10 Great Tips To Take Care Of Chemically Treated Hair

We all love to experiment with our hair once in a while, whether it’s getting a new funky color, getting our hair straightened, or even a keratin treatment. While they may help us get a fresh and new look we do tend to forget the damage they can leave behind. It’s okay to try out new looks but taking care of your hair should also be a part of the whole process. Often, it becomes a little tough to hit the salons or, maybe you are unsure of what you can do at home or by yourself before you get the chance to book an appointment. You do not have to worry though because we have listed down a few tips you can follow to take care of your chemically treated hair and revive its natural texture and shine!

Hair Care Tips for Chemically Treated Hair:

Here’s a list of all the tips you can follow to keep your locks healthy always!

Hair Masks

hair care tips to take care of chemically treated hair
Apply Hair Mask

Give your gorgeous locks a little bit of love and care by including hair masks in your hair care routine. You can find a wide range of products that will fit your hair type with ingredients catered to your hair’s concerns. They are your absolute best friends because they keep your hair healthy, strong, and shiny. Perfect best friend material right? Trust us on this one because once you start using them you will not want to stop ever.

Choose The Right Shampoo And Conditioner

 We cannot stress this enough! No matter what your hair type is, pick the one that is created for your needs. There are variations with respect to hair types and texture, concerns, chemical treatments, and so on. So, do not hesitate to research and fill your carts up with the right products because your hair will give out a happy cry for this!

Say No To Everyday Hair washes

Do not do Everyday Hair washes
Do not do Everyday Hair washes

Washing your hair certainly feels good because it makes you feel quite fresh but it does more harm than good. Unless you really require it, tone down the hair washes a couple of times a week or every alternate day. We want to retain the natural oils and moisture of our hair and not strip them off which will leave them dry and prone to more damage. This is especially important when you have chemically treated hair.

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Your Hair Needs SPF too!

Just like your skin, you need to protect your strand from the harsh rays of the sun to prevent even more damage. Use a UV rays protectant spray or stylish headwear to ensure your locks remain safely away from the sun

Don’t Let Go Of Your Regular Trims

Regular Trims
Regular Trims

Chemically treated hair is prone to damage and even stuff like dry ends or split ends which we definitely do not want. Ensure you hit the salon for regular trims to keep your hair healthy and prevent it from getting weak and brittle.

Shy Away From Heat

We all love our flat irons and curling irons especially when we are about to have a bomb night out. But, do avoid using them and let your natural hair shine its way out into the spotlight. Since you already have chemically treated hair, adding in more heat can create damage and cause your hair breakage. So, try to minimize their use and make sure you use proper heat protectants when you do decide to use your tools.

Hair Spa Is Your Saviour

Hair Spa
Hair Spa

Hair spa is really the savior for chemically treated hair. Rather than spending a lot of time on our hair, a hair spa is the best way to enjoy the most luxurious and glossy hair. All you have to do is sit back and relax and let the professionals work their magic on your hair! Try to fit in one or two sessions in your busy schedule and see the wonderful results

Hot Or Cold? Lukewarm, They Said

Extreme temperatures can be damaging for your mane and we don’t want that, right? Although they can feel very relaxing and hard to miss out on, do it for your hair. Hair washes with lukewarm water make sure your locks don’t run dry and do not strip out the natural oils from your head. Lukewarm water is said to be the perfect temperature as it is not very harsh by being on either side of the extreme spectrum.

Night Time Protection

It’s the end of the day but your hair care does not end here though! Before you sleep, make sure your pillow covers are made of materials like silk or satin as they don’t create friction or get your hair tangled into knots. It is also a good way to prevent any further damage as you never know when you tug your hair hard in your sleep. Also, it is recommended to wear them in a loose hairstyle like a braid instead of a bun or not tying your hair at all as it prevents any hair breakage from taking place.

Eat Healthily

Eat healthy food
Eat healthy food

Getting the right amount of nutrients is very important. Cut down on junk food as much as you can and include more healthy foods that benefit your hair like proteins. Eat loads of fruits and vegetables and always stay hydrated to keep your hair hydrated and full of moisture. Whatever you eat will definitely reflect on your hair and body so it’s never too late to be extra cautious!

Well, you already know the drill now, of taking care of your chemically treated locks! Confident that you will be able to manage your mane healthily and keep them strong, shiny, and glossy? Want to give yourself a new look? Try out Yes Madam’s hair color services and other hair services. Want to know about a good keratin hair spa near me? You are at the right place! We have a varied range of hair services that you can check. Don’t worry because you are in the hands of trusted and experienced professionals who will take care of your lovely hair carefully. Book your home appointments now!

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