Step By Step Guide To Make Your Skincare Routine For All-Season

A skincare routine is essential for better skin and it is important to follow the right steps. This skincare routine helps your skin look younger, brighter, and glowy. According to different weather, your skin reacts differently so it becomes necessary to change your routine along with your products.

Bloating paper for oily skin
Bloating paper for oily skin

Skincare Routine For Winter

1. Clean your face with milk

Milk contains very good properties that help the skin to have a glow and smooth texture. The lactic acid fights back with the dust as it takes out the dust particles and cleans the skin from the inside. Milk also helps to remove the makeup residue and make the pores supple and soft. You can also use a milk-based cleanser o remove all the dirt.

2. Exfoliate every twice a week

Exfoliating your skin is very important as it helps you get rid of dead skin, dull skin, and all the dirt trapped inside the pores. It makes your skin clean and smooth. Due to winter skin gets very dry, flaky, and dull to make it right exfoliation is the best thing. But always be very calm and easy on your skin as over-exfoliating can harm your skin and make it red. always choose a scrubber that is not very harsh on your skin.

3. Must give your skin a massage every day

Massaging your skin is very important as it is needed because your skin needs deep moisturizing due to winters. You can. Use different oils like coconut, rosemary, or almond oil as these oils go deep inside and skin makes the skin glowy and supple. If you do not want to use any oils you can also go with the aloe vera gel, it is also a good product for massage purposes. You need to massage your face after exfoliating your face. After massaging for 2 minutes you can wash your face with lukewarm water.

4. Deep conditioning cream, gel, or moisturizer

This step is very important in winter skincare routine as winters makes your skin dry and misturising is im portant not only your face but also your hands and feet. Moisturizing helps your skin to lock the moisture and keeps iy hydrating.

Pimples due to oily skin
Pimples due to oily skin

Skincare Routine For Summers

1.Cleanse your skin

The first and the formost thing is to clean your face with water and facewash. Summers brings lots of dikrt and polution and waszhin g face is the necessary step ikn the skincare routine. You can was your face 2-3 a day to make sure the dut does not sits on your face and enter the pores.

2.Exfoliate your skin

To achieve the glowy skin you need to exfoliate your skin atleast twice a week and it is recommended to use only scrubs that are good with your skin and not harsh that leave rednesss all over your face. It help our skin to look radiant and clean as it removes all the dead cells and makes your skin look brighter and youner looking.


Moistuizing your skin is very important and in summers you can switch tol ,light moisturizer as your skin already hold much m oisture but or the protection you need to apply the moitsurizer


Sun can harm your skin very badly nd c an cause som e serious damage. Leaving home without SPF can be dangerolus azs it can b urn your skin bad. Always apply sunscreen after application of moisturizer. Even if you are n ot leaving your home still apply sunscreena as the properties helps your skin to look radiknt and also stops the fine lines coming.


1. How do you take care of your skin in all seasons?

Wash your face and keep it hydrating with the moisturizer or oil.

2. Should you change your skin care routine in the winter?

Yes, you can add or eliminate some steps like you can use heavy cream in winters and wash your face thrice a day in summers.

3. What is the best skin care routine for winter?

Wash your face
Apply toner
Apply moisturizer
Protect your skin with SPF

4. What should apply on face at night in summer?

Remove all your makeup
Moisturize your skin
Apply eye cream and hand cream

5. Should you use toner winter?

Yes, you need toners in winters.

6. Is coconut oil good for your skin?

Yes, it good for your skin as it also helps your skin to look brighter an shinner.

7. Is Rose water a toner?

Yes, it is a natural toner.

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