Facial Massage Benefits: Reasons To Do It

Facial massages are treatments that have numerous benefits. The best part about them is that you can do them yourself or get them done professionally. However, getting a facial massage done professionally is indeed going to do you more good than one done at home.

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Is it reasonable to massage your face every day?

Facial Massage Benefits: Reasons To Do It
Massage your face every day

Anything in excess is never a good thing. Hence, if you are massaging your face using numerous products, you should keep it limited to a considerable number. Many experts have said that it is enough to do a facial massage 2-3 times a week. However, you should not overuse products on your face as they will strip your face off the natural oils present. This will end up causing more damage.

Experts have also recommended that you can massage your face lightly for 15-20 minutes every day to activate circulation. All you have to do is lightly drum your fingers around your cheekbones, and forehead. Apply a little pressure.

Here are some things you should keep in mind while doing a facial massage on your own –

  1. Make sure your face is clean. Use a gentle face wash and lukewarm water.
  2. Clean your hands as well.
  3. It is recommended that you do this at night before you are going to rest so that you can gain full benefits.

When should we do a facial massage?

When should we do a facial massage?
When should we do a facial massage?

While it is a common practice for women to get facial massages done when they are getting ready for occasions and functions, it is something that you should make a habit of. In today’s world, you know how harmful air pollution is. A lot of other factors like the quality of water, the products you use, and stress factors add more damage to your skin. Hence, it is suggested that you make it a regular thing. Getting routinely facial massages done will help you with your skin immensely.

Why is facial massage important?

Facial massage helps in the following ways –

  1. Anti Aging – Facial massages help you with slowing down your skin’s aging. It keeps your skin firm and supple.
  2. Wrinkles – Similarly, if your skin is young and activated regularly, you won’t have to face wrinkles for a long time.
  3. Sinus Pressure – If it is not acute sinus, you can use a facial massage to get rid of the discomfort.
  4. Acne – Facial massages with the right kind of oils and creams help work your skin up. This helps in reducing acne significantly. It is best done in a salon. However, if you are doing it on your own or getting a friend to do it, do not put too much pressure.
  5. Massaging your trigger points may help with a tight jaw and firm muscles.
  6. Glowing skin – When you massage your face, it clears up and looks plumper and joyful.
  7. Skin blood flow – If you get a massage done using a facial roller, you will get increased blood flow to your skin. This will make it firmer and more youthful.
  8. Relieves tension – A good massage helps loosen you up and makes you feel less tense.
  9. Scar Tissue repair – If you have a facial scar that is in the process of getting healed, you can get massages done to alleviate and quicken the process of it.
  10. Flatten bumps – If you have any bumps on your skin, frequent massaging can help you with it.
  11. Loosen up tissues -If your skin is rigid or you get frequent cases of a tightened jaw, getting massages will help you with it.
  12. Helps with itchiness – If you are allergic, then getting massages can help reduce the flare-ups, and make it bearable.
  13. Define your face – A lot of massages available now help you with defining your cheekbones and other areas so that you have a polished, defined look.
  14. Reduces stress – Sometimes our worries manifest into making our faces look worn out. Facials are immensely helpful with that.
  15. Helps flush out toxins – Facial massages help move the lymphatic fluid and clear out your skin.
  16. Help with drying out the skin – Use the right kind of oils and it will help make your skin stop drying out in winters.
  17. Helps with reducing dark spots.
  18. If you have hyper-pigmentation, getting frequent massages at a salon will help make the effects reduce.
  19. Improves product absorption – Good massages will help your skin get better at absorbing products. This will make your skin look gorgeous even with minimal effort.
  20. Increased collagen production and cell growth will lead to softer and healthier skin.
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Tips for When You are Doing Facial Massage At Home

Facial Massage At Home
Facial Massage At Home
  1. Use circular motions all over your face.
  2. Use the tips of your fingers first.
  3. Press into your jaw if you want to get rid of tension.
  4. Use appropriate oils. For example, almond and argan are useful for dry skin.

While it is nice to do a quick fix at home, it would be better if you would call an at-home salon professional and get your massage done. Cleanup services done by them are better as they will use the right products on you in the right manner.

If you are extremely worried about your face, for example, pigmentation, acne scars, etc, you should definitely consult professionals regarding the same so that they create a routine that will suit you and help you figure out your problems. They will also be able to guide you well about the aftercare and what products to use so that your face can retain a glow and look youthful.

Let them know what your aim with the facial massage is, and let them in on your problem areas. After that, sit back and relax. Let the massage work its wonders on you. You can then lightly massage your face every day on your own until your next appointment.

So what are you waiting for? Google facial services near me and get the massages started!

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