How to do hair colour highlights at home?

Fitting the regular salon visits into a hectic lifestyle is not feasible for many women out there. It often makes women deprived of getting their favourite hairstyles and hair colour highlights. It shouldn’t be. Nothing should and nothing can check women from looking their best. Thankfully, there are DIY hair highlights and at home salons available that help you take the matter into your hands.

At home salons provide a mess-free experience to highlight your hair whereas DIY hair colour highlights are quick and affordable to use. The only tricky thing is to find your right match among the different types of hair colour highlights but once you get your best match, the rest is easy.

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How to find the best Hair colour highlight shades for you?

Different shades of hair highlights,
Different shades of hair colour highlights

Choose a dye that is one or two shades lighter than your natural hair colour. If you opt for a too lighter or too darker shade, your hair colour highlights would look unnatural and stark.

Pro Tip: Identify your skin tone and choose hair bleach accordingly.

How to highlight your hair at home?

Whether you are going for hair colour highlights brown, blonde, or blue, you can find at home highlighting kits to achieve your desired results.

Scroll down to learn how to highlight your hair at home using DIY techniques.

Foil highlights:

Foil highlights are one of the most loved methods used by hair stylists at home. In this method, a stripe of aluminium foil covers the highlighted hair strands, which helps trap the heat and process colour faster. Also, it makes sure that your hair colour will not drip onto the surrounding area and you will get a precise result.

Foil hair highlights,
Foil Highlights

Step by step process of foil highlights:

  • Mix your hair dye in a bowl.
  • Comb your hair and part it down.
  • Cut out aluminium foil that is 2” longer and 4” wider than your hair length.  
  • Section all your hair into 3-inch and clip them out.
  • Clip off one section and hold the hair from the tip.
  • Remove the clip from a section of hair that is right at the front.
  • Place a foil strip under the hair section and apply hair dye to the area, starting from roots to tips.
  • Fold the foil edges outward and clip them out.
  • Repeat the process for all the sections.
  • Wait for 30 minutes or as directed on the hair highlights box.
  • Remove all the foils one by one.
  • Rinse off with colour safe shampoo and dry naturally.

Hair Chunking:

If you want to flaunt a more vivacious and dramatic look, hair chunking is for you. The only difference between hair colour and highlights chunking is that chunking is done on thicker sections of hair. Therefore, you get a stark contrast between highlights and natural colour.

hair chunking,
Hair Chunking

Step by step process of Hair Chunking highlights:

  • The process of hair chunking is a lot similar to foil highlights.
  • Just divide all your hair into bigger sections and clip them out.
  • Now follow the same process as mentioned under the foil highlights.
  • Blow-dry your highlighted hair and style as you like.

Frosted highlights:

Frosted highlights are done far differently than the two of the methods mentioned above. It is done using a special cap filled with holes to ensure easy and mess-free application of colour. The result is textured highlights which blend seamlessly with your natural hair colour.

Frosted hair highlights
Frosted hair highlights

Step by step process of Frosted highlights:

  • Mix the hair dye as per your hair type.
  • Wear hand gloves and a highlighting cap.
  • Next, pull the hair strands gently through the cap holes using the hooks. 
  • When you are done pulling the desired hair strands, start applying hair dye to them.
  • Leave the dye to sit there for the needed duration.
  • Remove the highlighting cap.
  • Rinse off hair with colour-safe shampoo and conditioner.
  • Irrespective of the hair highlight methods you choose, you should expect realistic results from the process.

What to expect from your hair highlights?

Getting magical results from your DIY Hair highlights is not realistic. Since the skin tone and type of every hair colour are not the same, the level of lightness also varies accordingly. In general, you can expect the below result from your hair highlights.

  • People with medium brown hair will turn golden brown.
  • Dark brown hair will be orange or chestnut brown.
  • Red hair people may get blonde or orange highlights.
  • Dark blond hair will turn into light blonde.
  • Light blonde hair will turn into white blonde.
Women with different colours of hair highlights
Women with different colours of hair highlights

6 Benefits of hair highlights?

Hair colour highlight is one of the most loved trends of 2022. While most women opt for hair highlight trend to transform their hair look, others get it to simply cover their greys. However, hair highlights do a lot more than simply covering the grey strands and transforming the hair look.

