How to completely remove the dark neck with three popular tips

Suppose you are putting on a cute sundress or an open shirt, considering it’s the summer months, and then you notice the blackish appearance of your neck. It would probably ruin your mood, and you might get anxious about it. It is thus necessary for you to know about this skin condition called the dark neck so that you know how to deal with it.

A dark neck is a term used to describe a skin condition where the skin on the neck becomes noticeably darker than the skin of the surrounding areas. Naturally, this would cause anxiety and make you self-conscious, but you must remember that it is not contagious, which might come as a little relief for you. However, sometimes it could point towards something more serious, so it would be best if you consult a doctor about the cause of your dark neck and seek treatment.

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Symptoms of the dark neck

The obvious symptom is the darkening of the skin of your neck. In a few cases, this darkening may spread to some other areas of your body as well, the most common area being the armpits. Other symptoms of a dark neck include:

  • Skin that has thickened
  • Skin that feels velvety when you touch it
  • Itchiness or irritation on your skin

If you notice that you have suddenly got the condition of a dark neck, you must consult a health professional as soon as you can. It is probably not serious, but sometimes dark neck occurs due to serious underlying health issues.

Causes of dark neck

You could be having a dark neck due to several reasons. Some of those reasons include-

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  1. Acanthosis nigricans(AN) can be described as a condition where your skin turns thick and dark in appearance, and it might feel velvety to the touch as well. This condition could occur in your neck, in the folds of your skin, or anywhere on your body. As mentioned earlier, such conditions commonly occur in the armpits and in other creases, like the groin. It is related to your insulin level and is not contagious or harmful. However, you might have underlying diseases like obesity, hormonal disorders, Cushing’s disease, etc., that could lead to AN.
  2. Dermatitis Neglecta is a condition where your skin might change color if it is not being washed properly. Sweat, sebum, bacteria, and other particulate matter aid in building up if you don’t practice proper hygiene. This condition is also known as “unwashed dermatosis.” This condition is actually quite rare and can be easily treated by treating the darkened portion of skin with adequate soap and water or alcohol. You need to maintain good personal hygiene.
  3. Skin pigmentation caused by drugs: Several drugs could cause hyperpigmentation in your skin, some of which include:
  4. Phenytoin
  5. ANtimalarials
  6. Tetracyclines
  7. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

The discoloration of your skin could occur anywhere on your body, and the color would range from dark brown to blue-black. Generally, the discoloration would stop if you stop consuming the drugs, but sometimes the condition might be permanent. That’s when you should visit a health professional.

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How is dark neck diagnosed and treated?

Since the dark neck isn’t a disease but a skin condition or, in some cases, a symptom of an underlying health issue, it is crucial that you visit a healthcare professional if you notice darkening skin on your neck. Generally, it can be diagnosed when your doctor does a skin examination. However, your doctor would also ask you about your history with diabetes and may tell you to take blood tests or X-rays depending on whether you have any other symptoms besides dark neck.

Speaking of treating your dark neck, your doctor would first identify the underlying health issue that was causing your dark neck and then treat the cause so that you don’t have symptoms like dark neck anymore. Each issue would have different treatments. For example, if you suffer from AN caused by insulin resistance, your dark neck would start getting cured if you lose weight.

Three trending home remedies to remove the dark neck

Here are the three best home remedies that would help treat your dark neck.

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  1. Regular exfoliation and cleansing with BHAs and AHAs: You should regularly exfoliate your skin, especially your neck, with alpha and beta-hydroxy acids to help your skin get smoother and brighter. You won’t believe how well this works!
  2. Topical retinoids: Retinoids are extremely useful in reducing acne, wrinkles, and, yes, pigmentation. However, you should use retinoids with caution as you need a month and a half to get accustomed to topical retinoids before seeing results.
  3. Homemade masks: Masks prepared at home with natural ingredients are the best form of skincare. Some of them are also quite effective against dark necks, such as the ones you make with yogurt, turmeric, lemon, and gram flour or papaya, banana, and honey.

Your underarms appear dark, do they? Then, you should check out the home remedies to brighten your black armpits if you’re tired of them!

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