Last Minute Makeup Techniques

Every girl loves and enjoys doing makeup, trying new products, browsing beauty products, watching beauty vlogs on YouTube, etc. But there are many times when even a simple youtube video can’t help you achieve that look you’re dying to create, only because of a few basic steps. Or there are times when you’re in a hurry and need a quick last-minute hack to finish the whole look. That’s exactly where we enter the picture, to help you guide through all the best last-minute makeup hacks and techniques. To make it easier and hassle-free you can also look for the best pre-bridal packages.

How to do great makeup in only 5 minutes?

do makeup in only 5 minutes
do makeup in only 5 minutes

· A perfect skincare regime is the most important thing in every makeup process. This is because good skin will enhance the makeup you wear.

· The skincare regime might differ for each person according to the skin type.

· Use a mild cleanser to clean the skin from any kind of dirt or dust.

· A toner and a moisturizer can be used to make the skin soft and supple.

· If you are using a foundation, it should match your skin type. Test and but the one that suits your skin tone.

· The concealer should match your skin tone, and on times when you use concealer after foundation, use a light concealer.

· A good setting powder is all you need when you skip the foundation. A translucent setting powder or a pigmented setting powder can be used according to your choice. Thus enhancing the face makeup.

· A little bit of bronzer might enhance the facial features you have.

· An eyebrow pencil with a clear brow gel to correct your brows and a kajal for your eye lines will finish the entire look.

· An eyelash curler would be a secret part of your makeup routine that makes your eye fuller and beautiful.

How to speed up my makeup routine?

last minute makeup techniques
speed up makeup routine

Waking up early and having a makeup routine for hours is not going to help you on a daily basis. You can opt for a simple routine in five minutes but remember you cannot do full-fledged makeup. Do you always feel wrapped up in the bed and need a few minutes to stay comfy? Here is how you can speed up your makeup routine in a jiffy.

· Choose a simple makeup routine that is comfortable for you daily. A day-to-day makeup look need not have a reinvention every morning. So, stick to a simple routine to have a signature look.

· Keep all the makeup items organized and easy to go. Using a makeup organizer and arranging all the necessary items in an order will make the routine faster.

· Always go for multitasking products to make the makeup process simpler. A tinted moisturizer can be used to replace the foundation routine.

· Try to buy a cleanser and a moisturizer in one product since they minimize the work to be done.

· A lipstick can be used on the lips and also as a blush to speed up your routine and also adopt minimalism.

· Always use a few tools to wear your makeup, this avoids confusion at the last moment.

How to achieve a Natural Makeup Look fast?

Last Minute make tips
Last Minute make tips

· To achieve a natural makeup look, ensure that your skin is clear and always clean. A smooth skin base always works well if you wear makeup.

· Exfoliating your skin before the makeup routine will ensure you have smooth skin.

· Combine a moisturizer along with foundation to avoid a flaky finish.

· A liquid foundation helps to build on the skin and mimics the actual skin tone.

· Use a good quality sunscreen with SPF necessary, that prevents most of the skin issues.

· Light coverage makeup products must be used to get a natural look rather than a heavy coverage one.

· Concealers can be applied in spots to cover the area of black or sunspots to improve the areas under the eyes.

· Applying moisturizer to your face prevents the cracked makeup routine.

· Always stick to liquid or cream-based products to achieve an even tone look.

· Applying the makeup with a damp sponge will make your job easy. The damp sponge will absorb the products easily, blend well with the skin and ensure a smooth finish.

· When you want a natural look make sure you use less quantity of products. Less is always high for a minimal makeup look.

What is Minimalist Makeup?

last minute makeup techniques
last minute makeup techniques

· Minimal makeup or we can also call it a no-makeup look, involves a face of minimal makeup and eye makeup to be subtle.

· Minimalistic makeup ensures to enhance facial features with no heavy makeup products.

· Instead of heavy full-face makeup go for a bright and smooth finish with fewer products.

· Always use subtle and natural nude shades for your eye makeup. It is better to avoid bright and bold colors for eyeshadows.

· Concentrate on your lips to keep them soft so that your lipstick will give you a great finish onto the lips. Scrub your lips with home remedies and apply lip balms to have crack-free lips.

· However much makeup you wear, make sure to remove it properly every day.

· If the makeup is not removed properly, it might cause breakouts and skin damage.

· The makeup along with pollution might have aggravated with dust and dirt. So, it has to be removed properly every night before you sleep.

· A good quality makeup Remover must be incorporated into a cotton ball and it has to be removed completely.

· Make sure you cleanse your skin every night before your bedtime to keep it clean for the next day’s routine.

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The above-mentioned options will help you to get last-minute and flawless makeup techniques. You can also opt for a wedding makeup package to get a professional look without spending a huge amount of money.

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