Do’s and Don’ts Of Shaving For Men

Beard has been a new trend and boys and men are in love with it. A clean shave look has still topped them all, be it a french shave, mustache, or anything. Clean shave has rocked the parameter of making men smart and confident.

There are lots of questions about how to shave your face without cutting yourself and how to shave on acne-prone skin and whatnot. To CLEAN all that doubts about clean shaving we got your back. From now “how to shave perfectly” will no longer be a question.

Your shaving style can also affect your skin’s health as it is required to give your face a good cleanse so that your skin can breathe. To all beard lovers, it is really important for your skin to give a break from the heaviness.

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How To Shave Perfectly-Tips and Tricks

1. Prep Your Face

Start with cleaning your face with lukewarm water and make sure you clean it thoroughly and get rid of dirt from your face. Prepping your skin will help you in smooth shaving as it will get easier for you to manage hair across blades.

Man shaving his face
Man shaving his face

2. Get Your Tool Right

Always clean your blades before using and never leave the uncovered as they can grab germs and can lead to infections. You the blade which you are comfortable with and have hands set on it. Never switch to different products as that can increase the chances of getting cuts and wounds.

3. Choose Your Direction Wisely

People think that their beards grow in a single direction but this is not true. Your hair can be grown in any direction and to maintain the best shave you have to follow the directions and always have to keep this in mind never use harsh tools on your face.

4. Water Matters

The right amount of water at the right temperature matters a lot as it should be lukewarm. The lukewarm water promotes a good shave and helps you to get a safe shave.

Tips And Tricks For Acne Prone Skin

Shaving with the grain's direction
Shaving with the grain’s direction

For acne-prone areas, one has to be very vigilant as it can burn your skin. The area should be protected with oil before shaving just so that it does not burn or reacts badly to the foam.

One can start shaving their face with a wet shave as it helps with smooth shaving and leads to good results. For better results, you can apply shaving foam with the brush on the prone areas that will help you with sensitive skin.

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After a few weeks, you will see the results and you will get better skin. Adapting a wet shaving routine makes a lot of difference to your skin and you will find it a better way of doing the job.

How can a guy make shaving easier?

Using a wet shave routine and after balms can make things easy. Also, don’t forget to shave according to the direction of your grains.

How do you properly shave your beard?

Good shaving can be achieved with proper steps that start from prepping your skin for a shave and running in the direction of the grains. Through this, you can achieve the look.

Is shaving good for your beard?

Yes, as it promotes healthy, smooth, and glowing skin and also helps the skin to breathe a little.

When should a guy shave his beard?

It is up to you and your personal choice. You can also do it once a week or once a month.

With all these tricks and tips you will definitely notice the change in your skin and the improved texture. After whole this, you probably got your questioned answer of “How to shave like a pro”.

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