Difference Between a Makeup Artist and a Beautician

A beautician or a makeup artist, right? These two are the most confusing terms for people. Another shocking fact is that calling makeup artists beauticians is considered impolite. It is like calling Civil Engineer a Mistri.

So if you call someone a Mistri rather than a Civil Engineer, it will hurt their sentiments. In the same way, if you address makeup artists as beauticians, it will be an inappropriate thing.

You must understand the difference between a makeup artist and a beautician. The way Black Salt is different from White Salt same difference is here. Let’s not waste time and go straight.

Makeup Artist – An Overview

Makeup artists are professionally trained personnel looking after the client from top to bottom. They are far more skilled in makeup tactics. They know the art of making you look the prettiest in a crowd.

They will help in hair styling, enhancing physical features via cosmetics, concealing flaws, and making you look gorgeous and flawless.

Have you heard the word makeover makeup artists are trained professionals for that? Their art is to nail the creativity during a makeup session.

Makeup Artist and Beautician
Makeup Artist and Beautician

A makeup artist can make money between 15000 to 5 lacs per month. Being the word artist included in their profession, they must be marvellously creative and versatile.

Beauticians – Who are they, and what do they do?

Beauticians are experts in pampering your skin with genuine love and care. Parlours often hire beauticians rather than makeup artists. After teaching them some makeup techniques, they don’t need to hire a makeup artist.

Makeup Artist
Makeup Artist

Beauticians provide manicures, pedicures, facials, haircuts, nail polishing, waxing, and many other services to help maintain healthy skin. They are not experts in styling and makeup but in enhancing your skin via cosmetics or beauty products.

Beauticians also earn a good amount that ranges from 8k to 30k per month. Not as better as the makeup artists, but if you add tips, extra bonuses, incentives, etc. It may go up to 50 or 60k for a beautician. And a professional beautician can earn a fancy amount compared to this.


Freelance makeup artist – How to become a freelance makeup artist?

There is a big difference between a salaried person and a businessman. A salaried person can’t earn more than his salary, while a businessman doesn’t have a determined earning. It depends on their skills and how much they will make.

Freelance makeup artists work independently and have no determined limit on their earnings. In addition, they may charge per hour, per day, per person, or booking.

And a salaried makeup artist will get his monthly salary only, or he can be tipped or earn incentives. But a freelance makeup artist will earn these bonuses, too. So, you can see who is privileged here.

Makeup artists can work as a freelancer whom clients will contact directly or can work in an organization. When you work in an organization, production house and a parlour or salon, you have no direct contact with the clients.

And landing as a freelancer in the beauty industry is challenging, but once you get it, you will be a golden spoon.

Top Makeup Schools in India where you can hone makeup skills

  • Delhi School of Beauty & Makeup
  • Glam Skills
  • LIMA – Learning Institute of Makeup & Hair
  • Makeup Artist Institute, Dehradun
  • Natural Training Academy, Delhi
  • FATMU, Mumbai
  • Da Makeup Lab Academy

Getting experience in salons or parlours can prepare you for a career as a freelance makeup artist. Remember, makeup is an art the more you are skilled more you will make money.

In these top beauty academies of India, you will get the opportunity to polish your makeup skills. More than just polishing your proficiency, it will help you shine the stars of your career.

3 Steps to Start as a Freelance Makeup Artist.

  • Networking
  • Social Media
  • Starting your beauty academy or salon

Difference between Beautician and Makeup Artist – At Glance

ParametersBeauticianMakeup Artist
ResponsibilitiesPampering skin with love and care via cosmetics or beauty products. They do facials, haircuts, mani-pedi, makeup, etc.They enhance your physical features, conceal flaws, and have the art of nailing creativity to make you look prettiest in a crowd.
Makeup SkillsBasic makeup skills but are professionals in taking care of your skin.Pro Makeup Skills with outstanding creativity.
Hair CareThey also take care of hair services like hair spa, hair colour, Mehendi application, etc.They care for hair styling like blow drying, ironing, curls, hairdos, etc.
Tips & SuggestionsBeauticians are also qualified to suggest skincare and haircare products according to the customer’s requirements.A makeup artist can use creative and analytical skills to determine what products will look best on individuals. 
Salary or EarningsBeauticians make 8k to 30k per month. And professional beauticians can earn more than 50k per month.Makeup Artists earn a fancy amount between 15k to 5 lacs per month. And it all depends on their skills.

Should you start your career as a Beautician or a Makeup Artist? Final Words

It is difficult to tell you where you get the best career growth because a beautician or a makeup artist are magnificent paths to shine the stars of your life.

The job of a makeup artist is seasonal, whereas the demand for a beautician is year-round. However, it is a seasonal job still makeup artists earn an insane amount of money, whereas beauticians will work 12 months to reach there.

Beauticians are all-rounder as they are also skilled with basic to intermediate makeup skills. So, the good idea is to grow your career as a beautician first and then start learning pro makeup skills in your extra time.

In this way, you will grow yourself not as just a beautician but as a makeup artist, too. It is an impressive money-making strategy that will double your earnings. I hope this answer will help you.

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FAQs about beauticians and the makeup artists

Which is better – a beautician or a makeup artist?
Both are essential a makeup artist can’t do what a beautician can. So you can’t say a beautician is better or a makeup artist is not. The creativity level of a makeup artist is insane. The beauty industry needs both beauticians and makeup artists.
Is a beautician a professional?
A beautician can be a professional by gaining experience and excellency in her hands. To grow your career as a professional beautician, you should have a minimum of 8 to 10 years of beauty industry experience.
Why are professional makeup artists expensive?
These artists are expensive as they use world-class products and are crazily creative. If you want a makeover, only a professional makeup artist can help you land a gorgeous finish on your face and hair. Their art is to nail the creativity entirely, so they are expensive.
What is the difference between a makeup artist and a pro makeup artist?
Pro makeup artists never compromise the quality of their beauty products or cosmetics. Since they are trained professionals, they always use premium and expensive products to maintain hygiene, accuracy, and cleanliness. But makeup artist uses inexpensive products and are not highly creative. The word pro itself is enough to define the difference.
Why is bridal makeup expensive?
Bridal makeup is expensive because it offers a faultless charismatic finish that people adore. So, it must be of super quality or exceptional. The bridal makeup cost is also high because of the professionals performing the session. And it is costly to hire a professional.
What is the difference between normal makeup and bridal makeup?
Normal makeup helps you ready for work, parties, and other events, including powder, lipstick, kajal, etc. And bridal makeup includes each cosmetic or makeup product that will furnish stunning charm.
What is party makeup?
Party makeup can be heavy or light, which helps you look stylish and fascinating. You won’t need all cosmetics to create a party-ready makeup look, but you can use a few.
What is the salary of a makeup artist?
The salary of a makeup artist starts from Rs. 15000/- per month, and a makeup artist’s salary will go up to 5 lacs per month approx.
What is the salary of a beautician?
The beautician’s salary will begin from Rs. 8000/- per month approx, and their salary will go up to 30 to 50 thousand rupees per month. It includes incentives.
How can I hire a beautician or a wedding makeup artist near me?
Hiring a beautician or wedding makeup artist near you is more convenient. Type Yes Madam on your phone, and you can hire a wedding makeup artist or a beautician. Here the professionals will come to serve you at home.

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