The Most Common Mistakes People Make While Shampooing

Hair is a crown you never take off your entire life. Hence, it becomes your responsibility to make sure that your crown remains lustrous and bright throughout your life. Getting hair care services at home or hairstyling services at home is one way to achieve desirable locks. Nurturing the scalp and hair follicles is highly significant as your hair is subjected to a lot of pollution, dirt, and chemicals. Another way to make sure that your hair feels healthy is by shampooing the right way and using the most suitable product as per your hair type.

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The shampoo is considered basic hygiene, as it helps in eliminating all the undesirable oil and dandruff from your hair. It is also very useful in preventing hair loss and bringing down cortisol. Cortisol is a steroid hormone also known as the stress hormone. Now you must have realized how important shampooing is to maintain the nourishment of your hair. Secondly, conditioner is the other essential to have healthy and shiny hair. It smoothens the hair and brings the body to it, by protecting it from unnecessary damage. Exposure to dust, harmful ultraviolet sun rays, pollution, and chemicals can have adverse effects on your hair locks. The right shampoo and conditioner moisturize the hair and strengthen it.

There are different types of shampoo available in the market designed for specific categories of hair. Some of the conditioners and shampoo are meant for hair that is corrupted by dandruff while some may be ideal for thick hair. To categorize a few, Regular Shampoo, Protein Shampoo also called anti-breakage shampoo, Organic Shampoo, Clarifying Shampoo, Color-Safe Shampoo and many more are some types of shampoo available in the stores. You should choose the right shampoo for you very carefully contemplating your needs and hair type as the wrong decision while choosing a hair product can make things worse for you. Many people nowadays are going for shampoos that are made of 100 percent organic ingredients and minimum chemicals. Many people would rather be safe than sorry which justifies the data presented by prominent stats that fifty-two percent of consumers prefer natural or organic.

Hair Shampoo image
Hair Shampoo image

Now, let us head to certain techniques that can help you wash your hair the right way and not commit The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Shampooing.

Do Not Wash your Hair without Oiling

Do Not Wash your Hair without Oiling
Do Not Wash your Hair without Oiling

Many people wash their hair without oiling which can damage their hair. Hence, make it a sigma rule of your life to Oil your hair prior to a hair wash. Oiling can protect your fragile hair locks from harsh ingredients present in the shampoo bars that can strip essential oils from your hair strands.

Too Hot to Handle

It is winter and we know it is very tempting to jump into a shower of boiling water for a head bath. But what seems irresistible to you may cause excessive damage to your hair follicles. Always keep the temperature of the water in check to save yourself from undesirable results.

Change is the Only Constant

People tend to use their favorite shampoo and conditioner throughout the year. But as the weather changes, the requirements of your locks also differ. They require a shampoo that is well acquainted with moisture during the colder season. Reviewing the most suitable shampoo and process seasonally will assist maintain your hair pleased and fit year-round.

Never be in a Hurry

common shampooing mistakes
common shampooing mistakes

We know that you have a busy work schedule but being in a hurry while shampooing might damage your hair. So making sure to get good lather and going for the second round of shampooing may take a few minutes but can save your day from becoming a bad hair day.

Do not be so Rough on your Hair

Wet hair is very fragile and should not be treated harshly to prevent hair breakage. Prepare your hair before bathing by gently combing through. Massage the hair with shampoo and conditioner with minimum hurry and let the lather form properly. This way you can assure yourself some good hair days post a head bath.

Hit the Right Frequency

People tend to wash their hair too often or too less. Hitting the right frequency to rinse the hair can do wonders for your hair health. While this frequency is different for different types of hair, overdoing it on the dry shampoo can clog the pores on your scalp and damage hair making them lose its shine and become dull.

Wet Your Hair Strands Thoroughly

Wet Your Hair
Wet Your Hair

Most individuals do not drench their hair comprehensively before using shampoo. Every strand needs to be soaking wet. It takes almost a minute to stand under the shower stream to ensure every strand is wet.

Skipping the Scalp

It is not just an impromptu head massage, a head bath is incomplete without a thorough scalp scrubbing. The sigma rule to wash your scalp is for three minutes. Doing so has numerous efforts as it aids in removing grime, sebum, and build-up.

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Uneven Application

Do not be a hurry bird while shampooing. Applying the shampoo and conditioner to all areas helps you make sure that you have shiny and healthy hair till your next head bath. Hence, it is important that you apply the hair bath products thoroughly to your scalp and hair strands.

Now that you are well aware of the major shampoo mistakes, it is the best time to contemplate and rectify these shampoo sins. Taking care of your scalp and follicle is important. Hence, it is better to dodge making errors such as using hot water, not rinsing your hair and scalp thoroughly, not using the right shampoo or conditioner, and many more. The enigma to wholesome and happy hair is an exemplary practice of shampooing, conditioning, masking, and choosing the right shampoo as per your requirements and hair type. Visit the Yes Madam website to avail offers on the best hair care services at home and enjoy flaunting your lustrous and happy hair!

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