Facing Dry Skin Concerns? Follow These Steps

Dry skin is a result of your skin not being moisturized enough. This can be due to the usage of harsh soaps, aging, frequent bathing, or other medical conditions. The Winter season leads to changes in humidity and temperature, it lowers it down both indoors and outdoors. Due to these changes in the atmosphere, the outermost layer of skin, known as the epidermis faces damage. This layer is responsible for preventing harmful toxins to enter the body. Moisturizing the skin is essential for the layers to perform their function and therefore protect the body. It is found that during the winter season there is less moisture in the skin compared to other seasons and therefore it leads to dryness and irritation.

There are many easy and inexpensive ways to prevent dry skin during winters, read on to know about them.

Symptoms of Dry Skin:

  1. Cracks
  2. Flaking
  3. Itching
  4. Stinging
  5. Redness
  6. Rough patches
  7. A feeling of skin tightness
  8. Wrinkles with loose texture
  9. Peeling skin
  10. Sometimes painful skin
steps to get rid of dry skin
Facing Dry Skin

People can feel various symptoms at the same time. With correct care and treatment, the severity of these symptoms can be reduced.

How to Prevent Dry Skin?

steps to get rid of dry skin
steps to get rid of dry skin

Follow these simple steps as soon as the winter season starts in your area to avoid dry skin:

  1. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This will improve your skin’s hydration level and therefore make it smooth.
  2. Don’t shower for too long. A five to ten minutes bath is enough. If you extend it, it you may lose much of the skin’s oily layer and therefore lose moisture too.
  3. Minimize the amount of soap you use. Usually, soaps contain harmful chemicals that might cause unwanted irritation and damage to your skin.
  4. Use a protective moisturizer daily. Apply the moisturizer immediately after showering or washing hands this will help tighten the spaces between your skin cells.
  5. Apply sunscreen even though the sun is not shining to avoid photoaging.
  6. Restrict the usage of fabric softeners and promote the usage of fragrance-free laundry detergents. 
  7. Moisturize your skin daily. If you want to avoid the greasy feeling then rub a small amount of cream in your hand and then rub it over the dry skin till your hands or dry skin area feels greasy.
  8. Dont over-exfoliate your skin. While exfoliating your skin can help get free of impurities and dead skin cells, it can also cause dryness, irritation, and redness to your skin.
  9. Ensure to eat healthy food. Consumption of healthy food can improve sebum production and maintain the water content of your body. This can help you maintain nourishing skin.
  10. Choose a moisturizer that has SPF, heavy base, antioxidants, and ceramides. All these elements protect your skin by obstructing dryness and entry of environmental aggressors.

Do’s and Dont’s for Dry Skin during winter

steps to get rid of dry skin
get rid of dry skin

Do: Use lukewarm water and not hot water which can suck the moisture out of your skin easily leaving it dry.

Don’t: Never scratch your skin. Use a cold pack or compress to get relief from itchiness.

Do: Add omega fatty acids to your diet in order to increase internal hydration

Don’t: Consume caffeine or alcohol as they are natural diuretics that can lead to dehydration.

Do: Lower the heat to stop extra dryness in the air.

Don’t: Expose your skin to too much heat as it can take away the vital moisture from the skin.

Do: Protect your skin with clothing. Use gloves while dishwashing to stop the skin from drying out.

Don’t: Wear clothes made of material that can cause irritation in your skin.

Do: Use a humidifier to keep the air moisturized and therefore your skin hydrated.

Don’t: Forget to use shaving cream or gel and leave it for a few minutes on your skin before shaving

Do: Add hyaluronic acid to your diet and skincare routine.

Don’t: Use sponges and scrub brushes to increase the damage done to your skin. If you can’t avoid it completely, minimize its usage.

Treatment for Dry Skin

dehydrate your skin
Treatment for Dry Skin

A proper customized skincare routine will help your skin heal during winters. Keep the skincare routine simple and don’t use too many products on your skin since it might backlash. If possible avoid makeup products such as toners, serums, and other heavy products that can cause unnecessary damage to your skin.

The best and most effective way to keep your skin away from dryness is using a moisturizer. It can provide the needed hydration to your skin and also prevent water loss from the skin. Thick moisturizers that do not contain perfumes are highly recommended because light and thinner creams can cause stinging when applied to irritated skin.

Humectants such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and sorbitol are must-have elements in your moisturizer. These ingredients can help attract moisture to the skin. Other than that lanolin, silicone, and mineral oil are ingredients that can soften your skin. They form a protective barrier avoiding the entry of any unwanted substance.

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While dry skin is not a serious medical issue, people do not wish their skin to suffer through damage and gradually it may complicate things. It may lead to infections, chronic eczema, or bleeding from fissures. Consult a doctor when home remedies do not work and receive correct guidance and therefore proceed accordingly.

One thing that is most important despite any season going on is, taking care of your skin. It is a very crucial part of your health and must be given proper treatment. If you are looking for facial services, clean-up services, or face grooming services near your area definitely check out Yes Madam’s website. Yes Madam provides the best beauty services at the most reasonable prices. It follows all safety measures and ensures to use the best and most natural products in your services.

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