Hair Wash: Do’s And Don’ts

Washing your hair is a frequent activity. No matter where you are or how tight your schedule is, you have to take time out to wash your hair, not only so that they are completely clean but also to maintain their health. It is very easy to forget to take care of yourself in today’s fast-paced and polluted world. Often we rush our hair washing process because we have other things to do. So it won’t be surprising if you face problems such as hair fall, dryness, split ends in today’s times.

Having a washing routine suited to your hair’s needs can make a lot of difference. If you are washing your hair the wrong way, you will damage it, leading to more problems. Here are some basic hair wash: do’s and don’ts that you can adhere to if you want healthy hair.

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DO: Brush Your Hair Before Washing It

Brushing your hair before washing it reduces tangles and makes it easier for the shampoo suds to be rinsed off of your hair. As a result, your fingers won’t get stuck in tangles, and you wouldn’t have to pull. It also helps maintain the strength of your roots and reduces hair fall by a subsequent amount.

Also, we know nobody really likes a lot of hair stuck to their drain.

Hair Wash do's and don'ts
Brush Your Hair Before Washing It

DON’T: Wash Your Hair Everyday

This may seem like general knowledge, but it should still be mentioned. Washing your hair every day will ruin its texture and dry it of its natural oils. You should wash it twice to thrice a week, depending on the texture of your hair and whether you have exposed it to pollutants and outer elements.

DO: Emulsify Your Shampoo

What this means is, don’t pour shampoo directly on your scalp. Pour it on the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to create a gentle lather.

DON’T: Wash Out The Shampoo As Soon As You Apply It

DON’T: Wash Out The Shampoo As Soon As You Apply It
DON’T: Wash Out The Shampoo As Soon As You Apply It

Let the shampoo sit in your hair for a while. It is usually recommended that you let it sit for at least three minutes. If you have thicker consistency of hair, leave it for a longer duration.

DO: Wash Your Hair Twice

Shampooing only once does not cleanse your hair properly. The first wash only cleans out the gunk and grime. Use a little shampoo again, and wash it once again. You will notice that it lathers more than before because this is when the shampoo is working in a more activated way.

DON’T: Shampoo The Tips Of Your Hair

Only shampoo the roots and let the lather wash down your hair. This will reduce dead and split-end and reduce drying out.

DO: Rinse With Warm Water and Use Cold Water At the End

Using warm water for your entire washing routine is preferable to using extremely hot water. If you use cold water at the end, you are strengthening your roots. This reduces hair fall and also gives a sheen to your hair. Lukewarm water also helps in absorbing more from the conditioner.

DON’T: Apply the Conditioner to the Scalp

DON’T: Apply the Conditioner to the Scalp
DON’T: Apply the Conditioner to the Scalp

A conditioner is built for the ends of your hair. It contains locking agents, hence if you use it on your scalp it would make your roots oilier than usual.

Your hair will not feel completely dry, and you know how annoying it can be to walk around with a damp scalp that feels unclean.

DO: Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Try to use mild shampoos which aren’t full of chemicals. If you have gotten work done on your hair, consult a salon to know which shampoo will be appropriate for you and not make the color fade easily.

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DON’T: Use your Nails To scrub the scalp

No matter how itchy or how dirty you think your scalp is, this is only going to worsen it. You should massage your scalp lightly. Abrasive hairwashing is a guarantee for weaker follicles. Getting all in there will weaken the roots and you will end up with clumps of hair in your hand.

DO: Use a Microfibre Towel/ Cotton T-shirt to dry Your Hair

Use a Microfibre Towel
Use a Microfibre Towel

It should be noted that using the same towel for your body and hair will only ruin it more. Wrapping your hair in a cotton t-shirt/ microfibre towel will allow it to be dried out gently. If you have enough time, avoid using a hairdryer and let your hair dry out naturally if you have enough time.

Post Washing Tips and Tricks

Here are some post-washing tips and tricks which will ensure that your hair is healthy in the long run –

  • Apply a leave-in conditioner or serum. Make sure you are using it anywhere it is supposed to be used. Do not apply the stuff meant for your roots to your scalp or vice versa. This will do more damage than good.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb through your damp hair to detangle it. It will be beneficial if it was a wooden comb.
  • If you use heat to style your hair, invest in a heat-protecting serum. It helps in retaining moisture despite the heat.
  • Avoid tying your hair when it is damp. Wet hair is fragile and can break easily.
  • Wear protective hairstyles whenever you can. For example, avoid having open hair when traveling as it reduces the chances of your hair getting tangled. Instead, wear your hair in a braid or a bun when you are at home.
  • Not precisely a post-wash trick, but oil your hair a couple of hours before washing it at least once a week. This helps energize your scalp. Massaging it with light fingers also increases blood circulation.
  • If your hair is severely damaged, we recommend you get the split ends chopped off so that you can start afresh and see maximum results.

The Most Common Hair Washing Mistakes

  • Not wetting your hair thoroughly. You have to rinse your entire length of hair before applying any product.
  • Using too much shampoo. Use water to emulsify the shampoo and only use it on your scalp, this will make the product last longer and not damage your hair either.
  • Uneven application. Make sure you apply the conditioner uniformly over the length of your hair and wash it gently.

It is not unusual for people to feel unhappy because of their hair. When you feel clean, look good, and smell nice, your esteem and mood – both are uplifted. We hope you will inculcate these important do’s and don’ts of hair wash habits in your life, they’re guaranteed to work. You may try head massage service at home, hair styling at home service, hair care services, and much more at Yes Madam.

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