Top 5 Different Types of Braids – Up your Look to a New Level

Different Types of Braids – Which is better for a party look, festival, occasion, or for an event? You are not confused alone because many are scratching their head and scrolling their phone to pick the best braiding style.

I know one of my friends who were extremely worried about the braiding style for her cousin’s wedding. To attend a wedding function, Diwali, or Dussehra, and on every occasion, we always want to set a unique braid to look different and amazing at the same time.

But again, the same question which style should I pick? I hope this blog will answer your queries nicely and help you set the prettiest type of braid. Let us start.

Introduction to Braid

Only a few people know the art of braiding. People who know how to do this art correctly charge a lot to give you a party-ready look, a wedding look, or for whatever occasion you may be attending.

But today, social media is growing swiftly, and people are learning new skills daily. You can also nail the art of braiding your hair yourself. After learning different types of braids, you can also explore new braiding hairstyles.

It’s not a BIG TASK. Just look at these different types of braids and unique braiding hairstyles. Then you can move forward to excel your hand in the same.

Types of Braiding Hairstyles – The Prettiest and Trendsetting Designs.

You can flaunt these unique and different braid styles this festive season also.

1. French Braid – Perfect for Work or School.

Friends, it’s a must-try braiding hairstyle that is popular globally. And if you do it correctly, the level of gorgeousness will be different. It is one of the effortless and trendy braiding ideas that is ready in minutes.

Rather than from the base, the French braid begins from the scalp. You can start by separating your hair into three sections. Do it correctly by following these simple steps:

Step-by-Step Guide to help you style your hair conveniently:

  1. Take a section of hair from your forehead to the back, but comb your hair first
  2. Split them into three sections each
  3. Grab the right strand of hair, cross it over to the left, and into the middle
  4. Repeat the same procedure with your left strand or section.
  5. Hold the left strand from your pinky finger, the middle strand for the middle, and your thumb for the right strand.
  6. Holding them tightly, move all the strands over to your left so you can have one free hand
  7. Pick a new section of hair from your right side and add it to the same side from your index finger
  8. Now cross the new section of right hair over the middle strand
  9. It’s time to free your left hand, so hold your hair from your right hand
  10. Now repeat the same process from the left side of your hair
  11. Hurray, your French Braid is ready.

For a decent look during a Puja in your house, there is nothing exemplary as the French Braid.

2. Dutch Braid – All-time Trendy for Youngsters and Adults

If you nailed the Dutch braid look, it would put you in the limelight. It looks so pretty on teenagers, and you can invest in this hairstyle if you are planning a club night or looking for a party-ready look.

Whether a classy look, cute, or cool, there is no better option than Dutch Braid. This type of braid is versatile, and you can be more creative with this style. It will be ready with no special knowledge that you can do it yourself smoothly.

Steps to do Dutch Braid smoothly

  1. Start from the right section of your hair and follow the steps of French Braid.
  2. Do the same with the left side of your hair by following those steps.

The rest of the instructions or steps will remain the same as in the French braid. Follow those steps, and Dutch Braid will be ready in a few minutes.

Dutch Braid Look

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3. Fishtail Braid – Best for New Brides and Fancy Occasions

So if you are going on a date with your boyfriend or planning a surprise for your husband, decorating your hair with Fishtail Braid will add more charm to your looks.

Newly married ladies do not need to look for different braid styles. The Fishtail braid is the perfect option to spice up their love life. Make your equation more romantic with your partner via these simple steps.

How to do Fishtail Braid?

  1. First, brush your hair to detangle them perfectly.
  2. Now grab all your hair and tie them into a usual ponytail.
  3. Then divide the ponytail into two sections.
  4. Now grab a thin layer of hair from the left section outside of your ponytail.
  5. Tuck this thick strand into the inner side of your right section.
  6. Do the same with your right hair section outside of your ponytail.
  7. Keep doing it, and the fishtail braid will be ready in a few minutes.

Do not worry about the Festive Season the Fishtail Braid or these different braid styles will be the perfect fit.

4. Milkmaid Braid – The Coolest Fit for all the Indian Outfits

Wearing western, traditional, party, or any attire the Milkmaid Braid will make you look royal in all your outfits. Even it is the best bet for weddings, and festivities, and will suit everyone greatly for every occasion, irrespective of your attire. 

