Janu Basti: Knee Cap Therapy By Ayurveda

Ayurveda is full of extraordinary practices that provide relief to the most common ailments that occur physically with age. “Janu” is the Sanskrit word for the knee joint and “Basti” means holding a bag over something. The ancient therapy of “Janu Basti” is the primary Ayurvedic treatment for chronic knee pain and osteoarthritis. It involves holding medicated oil pooled over the knees for a considerable period of time that helps to strengthen the architecture of the knee joint. The Janu Basti ayurvedic treatment is known to provide magical relief from stiffness and knee pain and shows exceptional results in the case of older patients. The knee joint carries your entire body weight and is under constant stress throughout the day. This is why knee joint pain is one of the most common problems faced by people, which can be caused due to degeneration, inflammation, or injury to the joint. Janu Basti is an effective herbal treatment for providing relief from painful knee conditions.

Basti essentially means a bag or a pool of liquid and refers to the medicinal oils held over the knee in a bag or compartment in the process of Janu Basti. It improves the structure of the joints, increases their functioning, and slows down further degenerative changes. It can be useful for those suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatism, ligament tear, or simply knee joint pain. Read on to understand how the procedure is undertaken and how you can benefit from the relaxing medicinal oils used in this wonderful treatment.

Doctor’s Consultation

The first and foremost step before you take the Janu Basti Ayurvedic treatment would be to consult an Expert from the Ayurvedic Field. To make it much easier and more convenient for you we have brought the consultancy straight to your homes, on your phone/computer screens. You can book a consultancy session with our Patanjali-certified Naturopathy and Ayurvedic Experts and clear all your queries from them without even visiting them, right through your phone screens.

Janu Basti Procedure: What Does It Entail?

  1. The process begins by making the patient lay down in a supine position (on their back).
  2. Then a reservoir or bag is constructed on their knees, which is made of kneaded dough prepared from black gram powder. This is meant to hold the ayurvedic oils over the knee for the required period of time and feels quite soothing.
  3. A variety of medicinal oils can be used for this purpose, including sesame oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, Brahmi oil, coconut oil, bhringraj oil, neem oil, corn oil, olive oil, mahanarayana tel, black seed oil, and so on. Oil or a combination of these are selected upon careful study of the body constitution and imbalanced bio energies by the expert performing the procedure.
  4. Once selected, the oil is warmed up in a water bath, but is never heated directly over a fire. The lukewarm oil is then poured over the knee joint or Janu Sandhi surrounded by the reservoir made of dough. It is poured in such a way that the stream of oil first travels over the thumb and then falls on the knee joint.
  5. The herbal contents of the medicated oils along with the heat work their magic over the knee joint, while the expert maintains the temperature of the oil.
  6. The oils are kept lukewarm either with a dryer or by removing the cooler oil and replacing it with newly heated warm oil inside the reservoir.
  7. The duration for holding the oil also varies as per the bio-energies and level of disease felt by the body.
  8. After the necessary time has passed, the reservoir made of dough is pierced, and the oil is collected into a vessel. A light massage after this process stimulates the knee joint and rounds up the relaxing procedure.
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Benefits of The Janu Basti Treatment

Janu Basti is the most effective knee pain treatment in Ayurveda that works wonders for those facing osteoporosis, arthritis, patellar tendonitis, knee sprains, knee joint pain or difficulty in walking due to increased “Vata dosha”. It offers the following benefits when performed ideally by a trained expert in Ayurvedic treatments:

  1. It nourishes the Janu or knee.
  2. Improves the functions of the knee joint.
  3. Strengthens the joints and facilitates movement.
  4. For people with an aggravated “Vata dosha”, it is a relieving remedy.
  5. The warm oils and light massage improve circulation in the knee joint area
  6. The knee joint is bound to undergo wear and tear with age. The basti ayurveda treatment protects the knee from premature degeneration and slows down senile changes.
  7. It also maintains the sturdy structure of the knee joint by providing support.
  8. It reduces knee swelling considerably.
  9. Increases the capacity of the knee to bear weight, helping you walk more comfortably.
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Janu Basti is a helpful Ayurvedic practice that makes the knee joint motility stronger. You can consider this procedure for protecting your knee joint from future problems and giving strength to the most important joint in your body! It is recommended to be performed only by experts who have been trained in systematic Ayurvedic procedures. Yes Madam has collaborated with Patanjali to provide easy and convenient knee therapy with Janu Basti at home. The experts at Yes Madam have received high-quality training by professionals at Patanjali about the detailed process of Janu Basti knee pain treatment. This will ensure you get the best service and results from Ayurvedic Treatment at home! Pick the Yes Madam platform for getting a professional and well-carried-out treatment with Janu Basti.

Janu Basti

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