Top Five Skincare Products That You Shouldn’t Live Without

Healthy skin is a dream of many but to achieve that you need to climb a few stairs and those would be, stairs of patience, consistency, and skincare routine. There is no big challenge in it, just being constant is the key to the problem.

Essential Skincare Products


Cleansing is one important step in skincare that is the base of all other steps. The cleanser is an essential skin care product and must be there in your beauty regime. It helps your skin to get rid of dirt and excess oil and bacteria. The cleanser helps the skin in deep cleaning so that your pores get a bath and your skin looks fresh and even. In the process of CTM, cleaning comes first and makes it the most important step in skincare.


It is another essential skincare product as it comes after cleaning. Toner for your skin helps you to get rid of any oil or any makeup residue just so that your skin does not get irritated with the product and does not react on your face. It also helps the pores to get close and does not allow any dust particles to get trapped. It also helps your skin to maintain the Ph balance. Your toner should be non-alcoholic and should not contain any paraben as that can affect your skin and can lead to inflammation.

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The last step in CTM is moisturizing. Moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated and locks the moisture well. People who have oily skin do not take this step seriously but that is the wrong way of ignoring it. Even if your skin is oily you have to apply the cream to it as it does not promote more oil but helps the extra oil by controlling its production. Be it dry skin or oily skin, moisturizing is important.


A very important and essential skin care product that can reduce aging and can save you from the harsh sun rays, is sunblock. Sun rays can give you wrinkles, dark spots, and unwanted patches on the skin and burn your skin. To prevent all these, sunscreens are really important as it holds loads of good properties that can help you look younger and brighter. As it holds the power to slow down the aging and prevents your skin from the small lines. Always remember to apply sunscreen whenever you step out of your home.


Due to aging and pollution, dead skin cells sit on our face to get rid of them we need to exfoliate our skin to make it look better and more beautiful. It also helps in getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads that clog our pores and take the beauty away.


What in skincare is absolutely necessary?

CTM is very necessary as it really helps your skin to bring back the glow and makes it look fresh and clean.

How do I keep my foundation from transferring to a face mask?

Try to put compact powder or use a matte foundation. Your foundation should be transfer-proof and sweatproof so that it does not come off.

Does setting spray keep makeup from rubbing off?

Yes, the setting spray helps your makeup to stay in place and makes it last longer.

How do I stop my foundation from coming off my nose?

Try a setting spray it really works wonders and you can also dab a powder compact just to make it stay a little longer.

These are some essential skincare products that everyone should use to keep their skin younger, fresh and glowing. There is no rocket science in doing skincare to achieve a glass clear skin as these easy steps can make it happen.

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