Top 8 ideas to look super gorgeous on Karwa Chauth 2022

Karwa Chauth – the most awaited festival for married women, is just around the corner. Unsurprisingly, all the women desire to look gorgeous on this auspicious day. While they fast from dawn to dusk to strengthen their marital bond, they make every possible effort to look as beautiful as they can. Do you know that you can look super gorgeous this day with minimal effort and without getting tired by following some Karwa Chauth look ideas?

Scroll down to uncover how to look your best on Karwa Chauth 2022.

1. Pre Karwa Chauth Diet:

While Karwa Chauth is a one-day celebration, it takes a toll on health, hair and skin due to fasting. Hence, all women are advised to take a healthy diet only and cut on junk food at least a day before fasting. Also, add fresh juice and detox water to your diet along with eliminating aerated drinks as much as possible. It will not only help you feel healthy but also bring a natural glow to the skin on the day of Karwa Chauth.

Pre Karwa Chauth Diet

2. Face Mask for Skin Brightening:

Your kitchen has so many ingredients you can use as a face mask to brighten your skin during the festive season. For instance, you can use tomato to remove tan, lemon as bleach and turmeric to get the glow. You can use these ingredients solely or mix them all to prepare a homemade face pack for skin brightening. Start using this face mask at least a week before Karwa Chauth to get healthy radiant skin on your special day.  The glow you get through such a herbal face pack is more remarkable and long-lasting that the one you get with makeup. To get the brightest face glow on Karwa Chauth, you can also book LED light therapy from Yes Madam.

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face mask
Face mask

3. Karwa Chauth Outfits:

Since Karwa Chauth symbolizes Indian tradition, women love wearing traditional outfits on this occasion. And when it comes to traditional Indian outfits for women, ‘Red Colour’ is the first thing that clicks everyone’s mind. So, this year when you pick your outfits for Karwa Chauth 2022, opt for bolder colours like maroon, red, pink, blue or green with silver or golden embellishments on them.

Karwa chauth 2022 look
Karwa Chauth 2022 look

4. Accessories on Karwa Chauth:

Once you are done selecting your Karwa Chauth outfit, it is time to choose your accessories to amp your Karwa Chauth look. You know, the look of your traditional attire is incomplete without some accessories. Remember, not to overdo it and keep one at a focal point. For instance, if you are wearing heavy earrings, go light on the necklace or vice versa. It will help you feel comfy and look sophisticated at the same time. don’t forget to wear anklets and bangles which are a must for any Indian festival for married women, especially Karwa Chauth.

Types of bridal makeup
Indian Jewellery

5. Hair Spa and Hairstyle for Karwa Chauth:

Don’t miss getting a hair spa at home to get soft, frizz-free and manageable hair before you try trendy hairstyles to complete your Karwa Chauth look. So, what hairstyles you are planning to pull off this year? Still unsure? Well, we have Karwa Chauth 2022 hairstyle ideas.

Go for evergreen French braids, a waterfall braid layer or a broad fishtail if you have long hair. If you have medium hair length, a messy bun or sleek bun will look super cool on you with your traditional Indian outfit. To complete your hair bun look, you can wrap a gajara around it or try some subtle hair accessories.

Book the best hair service at home from Yes Madam

Hairstyles for Karwa Chauth

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6. Mani-pedi for Healthy Skin and Groomed Nails:

In the whole hustle-bustle of doing with our face and hair, we often forget about caring for our hands and feet. It’s not a good practice. On Karwa Chauth, women apply mehndi (henna) to their hands and feet. Just think how beautifully applied mehndi (henna) will look on dry and cracked skin. it will throw water on your entire efforts of looking gorgeous on your big day.

Worry not! This Karwa Chauth you take care of your fast rituals and Yes Madam will care for your hands and feet. Just book our at-home services of manicure-pedicure and our professionals will leave you with healthy skin and well-groomed nails.

manicure pedicure
Manicure Pedicure

7. Karwa Chauth Makeup

To get a flawless makeup look throughout the day of Karwa Chauth, make sure to use primer as a base coat. Thereafter, use concealer to hide skin imperfections like blemishes, scars etc. When using foundation, go for the lightweight formula which blends smoothly and provides light to medium coverage. To brighten the skin, use a subtle highlighter on the top of the cheekbones. Pay extra attention to your lip and eye makeup. Don’t forget to use a Bindi to complete your traditional Karwa Chauth makeup look.

A woman having make-up applied by a professional makeup artist.

8. Say ‘No’ to Trials and Trust Professionals:

In order to look fab at this festival, women often believe in visiting random salons to get different facial treatments and makeup services. Sometimes, your nearest salon gives you good results but sometimes it causes drastic outcomes. Why take a risk on this big day? It is better to be safe than sorry. After all, you will never want to have hideous skin on Karwa Chauth. With that said, always trust the experienced professionals of Yes Madam to give you the best facial and makeup services at home. What’s more? You can book the best hair service also with us.

Yes Madam professional service at home
At home facial

A Few Tips for Karwa Chauth 2022 Look:

  • The secret to getting a healthy glow on your first Karwa Chauth look is to not overstress yourself else you will end up having droopy eyes and a tiring face by the actual time of celebration.
  • Book a professional to get your hands and feet decorated with beautiful Mehndi designs.
  • Keep yourself engaged with your favourite timepass like watching TV, getting your outfits and ornaments ready, listening to some motivational stories and so on.
  • Don’t overexert yourself by doing everything on your own. Simply book Yes Madam’s salon services at home for your makeup and hairstyling.
  • Go for Karwa Chauth’s special makeup look if you are a newly wed bride. Call a professional makeup artist at home to look absolutely gorgeous on this big day.
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Get ready on this Karwa Chauth with all grace and glam to look like a newlywed woman. It’s your day ladies!! Enjoy it in full swing. Feel special!

FAQs on Karwa Chauth 2022

Which colour is good for Karwa Chauth?

Red, Pink and Maroon are the most chosen colour to wear on the auspicious day of Karwa Chauth.

Can we do waxing on Karwa Chauth?

You can call Yes Madam at the home salon a day before the Karwa Chauth to get your waxing, threading, manicure, pedicure, facial and services done.

Which hairstyle is best for Karwa Chauth 2022?

A low and sleek gajara bun is one of the most elegant hairstyles for Karwa Chauth.

Don’t forget to book Yes Madam’s makeup services at home.

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