Pre-Bridal Skincare Tips To Follow At Home

A wedding is a day that every girl has dreamed of since childhood. The makeup, clothes, or any theme, they want it all to be top-notch. It is so important and is all about being the centre of attraction. To get all the eyes stuck on you, you book the best makeup artist and get the perfect outfit and shoes in the world.

But you miss one thing pre-bridal skincare, which is the most important step a bride can start with as it helps you to get a natural glow on your face. Heavy makeup can not compete with a natural glow and that glow helps you to shine better than any highlighter.

In your initial months, you can start taking such measures to achieve the look on your face and to be the glowy bride.

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There are a few pre-bridal skincare tips that can make your skin out stand on your D-day.

Pre-Bridal Skincare Tips

1. Never skip on CTM

During the time shopping and running errands, your skin must have lost all the glow but if you continue the CTM process that is cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. These three steps will help your skin look radiant and will bring back the lost glam from your face. This is the major and important step a bride should definitely follow.

With the cleaning takes off your dust and cleans all your pores and toning helps to close the open pores just in case you don’t have to get surprised with a pimple moisturizing helps in locking the moisture and keeps your skin hydrating.

Pre-bridal skincare tips
CTM-Cleaning, Toning, and moisturizing

2. Start on a DIY Homemade mask

If you guys are not open to using new products in the end stage of your marriage you can simply rely on the homemade mask. The natural ingredients won’t harm your skin also they are very good and provides you the genuine results. Even if you will clean your face daily with raw milk you will get glowing skin in just 10 days. The properties all the kitchen ingredients hold are very good for pre-bridal skin care at home is best and for normal skincare too. So now don’t only add turmeric to your veggies but also to your face mask.

3. Adapt a healthy diet

Stop eating fried and junk to prevent your skin from uninvited guests that are pimples. Eating healthy makes your skin glow and gives a direct impact on your skin it will make your skin look younger and fine. You can help your skin with a well-balanced diet and skip junk food for some time to see the visible results.

if you don’t know what to eat and what not you can hire a dietician who can help you with a diet plan and you just have to follow it and you will definitely feel fresh and lam on your face.

Pre-bridal skincare
Applying Moisturizer

4. Say bye to stress

Give your stress a break and live a good, happy, and relaxed life till you get married. Take proper sleep of 6-8 hours and try to keep your head free from overthinking. It is that time when you are giving off your mental stress and bringing on a relaxed mood. Due to the lack of sleep, your skin will look tired and not fresh. If you want to look good you need to have a good rest and sleep with no tension and stress.

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5. Protect your skin from Sun

Whenever you are going out for a wedding purpose be it your outfit shopping, your jewellery shopping, or your heels you have to take care of your skin from the sun as the harsh UV rays can destroy your skin and can cause several things like tan, pimples, dullness and other diseases that can take time to cure. So always apply and carry an SPF that can safeguard you from the sun’s rays and not harm your skin.

6. Pre-wedding day skincare regimen

  • You must know what to do a day before your wedding after you have prepared everything. The reason is next day, or on the wedding day, the skin must look energized and vibrant.
  • Do not skip the CTM Routine. Try natural cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.
  • Take a deep and undisturbed sleep, it will help de-stress your body and the skin
  • Do a light workout such as jumping jacks, squats, and walking
  • Massage your face with lukewarm jojoba or grapeseed oil using your index finger and thumb
  • Do not put on makeup before the wedding day, it will let your skin breathe efficiently
  • Take a full-body massage to relax and rejuvenate your body and the skin impressively

These are a few pre-bridal skin care tips that you can follow to have charming and glowy skin.


Your skin must glow with its inner beauty and these pre-bridal skincare tips can help you more than your expectations. I would also suggest visiting a dermatologist. They will also consult you with the best pre-bridal skincare routine.

With all these pre-bridal skincare tips, do not forget to eat well, take a good night’s sleep, and exercise daily. The most crucial thing is to keep your body hydrated and drink at least 4 litres of water a day.


How do I prepare my skin before my wedding makeup?

You can start with the CTM or you can simply dip your face in a bowl full of ice cubes for 10 minutes will close your open pores and your makeup will sit nicely on your face.

What is necessary for pre-bridal skincare?

Get your body waxed, get a full body massage and get your nails done. You can also take some facials for extra glow. These are two essential otherwise there are so many tips to follow for pre-bridal skincare.

What should we do for glowing skin before marriage?

Change your lifestyle by starting to eat healthy food, taking proper sleep, managing stress, and following proper CTM.

How many days before the wedding should I do a facial?

1-2 days before your special day can be a good start. As it will bring some glow to your skin and your makeup will look flawless.

Which facial is good for the bride?

Gold facial is the most recommended facial for brides. Also, you can have any facial that suits your skin type.

Which bleach is best for the bride?

O3+ meladerm vitamin C Gel Bleach for Skin
VLCC Insta Glow Gold Bleach
Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach
O3+ Sara Oxy Gold Shine and Glow Bleach Cream Anti

How many days before the wedding should you get your hair waxed?

Get your hair waxed 5 days prior to the wedding day. Take full-body waxing that includes Brazilian waxing, too. Now you can get body waxing services at home from Yes Madam.

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