Simple & Easy Tips To Avoid Oily Skin In Summers

Summer brings Mangos, Pool parties but also sweating, harsh sun rays, dirt and so many more things, and not to forget the very famous oily skin. Some of you just feel so off with summers just because you don’t like oil on your skin.

You might hate summers for that but no worries with these few tricks you will love summers more than ever. You can treat your oily skin well just to make sure that you enjoy the summers with oil and tension-free skin. By avoiding a few things you can regulate the reoccurring oil on your face.

What Causes Oily Skin In Summers?

Sebum is a gland that produces oil in your pores and makes your skin look oily. These are important glands but during summers they tend to reproduce more due to heat and humidity in the weather. Sebum takes place in your tiny pores and produces oil that makes your skin oily in extreme summers.

oily skin concerns in summers
oily skin concerns in summers

Skin Care Routine

  1. The first and foremost step is to clean your skin deeply with a cleanser twice a day.
  2. Exfoliation is very important for oily skin people as it helps to remove excess sebum from your skin at least 1-3 times a week.
  3. Apply toner to close your open pores after the process of exfoliation.
  4. Applying serum can be optional but the more the merrier.
  5. Never forget to moisturize your skin with gel-based creams as they light your face and will control oil.
  6. Sunscreen is very important as it protects your skin from damage from various diseases.


Extremely oily skin in summers
Extremely oily skin in summers

If you have oily skin never use heavy creams or cream-based products as they bring the sebum in the maximum amount and you will not be able to prevent it. The best summer cream for oily skin is Neutrogena High Boost.

For oily skin always use gel-based moisturizers, cleansers, and sunscreen to eliminate oil from the face.

Tips And Tricks For Oily Skin

1. Use Exfoliator

Always try to exfoliate your skin as it disseminates the oil from the skin and keeps your skin fresh for a longer period of time. It does not allow the sebum to re-enter the pores for good hours.

2. Use Micellar water

It helps to get rid of excess oil and dirt from your skin and is not really very harsh. This can be a product for people prin to oily skin.

3. Blotting Paper

Keep your blotting paper handy as it is the easiest and quickest way to keep the oil away from the skin. But usage of too much blotting paper can take out the required oil from the skin which is healthy for your face.

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4. Light Moisturizer

Moisturizing your skin is very important even if your skin is oily. For oily skin always use gel-based creams just to lock the moisture so that you don’t harm the pores and disturb the sebum. Moisturizing your skin keeps your face hydrated and fresh and also prevents acne.

5. Sunscreen

Application of sunscreen is mandatory as it helps to prevent you from breakouts and acne. Also, it helps by making an invisible shield on your face to protect you from the harsh UV rays that can bring in some serious diseases.

breakouts on oily skin due to hot weather
breakouts on oily skin due to hot weather

Never use them in excess as they can lead to the removal of required oil from your face and through that you will be welcoming breakouts, acne, pore enlargement, and many other things which can be harmful and bad. Oily skin can be treated with all these tips and tricks. From now summer will be your favourite season. Don’t worry about oil on your face but worry about the clothes and fits that you always wanted to wear and share your Summer Ready album on social media. As now no more oily and irritated skin.


Why is my forehead so oily?

It can be due to the excretion of the sebum glands in the extreme climate or can be hormonal.

How can I remove oil from my face without washing it?

Blotting paper can be the best option to get rid of oil without ruining your makeup. Or you can use any tissue paper which can absorb the oil from the face and no water is required.

Is Aloe Vera good for oily skin?

Yes, Aloe vera gel absorbs the oil from the skin as it locks the moisture and does not allow sebum to reproduce much.

Why is my skin so oily in summer?

During summers the reproduction of sebum gets high due to the humidity and the temperature leads to the increase of oil summers.

What soap is best for oily skin?

Pears Oil-Clear u0026amp; Glow. Pears Oil-Clear u0026amp; Glowu003cbr/u003eNomarks Oil Control Soapu003cbr/u003eFabindia Tea Tree Bathing Baru003cbr/u003eBiotique Almond Oil Soap

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