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Get hair-free and smooth skin with Yes Madam Waxing services at-home

Waxing at home becomes a tedious task when done all by oneself!

Do you prefer lying in bed reading trashy novels instead? Then don’t force yourself. You deserve better. At Yes Madam Salon Services, our experts have the experience and techniques to treat you right. Yes Madam provides professional luxury waxing services at home with great products that ensure a smooth and flawless finish. Our therapists will pamper you during your visit by providing amazing wax treatments with top range products. Yes Madam will come to your home and make you feel comfortable in your own space and thereby end all your struggles of finding nearby in-home waxing services. We provide an array of waxing services covering all types from normal wax to rica wax to at home bikini wax. Yes Madam will help you reach your goal of achieving the right look for you.

At home Waxing Services to Choose From

1. Rica Waxing
Yes Madam rica waxing service at home is great for all skin types, normal, dry and even sensitive. We offer waxing solutions for unwanted hair on all parts of the body, including eyebrows, upper lips, cheeks, chin, legs, bikini line etc. The no redness post-application ensures smooth hair removal and no re-application is required. Hair growth slows down, leading to fewer waxing appointments. Tan removal is an added advantage of Rica waxing.

2. Normal Waxing
Our normal waxing service is affordable and pain-free with 100% satisfaction. We use the highest quality honey wax. It is completely natural and has a pleasant aroma. The wax will remove unwanted hair from your hands and other desired body parts while leaving the skin smooth & shining. You will keep feeling fresh and soft for weeks after the treatment.

3. Rica Brazillian (Peel-off) Wax
Yes, Madam Waxing is fully equipped to provide you with the highest quality waxing home services. Our therapists are fully trained in the Brazilian or Peel-Off waxing method that is ideal for sensitive areas. Using sustainable, natural and certified organic products, we deliver a treatment tailored to your needs. Enjoy our luxurious treatment of Brazillian wax at home with a salve that energizes, revitalizes, nourishes and moisturizes the skin while helping to reduce stickiness.

4. Normal Honey chocolate wax
Yes Madam is proud to be the leader in waxing services of the area. We also provide normal honey chocolate waxing services and our waxing specialist will sail you through the process which is painless and fast. All of our products are 100% natural and we only use high-quality pure beeswax to carry out your treatment. We also provide normal non-honey chocolate waxing services for customers who do not want to have the service of honey wax.

Why choose Yes Madam?

Yes Madam is an on-demand at home salon service provider that offers premium home waxing services and at home LED light therapy. Our team delivers the best makeup services at home through our high-quality products, unparalleled customer service, and only the best-trained beauty professionals who are fully licensed. We have a team who are fully experienced in bridal makeup home services and other advanced makeup services as well. Our staff is professional and friendly, guaranteeing a comfortable & relaxing time! Read more

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