How To Prevent Makeup From Transferring To Your Face Mask

Since COVID 19 and lockdown have hit the world, wearing a face mask has become a new normal. But a mask and makeup don’t seem to go together. Being a beauty blogger, I am a big fan of doing makeup but since a mask has reserved its permanent place on our face, I rarely do the detailing process of makeup. Why? My face mask smudges all my makeup on my face.

However, being a makeup lover, I can’t stay far from makeup for so long. Thus, instead of giving up on makeup, I learned about makeup during lockdown, and came up with some clever makeup tricks and hacks that help prevent my makeup from transferring to my face mask.

Want to know my secret beauty tips and hacks that I learned about makeup during the lockdown? Well, Here I have unveiled the secret of my own tried and tested makeup tips. These tips will help you learn how to stop makeup transfer on masks and will surely explain how to wear makeup with a face mask.

Face Mask Is The New Normal

As we all become habitual to the new everyday life, we have accepted that face masks have become our permanent accessories. The most common reason for makeup transferring or rubbing off is the oil secretion within your makeup and the humidity caused by the mask. In addition, the warmth from your breath causes your foundation to rise and smudge.

The current challenge is to find out how to keep your makeup in place throughout the day in the current scenario. Whether it’s an office meeting or a get-together, you have to look presentable while keeping the mask on. You may be glad to know that there are products and techniques to make your makeup last longer without any hassle.

These secret beauty tips, tricks, and long-lasting makeup products will help you get mask-proof makeup look. Adding one or two of these suggestions into your daily makeup routine may just be the simple thing to incorporate into your new normal life.

How To Keep Your Makeup On When Wearing A Mask?

Let’s discuss some ways to keep your makeup from transferring to your face mask. These beauty techniques will also help keep your makeup in place all day long, even after the mask comes off.

Pre-Makeup Routine:

First and foremost, you have to maintain and protect your skin barrier so that your makeup may eventually look good and last longer. Makeup doesn’t perform well on red and dehydrated skin. You might have heard good skin keeps good make-up. With makeup, you can hide your flaws, but you can’t hide your original skin texture. So for that, you need to take care of your skin daily. You must follow a basic skincare routine for dry skin, oily skin and likewise i.e. cleansing, toning and moisturizing, following up with a good SPF in the morning.

The benefits of skin hydration are immense. So, it is important to hydrate and protect your skin barrier (your outermost layer of skin cells), which is your skin’s first line of defence against environmental aggressors, including face masks! Then, add in cold winter weather a recipe for dry, irritated, and inflamed skin. Read all the benefits of nourished and hydrated skin.

Prime Your Skin:

The first step of makeup is to apply a good oil-free primer to hydrate and smooth the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and hide skin imperfections while creating a blurred and smooth surface for makeup application. Primer creates a protective layer between our skin and makeup, and it protects your skin from environmental pollutants to support the skin barrier. It also helps makeup to adhere better to your skin and is long-lasting.

Pro Tip: Apply it dot by dot and blend it out over your entire face or on targeted areas like the t-zone and pores where the mask tends to rub your skin a lot, like under your eyes and on your nose and cheeks. Then set the primer with a translucent powder to help seal it into your skin.

Choose a Long-Lasting Foundation That Stays On

Always go for a long-lasting matte foundation for the prevention of makeup transfer onto your mask. You want your makeup to stick to your face, not your mask. Your foundation should be sweat-resistant, humidity-resistant, heat-resistant, and waterproof. Look for a long-wear foundation that simply stays put. The liquid foundation evens skin tone and covers imperfections. It won’t cake, streak, or settle into fine lines or pores, which is very helpful when wearing a mask. Foundation with medium to full-coverage sets quickly, so always apply it with a damp makeup sponge.

Foundation Types

If you prefer a super dewy and fresh base, sorry to say but it isn’t much you can do to prevent makeup from smudging. But, investing in a matte finish and long-wearing foundations and concealers will ensure that they act as your second skin and settle to a dry finish; thereby, making them less prone to smudging. Additionally, using a good translucent powder formula over creams ensures that they last a lot longer. Once applied, the foundation should not feel heavy like other foundations. It is the ideal base for the rest of your makeup application.

so, now no more searching for how to buy the best foundation for you. Follow this easy foundation buying tip next time you shop for this makeup product.

