just the add-ons. Flawless and glowing skin can prove to be a reward to boost your entire bridal look. It’s true that makeup can add extra sparkle and shine to the whole affair, but there is nothing as easy as radiating skin.

But like all good things, getting the wedding glow on your face will take extra effort and care. After all, a pre-bridal skincare regime demands you to go beyond your regular skincare routine. The early bird catching the worm fits perfectly in this scenario. You need to kick start your bridal skincare routine months before your special day as it is a slow process. Various skin conditions like dry patches, sunburn, acne, and pigmentation take a long time to be completely treated and for your skin to actually start showing results.

Body Polishing: Ways To Have A Glowing Skin For A Bride To Be!
Pre bridal Body polishing

We know how occupied you are with managing the wedding, so we will not ask you to make extreme modifications. Simple and easy adjustments to your daily way of life and beauty regime will help you get that special glow. The bride-to-be must opt for pre-bridal beauty treatment. One can also opt for body polishing. Body Polishing detoxifies and soothes mind-body-spirit, pampering the body to provide one of the most luxurious, refreshing & relaxing experiences.

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Everyone wishes they had glowing, spotless skin on their big day, especially when getting married. To make it easy for you, we have jotted down important points worth considering when thinking about getting perfect glowing skin. So, let us get started!

Body Polishing service at home
Scrubs for body polishing
  • Hit the massage bar to get the desired skin. Ayurveda believed that certain oils used in body massaging can amplify your treatment to cure certain skin issues like tanning. Oil massages are a great way to provide deep relaxation and work as a natural skin illuminator.
  • What you eat is what your skin is. Be very mindful of what you consume during the days before your special day to void any allergic reactions or side effects. Avoiding spicy food, tea or coffee can be a great idea. If you have oily skin then having oily food just before your wedding ceremonies can prove to be a bane for you. Include vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants in your diet.
  • Drink plenty of water and juices to keep yourself hydrated. It is recommended to add plenties of fruits and green, leafy vegetables to your diet to maintain your healthy skin. Do not be mindful only about food but also keep all the worries at bay as they can aggravate your skin issues like acne.
  • Trust us when we say that sleep is everything. Get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep to shut doors for dark circles. You need to relax as much as you can before your D-day to maintain an energetic and smiling face.
  • Avail manicure and pedicure services at home, also body polishing services at home. Check out the Yesmadam website for the most amazing and best in town services. YesMadam offers a range of services for the brides to be to choose from. Starting from Softening the crack heels to Exfoliating the layers of dead skin on hands and feet, the Yesmadam Margherita Detox Mani-Pedi combo is all at your service. Serviced in detailed five steps, the cappuccino body polishing deal by YesMadam promises effective lightening, brightening and hydration of your skin. Instead of opting for regular face grooming services at your nearest salon, opt for professional skin treatments like body polishing, brightening clean up and de tan services. These can prove to be fruitful in dealing with various skin issues like pigmentation, tanning and others. Speak to the experts if you have any specific skin issues prior to treatment so that they can advise the best go-to service for your skin type. You do not want to change between salons just days before your special day, hence stick to a service provider and let the products do wonders on your skin.
  • Apart from the deep cleaning and body polishing services, make sure that all the dirt and pollution are far away from your skin as they may lead to undesirable acne breakdowns. If possible, you should conduct a thorough clean up of your face at least once a week.
  • The last thing a bride would want around her wedding day is eye bags around her eyes. The eye youth therapy is at your rescue to save your nightmare from turning into a reality. To get the best results from this therapy, the recommended frequency is once 15 days for a minimum of 8 sittings.
  • Last but not the least, stop using chemical products on your face. It will lead to all the detox obtained by the services going in vain.
Body Polishing service for brides to be
Body Cappuccine Body Polishing


Your big day is around the corner and it is your time to rise and shine. Special days like these call for special arrangements. Apart from deciding your couture, wedding venue, and other festivities, you must take special and extra care of your skin. Someone correctly said that You feel good when you look good. Nothing beats healthy glowing skin that shines from within, not even a million-dollar professional makeup. No doubt, makeup has the power to make you look like the most beautiful bride on earth but it is the real glow of the bride and her broad smile that makes her shine bright. The pre-wedding skincare routine is the best way for you to achieve the skin of your dreams.

So, it is your chance to put in the extra effort and pamper your skin to let it shine like a diamond on your wedding day!

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