Ultimate Guide To Body Hair Removal

Hair removal is widely practiced, particularly among women, for aesthetic, medical, cultural, and hygienic reasons. It helps us achieve flawless and smooth skin. But the process of hair removal can be fairly tricky.

With the presence of so many hair removal tools and products on the market, it becomes difficult to make a choice, especially when it comes to body hair.

Body hair is often difficult to get rid of. But there are several benefits of body hair removal. Also, read – the benefits of hair removal.  It can help boost your self-esteem, and you can be more confident in your skin. If you are someone with tattoos, then removing body hair will make them more visible. Body hair removal is also commonly practiced among bodybuilders and athletes as it might come in the way of their performance. The absence of body hair brings out muscle definition prominently.

Here are some of the best ways in which you can remove body hair.


The most widely used and easily available method of body hair removal is shaving. It is remarkably easy and a super cost-efficient procedure.

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You can do it anytime at home, all by yourself. It is most effective in removing fine hair, and the process is painless. First, get a delicate hair removal razor – you can use both reusable and disposable ones. Next, get shaving cream or foam designed for body hair removal. There are products formulated for sensitive skin as well. This will form a barrier against your skin and save it from razor burns. Use small gentle strokes and be cautious around delicate skin areas. Finally, shave with the grain, i.e. in the direction of hair growth, to avoid shaving in the opposite direction. After it is complete, wash your skin, dry it and moisturize well.


Waxing is the process of removing hair from the roots in one specific area, all in one go. It is one of the most effective methods for body hair removal. This routine lasts for a longer period, is relatively cost-effective, and removes every hair from the root. It also does not leave stubble behind, which is usually the case for shaving. There are different kinds of waxes available in the market. In the case of hot waxing, the wax needs to be heated to a certain temperature until it turns into a gel-like consistency and is applied to the skin. The strip is then pressed and forcibly pulled along with hair to achieve silky smooth hairless skin.

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In the case of cold waxing, waxing strips with semi-cold wax are already available for purchase. This can be directly on the skin and pulled to get rid of body hair.

Stripless waxing is a kind of waxing procedure that is most commonly used in the bikini area and on the face. Break one or two cubes of wax and put them in the heater. Heat it for a few minutes till it melts. Apply the wax to the desired area and allow it to cool for a few seconds. Pull it in the opposite direction of hair growth, and this will get rid of hair from the sensitive parts of your body.


It is one of the newest and trending ways of getting rid of body hair with the use of products from your kitchen. It is the most primitive way of hair removal used by the Egyptians way back in time. Here is how to make the perfect recipe for sugaring:

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  • In a medium-sized pot, put 1 cup of white sugar,1\8th cup lemon juice, and 1\8th cup of warm water.
  • Boil the mixture and keep stirring it frequently to avoid burning
  • Once you see bubbles, reduce to medium heat and keep stirring
  • Transfer the paste to a bowl and let it cool for thirty minutes. The paste should remain hot but not enough to cause damage to your skin.

Take the paste and put it on your skin. Always remember to spread the paste in the direction of your hair growth. Rip off the wax parallel to your skin to reveal smooth hairless skin without the use of any harsh chemicals.

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Laser hair removal:

This hair removal technique is a permanent solution to your hair removal problems. With this technique, hair grows back slower, thinner, and sparser than before and gives you long-lasting results. The laser beam targets the hair follicles, essentially burning them, so the hair falls out. Even though it might be considered painful by a few, it leaves no scars or other painful side effects.

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Expert professionals do it with the help of specialized equipment.

Hair removal cream:

This form of hair removal is the easiest to do by yourself. This quick and easy way of hair removal just requires you to get the product, apply it to your skin, wait for some time and wash it off. But, unfortunately, the cream essentially breaks down the keratin structure, i.e. the protein of the hair. As a result, hair becomes weak and thinning to the point that the base dissolves when the skin is washed.

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Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the best body hair removal technique leaving you with flawless and hairless skin.

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