Different Types Of Eyeliner Styles According To Your Face Shape

Framing your eyes is the best part and to do it according to your eye shape is the perfect thing. Do not get influenced by your girlfriends or the trend but always think according to your facial structure. There are different types of liners that are meant for different people with different facial structures.

To know more about what suits you better read the blog till the end. It is for you pretty ladies. This will enhance your knowledge and then you can just go with it like a model in vogue.

Different types of eyeliner
Different types of eyeliner

Different Types Of Eyeliner

1. Eyeliner For Oval Face

You lucky girl!! People with oval faces are the luckiest as they got a great face cut that can pull off any style. If you want to wing it you can easily pull that look and if you want no drama go with the simple line covering your lashline. It is the easiest way to go all fancy by doing the bare minimum. You can pull off any hairstyle because you got a symmetrical face that rocks the whole look.

2. Eyeliner For Round Face

To start with the round face you can add a little dimension to your face by opting for the angular eyebrows as that will add some difference to your face but don’t go too much with that as that will just go flop. People with round faces tend to keep things simple. To add some chaos and difference you can play a little with eyeshadows bu creating some smoky eye look and top up with simple eyeliner. Such different types of eyeliner will help you to make a good impression.

3. Eyeliner For Square Face

The major thing for the people with square faces is that they can start up by softening their jaws and lines. It can be achieved with the help of makeup and give a more feminine look to it. Different types of liners will give you a good and bold look. Then you can apply the eyeliner to improvise your makeup look and that will create a shadow on your face. This will define your whole look and it will give you all the best facial structures.

Different types of eyeliner
Oblong face

4. Eyeliner For Oblong Face

These girls basically have a face that has the same size as the forehead and chin. the cheekbones are wide and the face is big. To grab the attention and divert the people’s eyes you can go with a winged liner or a cat-eye look as they will enhance your eyes and move the attention towards it. Play with some soft and subtle colors to give e definition to your face and eyes. These different types of liners will help your face structure.

5. Eyeliner For Diamond Face

The diamond face has a broad forehead and a good slight jawline that makes your forehead look broad and big. To bring attention to your face and eyes. You can make an illusion with the help of eye makeup or liner by defining the shape you want. For the diamond-shaped shape people, you can go with a thick liner, it could be a simple line or a drama or catfish. These are the shapes that are a good fit for the people.

Different types of eyeliner
Diamond face


How do I choose my eyeliner shape?

You can choose the ideal shape for your eyes by identifying your face structure and the shape it has.

What type of eyeliner suits a round face?

Round face people are blessed as many things can go along with their face, A simple line, cat-eye, or anything drama suits the round face.

What are the 2 types of eyeliner?

There is a gel liner and a liquid liner both are great and amazing. The application is easy with gel eyeliner as it does not spill much or need any expertise.

Which eyeliner style is best?

These are some of the basic and best styles of wearing eyeliner:-

How do you know your eye shape?

Your eye shape has to match your face structure. You can identify with the help of your face shape.

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