Set Your Foundation with Powder to Keep Your Makeup Long Lasting

Like primer, setting powder may be a step in your makeup routine that you overlook. But if you want to keep your makeup in place from transferring to your face mask, using a setting powder is a mandatory step in your makeup routine that you’ll want to take. You can choose a shaded setting powder that matches your skin tone to add slightly more coverage, or you can choose a translucent shade to set your foundation.


Choose a lightweight setting powder to avoid making your foundation look cakey. After applying and blending the foundation, you must apply setting powder while your foundation is still slightly damp. Apply a light layer with a powder puff or powder brush. Avoid applying too much powder as a thick layer might not only make your foundation look cakey but it may also make your foundation look streaking, blotchy, or uneven. Avoid applying too much powder, always remember less is more when it comes to makeup.

You don’t have to apply the powder all over your face. Instead, focus on those areas such as your laugh lines, t-zone, and under the eyes. So, besides helping to prevent makeup transfer to your face mask, it is also the answer to how to apply foundation correctly.

Apply A Transfer Proof, Long-Wear Lip Color:

We all love lip colours! And we can’t imagine going a day without wearing lip gloss or lipstick, but protective masks have added a level of difficulty to rocking our favourites from today. For a stay-put look, you’ll need to swap out your go-to glosses and lipsticks for long-lasting ones instead. Try using matte lipstick or lip stain, which is the perfect liquid lipstick to use when creating a mask-proof look. Its formula is lightweight and will leave your lips feeling smooth and soft. If you leave your mask on for a long time and don’t care if you have lip colour on, you can protect your lips with a rich multi-purpose balm.  


Also, read to know tips to choose the best lipstick colors for every skin tone.

The matte base coat provides gorgeous coverage that sticks to your lips for a longer time. If you wear a mask on and off all day, smudge-proof lipstick will help you from staining.

Use a Makeup Setting Spray Stop Makeup Rubbing Off

Suppose you are thinking about how to stop makeup rubbing off on a mask. Here is the most important and finishing step for your makeup routine. Always try to use a make-up fixer spray that can make all the difference. A matte setting spray is a cult-favourite affordable drugstore setting spray that creates a lightweight and shine-free finish. It will help keep makeup from rubbing off your face and onto your mask. Why pay 2x or 3x more for a high-end makeup product when a simple matte spray performs just as well as expensive makeup products?

Makeup Spray

There are a few different ways to use a makeup setting spray. To prolong the wear of your makeup and help keep it on your face and off your mask, apply this setting spray as the last step of your makeup routine. Alternatively, you can spray it after each layer of makeup. You can also spray a little on your makeup brush before applying foundation or concealer to set your base prior to applying your colour cosmetics. In addition to spraying your face, spray the product onto a damp makeup blender and gently tap it onto the skin. This will help lift away any excess makeup and seal in makeup on areas at high risk of transfer, including under the eyes, on the nose, chin, and jawline.

Emphasise Your Eyes and Brows

Your eyes are the only part of your face that is visible even when the mask is on. You can always go for a soft smokey look to coloured eyeshadows to graphic eyeliners to let your eyes do all the talking. Also, don’t forget to define your brows and coat your lashes with lengthening mascara to make your eyes look wide awake. While you can take all the steps above to keep your makeup on your face, consider emphasizing your eyes to focus less on the makeup on the rest of your face. Eyes catch all the charm of your make-up; whether you prefer a dramatic or natural eye makeup look, you can always frame your face since your eyes get all the attention.

To know more about how to do eye makeup, read this.

Face Mask For Makeup Wearers

Wearing face masks can increase pores as it creates moisture on the face on which dirt sticks and causes breakouts. So, it’s important to use matte finish makeup in order to make your makeup smudge-free. The other thing is the face mask. A mask is meant for regular use, so it should be anti-dust, and anti-pollution one. Masks also protect from harmful viruses and germs, so a mask should be washable, stylish, and fashionable. I prefer to wear a cotton mask. You can choose from a bandana mask, polka knot mask, silk mask, or cotton mask.

Face Mask

Most makeup artists suggest a silk mask over cotton or a synthetic-blend mask because silk has a cooling quality that naturally absorbs moisture from cotton. As a result, silk won’t dry out your skin, keeping your makeup smudge-free. A silk mask also looks smart on the face. In the market, lots of face masks are available; you can choose the face mask by matching your dress.

By following this list of beauty hacks to prevent makeup from transferring to a mask, you can make yourself look glamorous and beautiful. You can also take extra skincare steps to streamline your makeup routine. The good news is that it is absolutely still possible to wear makeup while wearing a mask.

For flawless makeup application, you can call Yes Madam’s makeup artist at home.

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