Fermented Rice Water’s skin and hair benefits!

It is a well-known fact that natural methods are way better than cosmetic treatments on hair, which makes the fermented rice water benefits for hair care a popular one. Rice water is a remedy with many uses for skin, face, and even hair with excellent and noticeable results. This method is popular among the women of Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, India, and so on since rice is a staple diet in these countries and has proved to be an excellent natural remedy for skin and hair care. The use of fermented rice hair and skincare originates from thousands of years ago by the Yao woman of China who used it as a face cleanser and shampoo, which slowly got famous worldwide throughout the ages to our current date.

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What is fermented rice water?

Rice water is the starchy-filled white liquid that ascents to the highest point of the pot while cooking or washing rice. The fermented rice water also nourishes and adds to the advantages of rice water. To age the water, let it rest until it turns somewhat sour.

What are the benefits of fermented rice water?

Fermented rice water is considered one of the best natural remedies for skin care. It nourishes, improves, tones, and heals skin conditions such as flakiness and dryness and works on repairing dead ends and strengthening them. It can also be added as a part of your regular skincare routine as a tone and cleanser, which will do wonders for your skin.

How to prepare Fermented Rice Water?

Now one might ponder whether fermented rice water should be prepared at home or the market products will be better. But worry not, because making it at home is completely safe, easy, and accessible.

There are mainly two ways of preparing fermented rice water that are listed below.


This is considered the fastest method to make rice water.

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To utilize this strategy:

  • take ½ cup of uncooked rice
  • wash completely
  • put 2–3 cups of water in a bowl of rice
  • pass on to splash for 30 minutes
  • put the rice water into a perfect bowl


A different procedure to prepare fermented rice water is by heating the rice. Use ½ cup of rice with twice the amount of water generally appropriated for cooking. Cook the rice in bubbling water and strain the rice water into a spotless bowl before use.

Plain rice water vs fermented rice water, which one is better?

As indicated by a study, fermented items have a higher measure of cell reinforcements. Thus, antioxidants agents might battle hair and skin cell harm, so they are considered common fixings in beauty items.

To age rice water, follow stages 1–4 of the soaking strategy. Before staining, leave the rice water to remain at room temperature for as long as 2 days, permitting it to age.

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How to use fermented rice water for hair care?

The low pH worth and high supplements in aged rice water make it a magnificent conditioner. It makes hair more grounded and better from the roots and adds an excellent sparkle to make you stand out from the crowd.

The most effective method to utilize: Before shampooing your hair, blend some matured rice water with equal pieces of plain water and a couple of drops of fundamental oil and pour it on your hair. Delicately rub your hair and scalp and let it stay for four to five minutes before thoroughly washing it off.

How to use fermented rice water for skincare?

Matured rice water is an exceptionally successful cancer prevention agent overflowing with vitamin E and ferulic acid. In addition, fermented rice water for the face can prevent indications of aging skin by lessening the age spots with everyday use. If you have a question about how to make fermented rice water for the skin, it’s the same process that has been mentioned earlier.

Step-by-step instructions to utilize: Mix a large portion of a teaspoon of aged rice water with two drops of almond oil and back rub it in vertical roundabout movements onto your face and neck. Leave it on overnight. You’ll see a noticeable distinction in half a month! There is a wide range of benefits of rice water for skin and benefits of rice water on the face, And continuous usage will gradually help in enhancing and maintaining the texture of your skin.

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