Due to this many celebrities prefer milkmaid braid. Your hairstyle should compliment your outfit. If it isn’t the case, you need to change it ASAP. Via this type of braiding hairstyle, you won’t resist complimenting yourself.

Instructions for Milkmaid Braid

  1. Start it by dividing your hair into two equal sections.
  2. From those divided sections, braid each section in 3-strand braids.
  3. Tie both ends of a braid with a hair elastic to secure them not moving anywhere.
  4. Pull both braids on top of your head and tuck them with bobby pins.
  5. To hide the end or elastic side of your braid tuck them in the opposite braid to hide it nicely.
  6. That’s it.
Different Types of Braids
Milkmaid Braid Look

5. Three-strand Braid – Easiest and Regular Braiding Hairstyle

Of all those different types of braids, the 3-strand braid is the most famous and old technique for braiding your hair facilely. Among all those different braid styles, this one can also give you a magical charm on your hair if you know how to nail the art of braiding.

OLD IS GOLD, the old saying. Beauty lies in simplicity, and there is no denying in that. So, there is no issue in preferring this braid for your hair. No particular skills, no videos, and no instructions, and still, you can nail this braiding hairstyle. 

How to do Three-Strand Braid?

No special instructions you need here. One can do it like you tie up your hair daily. Just brush your hair to clear the knots or any tangles.

And start by grabbing your hair from each side. Then put a hair elastic at the end of your braid.

Types of Braids
3 Strand Braid

What’s the best braiding look for this Festive Season?

India is all about celebrating festivals full of enthusiasm and in a completely traditional way. Another thing is to look stunning at the same time. Along with your outfit, your braid must be adorable.

Friends, get ready for this festive season with these overwhelming and unique braiding hairstyles. These are the top five stunning ideas to add more charm to your beauty or face.

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The Bottom Line

For a perfect finish to your braid, the only thing that can help you is practising it or excelling your hand in the same as much as you can. The instructional videos will help you a lot in nailing this art.

Still, many people can be confused about choosing from these different braid styles. You can go with any braid style as they all are pretty and admirable.

The French braid is a good idea to get a professional look. For a party look, the Dutch Braid is breathtaking. For a romantic date or a newlywed bride, the Fishtail Braid is perfect. So on.

Our goal was to dispel your doubts, so we have already added preferences to all the different types of braids.

Friends, the best thing is that braiding is an art of creativity. If you know nailing it, creativity will help you explore more new ideas that you can spread on social media even. Not only can you set these trendsetting ideas on your hair, but you can also design a new one.

For haircare services, hair spas, or any beauty service, visit YES MADAM’S website/app to get the comfort of a salon at your home. You can also follow us on Instagram for more beauty tips.

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1. How many types of braids are there?

There are different types of braids from which a few of them are famous. If you want a perfect fit for all your outfits, pick the Milkmaid Braid, the three-strand braid to go effortless and quick, and so on. This blog will help you choose from different braid styles accordingly.

2. What is the most popular type of braid?

Like always, the three-strand braid is an all-time prettiest braiding hairstyle. To nail this braiding hairstyle watching videos and reading the instructions will help. With your creativity, you can add more charm to your hairstyle. Even with all these different types of braids, you can mix them up to create a new look.

3. How long do knotless braids last?

It depends on personal care and how you are handling your braid. In a few cases, it can last up to two months. To make the knotless braids longer lasting, you need to contact a professional hairstylist. And you don’t need to look for hairstylists nearby, Yes Madam will send professional hairstylists to your home.

4. Which braiding hairstyle will be the perfect fit for Diwali or Dussehra?

Not only for Diwali or Dussehra, but you can try Fishtail, Milkmaid, and French Braid during any festival or puja ceremony. It will never let your charm go down.

5. What is the easy type of braid?

I think there is no braiding hairstyle that is difficult. Just nail how to do three-strand braid smoothly, and then you will be able to do different braid styles nicely with zero to the minimum effort. If you find any of your braiding hairstyles difficult, you can call YES MADAM’S professionals to your home to make it look more worthy and appealing.

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