How To Keep Your Perfume Last Longer

Entering a room with your signature fragrance is the best feeling. But when your perfume doesn’t stay even when you have spent a pretty penny on it, it feels bad like someone just did not like your fragrance. People identifying you or your presence with your aroma, says it that your money was worth a spend.

It is really difficult to keep the perfume’s fragrance stay longer, especially in summers and it becomes a task to make it last longer. But now you don’t have to think much about it as we have got some hacks out from our bag that are definitely going to work amazingly.

There are a few hacks that can make your perfume last longer and you don’t have to worry about foul smells anymore. Let’s make summers more fragrant and refreshing.

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Tricks On Making Perfumes Last Longer

1. Apply Petroleum Jelly On Pulse

When you are spraying your favorite scent you just need to cover those areas with the petroleum jelly as that will lock the scent and help your perfume be long-lasting. You can apply the gel on your neck, pulse points that is wrist, behind ears, knees, calves, and wherever you want your spray to stay long.

Petroleum jelly helps the perfume stay put in the place and makes it worth the money you have e spent on it.

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Long-lasting perfume hacks

2. Moisturize First

Make sure you moisturize your skin before spraying perfume all over your body. The benefit of applying moisturizer is that the heaviness of the cream will help the perfume stay in place and make it last longer.

You can apply it after the bath as you moisturize your skin right after it. You will feel fresh and spraying perfume on a damp body would be the best time for application as it will help your moisturized skin in locking the fragrance.

3. Do Not Keep Your Perfume in the Bathroom

The effectiveness of your perfume starts declining when you store them in your bathrooms, as the humidity can break down the effectiveness of the perfume and make it less lasting and effective. Always keep your perfumes in the cool and dark areas where it does not lose its power of smelling nice.

Keep this thing in your mind, that never store your bottle near the sunlight as it can be harmful and bad for it. Keeping it in your drawer or over your dressing can be the perfect place for storage.

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Scents long-lasting

4. Don’t Rub Wrists Together

Rubbing your perfume makes it less lasting as the friction that it creates while making the rub against the wrists breaks down the fragrance and fades the smell. The wrist action makes the perfume not long-lasting and not effective. Always use petroleum jelly on your wrist to make the best use of your perfumes.

5. Carry Around Cotton Buds

If it is hard for you to carry around bottles and it feels very dangerous of dropping them in the middle of the streets. You can grab some cotton balls and spray your go-to perfume and that can help you in the touch-ups if you want a reapplication.

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6. Mix the Last Drops With Your Moisturizer

Do not spill or waste your last drops of the perfume by keeping it in your wardrobe as you can smell as fine as you do when you apply it. You can do a two-step procedure in one by mixing the last drops with your moisturizer as you can keep your body hydrated with the best fragrance.

7. Don’t Shake Your Scent

Shaking the bottle can harm the quality of your perfume and can make it less effective. When you shake your bottle the air particles enter the bottle and degrade its quality. The more the air the lesser the fragrance will be as it will make it all-natural and it will not last long enough.

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Techniques for application


How do I make my perfume last longer?

You can apply your perfume after moisturizing your body to make it long last. These hacks will help your fragrance stay in place.

Does Vaseline help your perfume last longer?

Yes, petroleum jelly can be one thing that can make it last longer and will help your perfume to stay and will make you feel fresh for a long.

What makes a scent last longer?

Keeping all the things in mind like when to apply, how to store it, and many other hacks or tips can help you with the lasting of your fragrance.

What ingredient makes the perfume last longer?

The ingredient that makes the perfume last longer is concentrated essential oil. It makes the body perfume stay as long as it can be. It helps the smell by locking the fragrance in it.

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