Here are the top benefits of hair highlights that would give you enough reasons to get hair highlights and flow with this trend if not yet.

1. Hair Colour Adds Volume 

Hair highlights add an additional coat to your strands, which results in giving an impression of voluminous and thicker hair.

2. Protects From Environmental Hazards

Since hair colour highlights add a protective layer to your tresses, it helps save your hair from damaging environmental factors like pollution, sun, dust, dirt and temperature change.

3. Gives a youthful look:

One of the common reasons why girls are going gaga over the hair highlights trend is the quick transformation it gives. With that said, picking the right hair colour will make you look a lot younger and go OTT.

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4. Adds lustre and shine:

When you colour your hair, it not only amps your look but also makes your hair look much healthier and shinier. The highlighted hair adds texture and reflects lights in different ways.

5. Smoothens frizz:

If you have unmanageable and frizzy hair, do try hair colour highlights at least once. Hair colour helps handle the flyaways and smoothens frizzy hair for a much healthier hair look.

6. Boosts confidence:

Often, changing hair colours results in improving one’s confidence and revitalizing style. It helps the persons create a statement and show off their personality.

Don’t miss to consult a hair expert at Yes Madam when opting for hair colour highlights.

Colour highlights hair extensions

If colouring hair is not an option for you, you can go for colour highlights hair extensions. Be it hair colour highlights blue, hair colour burgundy highlights or any such choice, you can get them all with hair extensions. It is a quick, easy and mess-free solution to all your hair woes.

And when we talk about hair extensions, their benefits are not just confined to adding colour highlights to the hair but go steps beyond.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the benefits that you can enjoy by getting hair extensions for you:

  • Add length to the short and damaged hair
  • Give longer and shiner tresses
  • End the worries of split ends by hiding them with extensions.
  • You can enjoy unlimited hairstyles with hair extensions
  • Offer endless colours and highlights options
  • Adds volume, shine and dimension to lacklustre hair.
Hair extensions
Hair extensions

You can buy hair extensions by Hair Gennie to enjoy all the above-listed benefits without damaging your natural hair. What’s more? Hair Gennie’s extensions are made from 100% natural human hair which gives you a natural look.

Hair highlight tips:

  • Make sure to choose one or two shades of lighter dye than your base hair colour.
  • Keep the thickest and lightest streaks closer to your face.
  • If you are aiming for a particular occasion, do hair colour highlights one or two weeks prior to the event.
  • For more contrast, place the streaks a bit farther from one another.
  • If you find your hair highlights are a little darker than the expectation, re-shampoo your hair to remove excess colour.
  • The mineral in the water can adversely affect the longevity of your hair colour highlights. So, don’t shampoo frequently.
  • When going for colour highlights hair extensions, make sure it is made of 100% natural human hair only.

Final Word

Highlights add colour, dimension, and vitality to your boring hair. Furthermore, hair colour highlights are a way to accentuate your facial features. while you can try DIY techniques to colour your hair, the process can be scary if you fail to do it properly. Thus, it would be best to call a professional service for hair colour highlights at home and enjoy a mess-free experience at your convenience.

FAQs on Hair Colour Highlights

What is hair colour highlights cost in India?
Hair highlights cost somewhere from INR 3,000 to INR 10,000 in India when done professionally at traditional salons. The cost of hair colour highlights at home is comparatively less.  
What is the best colour and highlights for dark hair?
Black coffee is one of the best hair colour highlights for dark hair and skin.
What colour highlights are best for grey hair?
Hair colour highlights blonde be the best choice to colour grey hair.
Can I use hair dye to highlight my hair?
It is safe not to use your regular hair dye to highlight your hair.
What hair colour gives a more youthful look?
Ash grey, jade blue and burgundy give a more youthful look. Getting hair colour highlights balayage and hair colour chunks is also a good idea to amp your look.

Hair spa, keratin treatment, hair extensions, creative hair styling, hair cut and so on, whatever hair service you want to take, call Yes Madam’s professional at home to enjoy a super safe salon session at your convenience.

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