Why should men’s grooming routines include nail care?

 One key aspect of grooming that men completely overlook is their nails. Taking care of one’s hands and feet is equally important for men as it is for women. Taking good care of your hands might be more important for men than it is for women. It is more common for men to have jobs requiring manual labor, so they use their hands a lot. This could lead to dry hands and rough calluses. If you’re an athlete, runner, or pretty much any active guy, nail care can be just as important to your workout as warming up. An untreated callus and a long toenail cause a lot more trauma inside the shoe, resulting in excruciating pain. A long hike or run on a road or trail can cause bruising and blackening of the toenails due to all the constant rubbing and jarring actions.

Your feet slide inside the shoe, absorbing most of the impact. Therefore, if there is enough impact on the nail, it is likely to fall off. It is beneficial to keep your nails short to reduce irritation. You also increase your chances of ingrown nails and infections by letting debris build up under the nails and growing them longer. Traditionally, Indians eat their food with their hands. Therefore, we must keep our nails short and our cuticles clean.

The way you groom reflects your personality and ability to maintain yourself. A person’s hands are a good indicator of their overall hygiene, regardless of whether they are going out on a date or attending a business meeting.

The most common nail-related problems faced by men

Discoloration of nails

Nail care for men
Nail care for men

Discolored nails can occur for a variety of reasons, some more severe than others. For example, yellowish nails could indicate that you have an infection. Having a deficiency in iron may also cause your nails to turn black. Discoloration of the nails should be reported to a health care professional, as it could indicate underlying health problems.

The peeling of nails

You may experience this problem if your hands spend too much time in the water. This leads to dry cuticles. Peeling nails may not be detrimental, but it can still lead to other, more serious problems. There is a possibility that it could lead to an infection, discoloration, or warping. To prevent this, moisturize regularly and use cuticle oil to keep them hydrated.

Here are some tips on grooming nails for men

grooming nails for men
Grooming nails for men


Use a pumice stone after you get out of the shower to remove calluses gently. A good soak will make the thick, dry skin softer, making exfoliating easier. This process should be painless and should not be done more than once per week. When you are finished exfoliating, apply a moisturizer containing urea or salicylic acid to avoid dry, rough skin and calluses.

Cut your nails

Using a straight edge, trim your nails across the top of your nails to help prevent ingrown nails. If you do decide to trim your nails short, make sure there’s no white of the nail left. The problem with trimming your nails too short is that it can add to your pain and cause infection. You must never clip the nail bed since that is what causes infection.

Shape your nails

Make your nails as smooth as possible to avoid sharp edges that can snag on clothing, causing them to rip and break. Trimming your fingernails straight across is more beneficial than having them rounded or triangular as it prevents nails from breaking.

Shape your nails
Shape your nails

In case all this sounds like a lot of work to you, you can simply get a manicure and pedicure from a professional. There are plenty of salons and parlors that have trained professionals to help you take care of your nails in the proper way. Salons can bring all the services right to your door if you don’t have time to visit them.

 The myths about men visiting salons

men's salon
Men’s salons

Fear of getting judged

In research studies, it has been proven that men aren’t great at taking care of themselves. Their health is less likely to be under control, report a problem, or take medication, and they certainly do not maintain proper nail care. Today, salons are offering manicure and pedicure packages tailored specifically for men to break the stigma and encourage more men to avail of the services.

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It’s Just Women Who Go to Salons

There is no truth to this. Male-only services and treatments are becoming increasingly popular in spas and salons. If you’re not comfortable in a women-only salon where rose petals and women are all around you, look for salons that cater to the needs of men. Most cities have spas offering massages, pedicures, manicures, and waxing in more neutral settings that have a more masculine flair. If you are still uncomfortable, there is also the option of at-home salon services.

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