Some Easy Tips & Tricks to Avoid Shoe Bite

Who aren’t crazy about new heels and shoes? If not we don’t know what brings happiness into your life. As wearing new pair can just boost your confidence and obviously your parameter of happiness. New pair brings joy to the face but the bruises can turn the smile upside down and that is gonna hurt you hard. But you never have to see those bruises again with these hacks like millennials or you can say tips and tricks.

It will work like wonders to your skin and from now only enjoy the smile of wearing a new pair not worrying about the bruises.

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Causes of Shoe Bite

Shoe bite can be due to the wrong size of your footwear. If it’s too tight or too loose it will constantly give static to your angle and will remove the skin causing a shoe bite.

Remedies For Shoe Bite

Shoe bite
Shoe bite

Here are some shoe bite remedies for you to cure the marks and go with good feet.

1. Use Oil

Oiling the edges of your shoes can help you with the shoe bite as it can provide some smooth move and will grease up your shoes. This will help you with easy movement and will not irritate your skin.

2. Petroleum Jelly

With the help of petroleum jelly, the friction can be controlled and the blisters can be treated well. As the jelly contains the stickiness that helps you to fit the shoe easily without any harm. This keeps the friction low and helps your feet to lock the moisture.

3. Baby Powder

Sprinkling baby powder on the new sandals and on the uncomfortable area can help you with a shoe bite. The powder will help you with easy movement and will reduce friction.

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4. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel has properties that help with the cuts and bruises. The properties involved in it help to fit a shoe with some greasing power and also help in lighting the marks, cuts, and bruises. Aloe vera gel can cure shoe bites easily.

5. Bandage

You can simply apply the bandage either on your foot or on your shoe. Covering either of things can eliminate shoe bites and it is the quickest and easiest way to fit a shoe nicely.

Wearing heels will never be a talk of comfort even after 10 safety measures because we have started living in a world where we have accepted beauty as a bigger matter of fact than pain. But to all the ladies out there we salute your beauty and patience but with some tricks and trips, you can control some pain.

These things are not a big topic in talk but it pains like hell. To avoid that these safety measures or the remedy can help you fit the shoe like Cinderella.

Remedies for shoe bite
Remedies for shoe bite


1. How to avoid shoe bites?

You can apply some oil or aloe vera gel to avoid the shoe bite. Bandages can also do wonders with the situation.

2. What can I put on new shoes to prevent shoe bites?

You can wear socks to prevent any shoe bit or you can sprinkle some powder to reduce the friction.

3. Why do shoes bite me?

It happens because of the wrong size or due to the bad quality of the shoe material. The friction is created between the shoe and your foot and that creates blisters all over and that is a shoe bite.

4. What is the fastest way to heal a shoe bite?

Petroleum jelly, Aloe vera gel, or Coconut oil can cure the shoe bite easily.

5. How do I stop my shoes from rubbing the back of my ankle?

Choosing the right size is the main factor here, as that creates a lot of difference in shoe bite. You can wear socks to avoid direct touch with the shoe to your skin and that can help you to prevent shoe bites.

6. Does Vaseline stop blisters?

Yes, it does help with the blisters.

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