How to master the no makeup makeup look?

While it is fun to get bright red lips and full face makeup at home, there are times you want to look naturally beautiful without putting on too many layers of beauty products. This is where no Makeup makeup look comes to your rescue.  

What is a no makeup makeup look? 

No makeup makeup look is something that enhances your appearance in a more natural and minimal way. In simple words, no makeup makeup look means enhancing something that you already have.  

Trends come and go but enhancing your natural beauty will always be in vogue. This is precisely something that makes every woman think of flowing up with no makeup trend.  

No makeup makeup look
No Makup, Makeup Look

How to rock the no makeup makeup look? 

Not sure how to nail the no makeup trend? Worry not! From the best beauty tips on how to create no makeup makeup look to get the best makeup look at home, here is all you need to know about how you can nail the No Makeup Trend. 

1. Prime your skin 

To rock the no makeup makeup look, you should have naturally glowing skin and for that, you must follow a skincare routine.  Having, cleansed, toned, moisturized and protected your skin with SPF, kick start your No makeup look with a dewy or mattifying primer. This beauty product visibly reduces large pores and gives an even canvas for further steps.  

2. Skip the foundation  

For a quick No makeup makeup look, Yes Madam suggests ditching your foundation. If you still want to use this beauty product, go light on coverage. Pick one with a sheer to light coverage. It will help your skin complexion shine naturally without giving that cakey appearance.  

3. Conceal the flaws 

The key step to creating the perfect No makeup makeup look lies in using a concealer to perfectly cover up scars, blemishes, dark circles and other spots. All you need to do is to find the right shade of concealer that matches your skin tone and then use it nicely for that natural impression.  

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4. Blush it out 

Just because you are nailing a no makeup makeup look, doesn’t mean you can’t add some colour to your face. Rosy cheeks are natural. Remember, the point is rosy, not red. If you want to rock a naturally sun-kissed complexion, add a dash of blush to the apple of your cheeks and the bridge of the nose as well.  

5. Contour 

If you are looking to get a more angular bone structure look, make sure to contour correctly. Here the key is to make it look natural not drastic. So, where you use 2-3 shades darker in your regular contour routine, keep it 1 shade darker only with your no makeup look.  

Pick the right shade and apply it along the outer edge of your jawline, forehead, under your bottom lip, to the hollows of your cheeks and down the sides of your nose. 

6. No makeup eye look 

Eyes are the most integral part of any makeup look but when it comes to a no-makeup makeup look, make sure to keep it simple. Even if a dramatic eye look catches everyone’s attention, a bare eye look is something that draws people’s emotions.  

Eye makeup
Eye Makeup

To nail the no makeup eye look, apply a pink eyeshadow to your eyelids and blend it with your fingertips. Next, define your waterline with brown eyeliner and curl your lashes with mascara. Finish the eye look with an eyebrow pencil for a fuller and more natural look.  

7. Better lips look:  

Women’s love for lipsticks goes hand in hand. Thus, be it no makeup makeup look, full face makeup routine or even bridal makeup steps, nothing can be completed without adding a dash of color to your lips. The key to nailing no makeup lip look is to find the closest match of lipstick to your natural lips. Top it off with lip balm to keep your lips soft and add a sheen to it. 

8. Spray away your look 

Even if you are carrying no makeup makeup look, you are wearing makeup products. Thus, finishing up your ‘No Makeup Look’ with a few spritzes of your favourite mist or makeup setting spray will help keep everything in place. Also, it will give you a refreshing boost throughout the day when your tired skin looks for a little pick-me-up.  

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Beauty tips on how to pull off no-makeup makeup look: 

Lip makeup
Lip Makeup
  • Don’t apply any bold colours to your lips and eyes.  
  • Blend the makeup products with your fingertips wherever possible to get a natural blurred effect. 
  • When applying foundation, keep the coverage to a minimum by blending it out with a makeup sponge.  
  • Even if you like glittery or shimmery look, no makeup trend does not allow you to pull off your glittery eyeshadows. 
  • If you don’t like wearing lipsticks, use a tinted lip balm instead for that naturally soft, hydrated and rosy lips.  
  • You can try BB cream or CC cream as your foundation alternative.  

5 Benefits of pulling off no makeup makeup look:  

Sometimes our skin truly needs a break from full coverage foundations, thick concealer, heavy mascaras and so on. Our skin needs to breathe. Sometimes on lazy days, we want nothing but just shine naturally. This is where no makeup look comes in. While for many, the idea of no makeup can be intimidating, there are loads of benefits to going bare-faced.  

1. It creates a sense of self-confidence: 

There is no greater feeling than loving what you already have. Ditching the makeup some days and embracing your natural assets is something that boosts your confidence whenever you head out.  

2. You have extra time to sleep, chill and relax: 

Is there any better way to enjoy yourself? Gift yourself a little extra time in bed to catch those extra ZZZs by cutting some time from your daily makeup routine.  

3. You will get little to no breakouts: 

We all know that acne, blackheads, whiteheads and other breakouts are the cause of clogged pores and makeup clogs pores. Thus, it goes without saying that no makeup means clear pores and better skin.   

4. You will get naturally healthier skin 

By cutting a little on your makeup routine, you can pay more attention to your skincare routine. It will definitely improve your chances of getting healthier and brighter skin, and when your skin looks good, you will never want more makeup.  

5. Stay away from premature ageing: 

No, we are not saying that ditching makeup products can turn back time. but when you go with the no makeup trend, you use fewer makeup products and makeup wipes. It helps reduce the damage done by toxic chemicals present in makeup products and makeup wipes.  

If there is one makeup look that requires minimal effort and looks good on all skin tones, it is no makeup makeup look. You can rock this look for your daily office routine, on lazy days when you are not in the mood to wear tons of makeup and even on the pre-wedding days. For the perfectly done no makeup look, you can call Yes Madam’s makeup service at home. Also, don’t miss to book our pre-bridal packages at home for the best beauty service and seamless makeup application.  

It is time to welcome the naturally beautiful skin you deserve! 


Is it possible to look better without makeup? 

Anyone and everyone can look better without makeup provided that you take care of your skin by following the right skincare routine. 

What do you need for no makeup makeup look? 

Skincare products  
Eyebrow pencil 

How can I master my makeup without makeup? 

You can book Yes Madam’s makeup service at home to master the art of no makeup look. 

What are the benefits of no makeup makeup look? 

Too many layers of makeup products often increase oil production and cause acne breakouts. So, not wearing makeup decreases oil production, pimples, blackheads, clogged pores and other skin breakouts. 

Does makeup age your face? 

While makeup is not linked to ageing your skin directly, some toxic chemicals used in the formulation of makeup products can potentially age your skin and cause allergic reactions.  

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