How Often Is It Recommended To Get A Full Body Massage?

During these busy times, people are experiencing a multitude of health and mental problems, including chronic stress, which is harmful to their health. As people have realized the severity of this problem, solutions like self-care have become more prevalent. People have taken to social media to promote self-care, and brands have started investing in this agenda as well.

Self-care can be defined as the way of taking care of oneself through exercises, meditation, hobbies, passions, spa sessions, etc. However, in your busy schedule, you might not always get time to take care of yourself through exercise or meditation or such ways. Yet, there is one thing you can do, that is, get a full body massage. Massages are always very relaxing and get rid of your stress, but there are many other benefits of getting a full body massage as well. There are also different types of massages that you could get. So keep reading to find out how frequently you should get a massage, its benefits, and other details.

Full Body Massage Benefits

Most people understand massage for its relaxing and stress-relieving benefits. Know why you should get a massage. Despite this, a full-body massage has many more benefits than meets the eye.

  1. Refreshes the skin: When you get a full body massage, the mere friction of your therapist’s hands can do wonders for your body and also your skin. Besides the friction, the massage oil and lotion on your skin help exfoliate your skin as well. Consequently, it helps remove dead cells from your skin and allows fresh cells to emerge on your skin’s surface. Also, read – Exfoliate for smooth and healthy skin.
  2. Relaxes your nervous system: When you relax in your full body massage session, your nervous system slips into a “rest and digest” mode. During this time, when you get a massage, it’ll relieve all your aching muscles that may be caused by pressure on nerves. Moreover, when your nervous system relaxes, your hormone levels also get balanced.
  3. Benefits of your muscular and skeletal system: Our muscles can be compared to sponges. When they contract, lymph and blood squeeze out, and when they relax, fresh blood brings in oxygen, nutrients, and immune cells. Likewise, a massage relieves tension in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  4. Detoxes your lymphatic system: The lymphatic system performs the essential function of balancing fluids in the body and helps keep your immune system working. When a therapist kneads your muscles and tissues during a massage, it promotes the flushing out of dead cells, possible viruses or pathogens, and waste products.
  5. Improved blood supply to the bones: Just like the rest of our body parts, our bones also need a continuous supply of blood to help our body function. By receiving a whole body massage, your blood will be able to flow through your body, including your bones. Consequently, your skeletal system benefits a lot from even a single full-body spa.
  6. Helps you get a healthy heart: Seeing as a massage has so many benefits, it surely won’t come as surprising that a massage is great for your heart as well. A massage aids the heart to regulate blood flow and oxygen supply throughout your body.
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Different types of massage

Generally, most massage therapists or practitioners use either talcum powder or oil when they give a full body massage. Sometimes, they may also use a thin cloth or a sheet while giving a full body massage. Yet, a full-body massage is of various types. The types of full-body massage are

  • Therapeutic or massage for general health and relaxation: This type of massage is also known as ‘Swedish’ or ‘Western’ massage. Massages of this type promote relaxation in the body and improve blood circulation in an effort to boost health.
  • Remedial: This type of massage is designed for assessing, treating, and restoring signs and causes of injury or dysfunction in biomechanical parts of the body. Remedial massage makes the use of specific techniques to aid in mobilization.
  • Myotherapy: This type of massage is meant to assess and treat pain or injury in the soft tissues of your body. It also helps treat dysfunction in mobility and movement. In addition, soft-tissue structures such as muscles, ligaments, fascia, tendons, and blood vessels are improved through myotherapy.
  • Aromatherapy: A full body massage is often done with oils, mainly essential oils that have therapeutic properties. Massage with body oil improves your body’s functions and helps you relax fully because these oils are made from specific herbs and flowers.
  • Shiatsu: It is a massage technique of the East that helps improve the flow of energy throughout your body and works the pressure points of your body, which is similar to the principle of acupuncture.
  • Reflexology: Reflex points are specific points in the body that stimulate our bodies natural healing process. These points also respond to all types of pressure. The principle behind reflexology is stimulating these reflex points.
  • Sports: There are specific types of massage which are best for athletes or for people who have an active lifestyle. These massage techniques differ for each athlete depending upon the nature of the sport they play, their training, or the competition they would participate in. You can also read about: Shirodhara ayurvedic treatment and all you need to know about Kati Basti.

When should you exercise caution in case of a full body massage?

There are specific times or conditions when people should exercise in case of full body massage. For example:

  • During pregnancy
  • If you have skin rashes, infections, or wounds
  • In case of broken or fractured bones.
  • If you have a chronic, life-threatening disease

How frequently can you get a full body massage?

A full body massage can not only have various benefits but also can be used for various purposes. You could opt for a full-body oil massage from therapists when you have an injury or even if you just want to de-stress and relax. Thus, there is no general rule of thumb about the number of massages you should get. However, you could consult with a doctor or therapist about the frequency of full-body massages that you could get. Or you can get a full body massage service at home from professionals, and book online at Yes Madam.

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