5 Minutes Face Yoga To Do Before Bed


Face Yoga includes massages and motions that stimulate the muscles, skin, and lymphatic system. This technique softens and relaxes the muscles in your face, helping to ease tension, stress, and anxiety. This could also help you avoid making facial expressions that are associated with certain emotions.

Face yoga is of various types. Below mentioned are a few of them.

Face Yoga Before Bed

To sleep peacefully and have a sound sleep, some face yoga exercises are mentioned below-:

● Gentle Breaths

5 Minutes Face Yoga To Do Before Bed

Begin by doing a simple breathing technique to relieve stress from your face and neck.

STEPS: Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Allow the abdomen to rise and fall with the breath as you inhale and exhale deeply. Go over each portion of your face one by one, carefully relaxing each one.

Inner Corner of the Eye

This practice makes use of a well-known acupressure point in the eye’s inner corner. It’s also incredibly relaxing to use as needed during the day. This is an excellent tip for minimizing eyestrain and boosting the energy around the eyes if you spend a lot of time on your laptop, phone, or other electronic devices.

STEPs: Place both index fingers adjacent to the inner eye corner on either side of the nose. And then gently do the massage with your fingers in a circular motion.

Face Yoga Daily Routine

There are many amazing yoga poses that you can do in your daily routine. Some face yoga poses are mentioned below-:

● Plump up your Cheeks

Plump up your Cheeks
Plump up your Cheeks

How to do it? Close your lips tightly. Now, with your mouth, construct fish lips by sucking your cheeks in. Hold this position for 15 seconds.

Big Yawn

This exercise can help you contour your cheekbones and reduce the appearance of a double chin. How to do it! You must act as if you are chewing something while your mouth is closed in this activity. Now widen your mouth as wide as possible while keeping your tongue firmly against your lower teeth. Hold this position for a while.

Face Yoga for Beginners

Face yoga for beginners is fun and full of energy. It makes you feel energetic and keeps you fresh all day. Face yoga for beginners includes face yoga for warm-up, face yoga for the forehead, face yoga for eyes, face yoga for the neck, and face yoga for the mouth as well.

Best Face Yoga Exercises

There are many face exercises for face yoga yet some are exceptional. Some best face yoga exercises are mentioned below-:

Anulom Vilom
Anulom Vilom

● For Forehead

Horizontal forehead creases may be alleviated with this practice (frown lines). How to do it? Place your fingertips just above the brows. Raise your brows as high as you can while gently pressing down with your fingertips to stop the movement. Stay in this position for a total of 6 seconds. Rep this sequence 5–10 times more.

● For Upper Lip

This technique may help with vertical creases over the top lip (i.e., lip lines or lipstick lines). How to do it?

STEPS: Tuck your thumbs up and firmly together beneath your upper lip. Your upper lip should be pressed against your thumbs, while your lower lip should be pushed forward with your thumbs. Stay in this position for a total of 6 seconds. Rep this sequence 5–10 times more.

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Face Yoga for Glowing Skin

Face yoga also helps to give you an amazing glow to your skin. Some exercises for face yoga are mentioned below-:

● Kiss and Smile

Extend your lips as far as you can, just like the way you are kissing, and then grin widely. Do at least 15 repetitions every day. This workout focuses on both your cheeks and your chin.

Benefit: Using these muscles in a certain way and on a regular basis will help you attain a young jawline and rosy cheeks.

Puff up Your Cheeks

Exhale after inhaling through your mouth, expanding your breath from cheek to cheek.

Benefit: These simple movements will tighten your face muscles and prevent your cheeks from appearing hollow. Perform this exercise on a regular basis to get lifted and plumped cheeks.

Face Yoga for Skin Tightening

For skin tightening there are some exercises mentioned below-:

● For Lines and Wrinkles on the Forehead

To begin, make a fist with both hands. Apply slight pressure to the center of your forehead with your knuckles. Start at the temples and slide your fingertips down either side of your head. Repeat this exercise at least six times to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

● To Make Your Neck Straighter

face yoga exercises
Tilt your head back a little and stretch your neck

Tilt your head back a little and stretch your neck. Now is the time to puff your lips out. With your fingertips on each side of your neck, stroke down to your collarbone. If you do this five times, you’ll earn a complimentary neck and jaw lift.


Face yoga isn’t as well-known as other forms of yoga, but it’s gaining popularity fast! This phenomenal growth can be linked to its consequences and the urge for people to live healthier lives. You may try facial services at home, face grooming service at home, waxing services at home, and much more at Yes Madam.

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