13 Nail Care Tips You Can Follow At Home

Amid the worldwide pandemic, even after vaccinations, new variants of the virus keep popping up now and then. It is not predictable when the world might shut down, and everything comes to a standstill in these trying times. As one has to take better care of their mind and body, starting with your hands, the most representative part of your body after the mask situation, you can have excellent nail care at home without breaking the bank. It doesn’t matter if you are the type of person who is obsessed with your nails or you paint them as a part of your attire or for religious purposes with the overextended use of handwashes and sanitisers and not being able to visit a parlour Yes Madam brings the parlour at home, they provide expert services with manicure-pedicure at your home with expert stylists who will take care of you, in contradiction with that you need to take better care of your nails at your home, here are some tips you need to follow;

1. Washing Hands Frequently:

nail care tips you can follow at home

In these trying times, washing hands is a way to keep yourself safe and wash away the dirt and grime. Thoroughly wash your nails and remove the left-over polish with an acetone-free polish remover. If you don’t have that, you can use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitiser, which are more easily accessible nowadays. Make sure to keep your hands and nails clean to avoid infections.

2. Health Over Beauty:

Having a set of long nails looks tempting, but if someone suffers from broken nails or hangnails daily, doctors advise them to keep them short for healthier nails.

3. Sanitization Of Tools:

nail care at home

The tools you frequently use, like files or nail clippers, or even make-up brushes for maintaining your nails, should be sterilised frequently to avoid infections and other transferable diseases, especially if you share your tools with your family or flatmates.

4. Gloves Are A Must-Have:

If you do your household chores single-handedly, like washing dishes or dusting the furniture, you should always wear some protection like gloves. If you don’t have gloves at your disposal, find a polythene bag and wrap it around your hand for a DIY makeshift protection gear for your hand and nails. It protects your nails and cuticles from dust or harmful chemicals of dish wash gels, etc.

5. Better Dietary Choices:

nail care tips you can follow at home

Switching to protein-rich food instead of takeouts or fast food, extra supplements like fish oils, eggs, salmon, sweet potatoes, and other supplements can strengthen your nails by quite a bit. In addition, these food contain keratin, which helps strengthen your nails and improves your hair quality.

6. Caution Of Product Usage:

Generic nail polish spirits contain acetone which is very harmful to your nails. Cheap nail polish can also harm your nail health very much. When you shop for nail polish, try out the botanica nail paints from Yes Madam and their manicure-pedicure at-home kit, which are made without any harmful chemicals for your utmost care and safety.

7. Proper Hydration:

Besides having a proper diet, you should consume a proportionate amount of water to prevent your nails from going brittle through a lack of moisture.

8. Supplements:

Vitamin H and b7, also known as biotin, helps strengthen the hair and nails and its water-soluble. You can take it daily but consult your physician before consuming any supplements.

9. Anti-Oily Texture Beauty Products:

nail care tips

Suppose you have an oily scalp and counteract it with a dry shampoo to reduce the oily texture of your scalp. However, it can make your nails brittle and susceptible to broken nails.

10. Consultation From A Dermatologist:

If your treatments are not working, consult a dermatologist for a checkup to look up what suits you more than others. They can also prescribe vitamins diets based on your body preferences

11. Breaking The Habit:

Suppose you have a bad habit of constantly going ham on your cuticles both consciously and unconsciously or biting your nails during a stressful or nervous situation. In that case, that’s both unhygienic and vulgar and also not good for your nails. If you are having trouble eliminating this habit, chewing on a piece of gum frequently might help. You won’t reach for your cuticles if your mouth is already busy with the gum. You can do it until you have broken the habit. It might take a couple of weeks or a month. Still, you will come out conquering your bad habit.

12. Go With The Tools:

Imagine you work around your kitchen or have airtight containers in your home. In that case, you can recall trying to pry open your jars with your nails and giving up and going for a prying tool instead; skip the first part from now and reach out for a prying tool like a chisel or buy one from your local hardware store. It will save your nails and you from the pain caused if you accidentally turn the nail while trying to pry open a jar of juicy pickles.

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13. Nail Art:

Try to abstain from your love for nail arts a bit; give your nails some rest before you try on to the next art. It can be tempting to try out different forms of pretty combinations but give your nails a well-deserved rest for a weekend like your hair. Extensive treatments and colouring your hair frequently can lead to hair damage. The same thing applies to your nails; extensive nail art can harm your nails.

You can try these basic and inexpensive nail treatments at home for a healthier, stronger, beautiful set of nails. You can shape them to your liking, polish them, but most importantly, keep them healthy. Take caution and check every detail of the polish or the polish remover before applying, or you can also use Yes Madam‘s range of colourful nail polish. This botanica series comes with exciting offers, such as purchasing a set of four botanica nail paints and getting an extra two for free from the company.

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